Fauci Promotes Covid-19 Origin Probe: 'You Should Want To Know How This Happened' 1

Fauci Promotes Covid-19 Origin Probe: ‘You Should Want To Know How This Happened’


Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, talks with Rachel Maddow about the value of knowing how the Covid-19 pandemic began, to draw lessons to prevent future pandemics, but criticizes attacks on him personally by right-wing personalities as misleading and distorted. 
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  1. I’m pretty sure every country wants to know what happened. You can’t just forget something like this.

    1. @Amerigoth
      You don’t have a clue, that’s the problem. Ignorant people blabbering anti-science nonsense.

    2. @ATAX
      It’s a highly common occurrence, actually. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    1. i wonder if all the people banned from social media for saying that will be unbanned, probably not

    2. Yeah last year it was about fighting the pandemic without worrying about where it came from! Too late, evidence has been deleted, soon they’ll see we didn’t find anything but definitely not US or chinas fault.

  2. Ironic that Fauci supports it now when he knew where it came from over a year ago. Read his emails.

    1. Every half way intelligent person on this planet knew already in January 2020 where this virus came from!

    1. @Jon Cavanaugh you’re clearly having trouble coping with all this. Nothing anyone said in this thread has anything to do with any of that at all.

  3. Thief shouting thief. Yes, open up all the relevant labs worldwide, somebody’s dirty laundry will be exposed.

    1. Fort Dietrich was shut down by the cdc for being unsanitary. Next we get media reports of a strange pneumonia, assumes to possibly be linked to vaping. And then all of a sudden the US has the most cases in the world.

  4. We did want to know how this happened. Funny now it’s not banned on Social media. Weird how when you erase stories people become suspicious.

    1. They say conspiracy to automatically discredit everything they been doing that a lot lately

    2. @glitcherPROXx You’re right. They are “conveniently” clueless. We know they really know the truth. Unfortunately, their demonrat viewers are clueless.

    3. I hear conspiracy now my ears perk up and I make sure I research all information regarding said conspiracy.

    4. @Shawn Heldoorn thanks to the Dems, when they say conspiracy. People know odds are it be the truth.

  5. From review of his emails – there was no need to close the economy. He needs to answer to that.

  6. Lie to me once, shame on you, lie to me twice, shame on MSNBC. What has happened is you have lied and continue to lie about another politicized event.

  7. Then why did the Biden administration shut down the independent probe that was already in progress only to have the intelligence agencies start a new one?

    1. Because trump started a probe last fall. And STATE DEPARTMENT..not Biden said they had Quote “concerns about quality of work” end quote .Biden ordered the probe to go further 3/26/21. Mike pompeo who is from the trump administration is the one in charge of the probe..Biden let him keep the position..so why hasn’t pompeo found or reported on anything. ? That’s the question

    2. @Zyda Bermudez they have found things….you should have heard Pompeo’s interview the other day….he had been reporting everything to the Department of Health but all the top people were saying to leave it alone because they would open “pandoras box”….no one has been allowed to talk….and the people telling everyone to hush are all people from Bidens administration.

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