Fauci says he’s confident in the vaccine. Here’s why

Fauci says he's confident in the vaccine. Here's why 1


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he feels fine after getting a Covid-19 vaccine and is very confident in the efficacy of the Moderna and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines.

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  1. nekkid fiddler | December 22, 2020 at 7:23 PM | Reply

    Opportunity is the key word here amiright

  2. For the moment travel from UK be banned, before it’s too late again like last time.

  3. Bbbooooo

  4. The harder they try, the more people will resist. I’m not anti-vaccine, but I have no fear of getting this virus. But fear is fear and it gets people to act. I suspect this virus is faked, but I have no proof and I’m no expert. But I’ve learned to trust my intuition and it sees a lot of lies everywhere regarding this virus.

    • Exactly! Things just don’t add up here. I’ve never been afraid of the “virus” but have always been terrified of the agenda behind it!

  5. You didn’t take anything.

  6. Even though they’re already pushing this new strain narrative in the UK. We all know it’s going to be the global narrative soon.

  7. Y’all hear about that lady that took the vaccine and fainted on camera?

  8. Stan, I only have a 98.5% chance of survival.

    • Sorry hate to correct you but thats a 99.98% chance of surviving it just fine.

    • March, April, May 2020 “Masks absolutely don’t work”-Dr. Fauci 🤔 Also Dr. Fauci June 2020 “Now masks work” 🙄

    • @John Hepbean With my health if I catch it I’m dead 100%. So glad I live in Australia. I also don’t try to argue with me you can’t because I’m mentally ill.

    • You have less chance of survival every time you get on the highway.
      We need to stop with this cowardly BS.
      People in the “third world” are starving to death because of our lockdowns.

    • @Mig_ I can’t be bothered explaining how the Drs and nurses needed them at the start of the pandemic. Well I explained some anyway. 🥱 Masks help that’s all you need to know 😜.

  9. Mike Pence's Fly | December 22, 2020 at 9:41 PM | Reply


  10. N no I’m not getting the vaccine

  11. Maybe people feel fine after the shot. Wait for 5 years though and see if anything grows wrong due to long term effects.

  12. Fauci oversaw the making of the disease, Covid-19, a released bio-weapon. While he seems nice, he isn’t. The virus was manufactured to mutate. So, these vaccines will not end the pandemic.

  13. I’m not confident in Fauci

  14. Give us a reason why we should trust you.

  15. March, April, May 2020 “Masks absolutely don’t work”-Dr. Fauci 🤔 Also Dr. Fauci June 2020 “Now masks work” 🙄

  16. To show I’m a good person, I’ll be donating my vaccine to someone else in need. You’re welcome.

  17. How do we know you got the vaccine❓ Could have been a vitamin B-12, who knows❓In 2009-10 the H1N1 vaccine was pushed for people under 65, what the hell are you clowns up to❓

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  19. I wonder how the little authoritarian is feeling after that sugar water vaccine he took.

  20. Manuel ferreira | December 22, 2020 at 10:29 PM | Reply

    Why does he still gotta try to convince us if it so good lol.

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