Fauci: We're In A 'Major' Covid Surge. This Is Very Serious 1

Fauci: We’re In A ‘Major’ Covid Surge. This Is Very Serious

Biden's chief medical adviser is warning that the nation is in a major Covid surge as states with low vaccination rates see cases and hospitalizations spike. We discuss with medical expert Dr. Irwin Redlener.
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    1. We will continue to live under restrictions and fear until people learn the facts. Unless you’re old or you’re already very ill, COVID is barely a threat.

    2. 99.9% Survival Rate and America is melting down like this is “Creeping Death”. Oh.. Those new variants will get you.. Watch out..No end of Vaccines for people who Fear the Government and TV.

  1. 1:59 stop sending those medical equipments to that tough f***. Send it directly to each hospital instead.

    1. Like when FL got all the supplies (incl ventilators) from the national stockpile under Trump, long before it has any sort of outbreak, but NY was denied any, even tho it was already piling corpses in refrigerated trailers.

    2. @Actual Your point about the deployment of the hospital ship very early in the pandemic is somewhat out of place given that you are talking about vaccine rollouts, which came later. The U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Comfort was dispatched from Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia to New York City harbor, and the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Mercy was dispatched from San Diego Naval Base in California to Los Angeles harbor. Those ships were already in existence, always have been. By the time Comfort had arrived, NYC had already outfitted some 2000 additional beds in makeshift facilities, many of those were never used either. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had developed some half dozen cookie cutter designs for temporary facilities and had done the preliminary survey in over 240 cities nationwide to get an idea of which design would adapt most readily to each city, but most of those were never built. The anticipated need for auxiliary bed space nation-wide never really did materialize, thank God.

    3. Just stop sending the Covid patients to the hospitals – send them to the State Capitol Building and the Governor’s Mansion instead. Those stupid politicians want to pretend they know more about Covid than the doctors and the nurses, let them put their money where their mouths are. They created this crisis, let them take care of all these Covid victims.

    4. ​@Nobody KnowsSure I agree on the ship not not pertinent to the vaccine rollout. The my argument that Florida was one of the best early vaccine rollout states remains unchallenged.

    5. @Actual The thing is, what changed? To get off to such a good start, why did they later belly flop? Wasn’t it Florida that people from out of state were driving to at one point just to get vaccinated. Seemed like they were giving it to all takers. Then they seemed to slide off the radar. What happened?

  2. Where are these governors right to life? Or is it once you are born, they don’t care about the human’s health.

    1. @Dave Waldon I agree, that is pro birth not pro life, pro life would be to work to prevent unnecessary deaths. A big reason, people quit taking political leaders seriously, they will do what they were against, when their agenda leads them to.

    2. @Dave Waldon So you think that a one month old fetus is a life but couldn’t care less whether a 5 year old dies or loses a mother from ignorance? Say what you mean by “grow up” tough guy. Say what you mean if you have such a grown up view.

  3. No one asked DeathSantis, because he would have said no, just to be petty. He is unaware and clueless, for a reason.

    1. A new report by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh has found that the most highly educated Americans are also the most vaccine hesitant.

    1. @Kern Albert Big Pharma had to provide some information to convince the masses that it is safe to take the vaccine. There’s always a veneer of propriety, no matter what the scam. But since they don’t have long-term safety data AND since the trials didn’t include elderly people, they will need immunity for when the long-term effects kick in, and for when people figure out what happened to grandma.

    2. @robotron17 Or maybe blatant misinformation that leads to death or reckless endangerment is not wanted on this particular platform. Or maybe they didn’t like his haircut. Doesn’t really matter, their platform, their rules.

    3. @robotron17 Big Pharma can say Covid first came out seven years ago, we contained it and developed a vaccine. We’ve tested it. The FDA approves it. Your grandma died from loving too hard.

      Why does a conspiracy only go partway? Are they trying to get everyone to take the vaccine or no? Why not just poison a million Americans and say the death rate is 15%, if what they want is for widespread vaccination? Why not blackmail or payoff all the Republican leaders who are all vaccinated (with the exception of Rand Paul) and have them on board from the beginning?

    4. A lot of the people who are afraid of Phizer brand vaccines are the same people who happily gobble Phizer brand Viagra every day

  4. Watching looking listening these governors are either acting as senile as their claims of others .People wake up think ,feel, see ,for yourselves .Ask the child you brought into this world if they want to live

  5. It is YOUR JOB to know and “be aware ” of all of this information, Ron De Santis. There is no excuse for your “not knowing. “

  6. Gaslighting
    Gaslighting is a colloquialism for a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is successful in having the target question their own reality, memory or perceptions. There is often a power dynamic in gaslighting where the target is vulnerable because they are fearful of losses associated with challenging the manipulator

    1. Don’t attempt to prove it’s happening, the gaslighter will only deny it’s happening. Just remove yourself from the equation and go live your life happily without the gaslighter.

    2. Gaslighting is saying “you’re all in incredible danger” when the supposed threat has a 99.975% survival rate for people under 50 IF you even manage to contract the “unbelievably deadly disease”.

    3. @robotron17
      Gaslightening is when supreme leader tells you it’s a hoax concortered by the dems, while secretly getting satan’s( Fauchi) tracking device loaded vaccine.
      And the Maga goes

    4. @Shaka4836 It’s funny that all of you people have such intense TDS that you can’t even address reality. Sad actually.

    5. @Shaka4836 You don’t even care about all the reports coming out all over the world with concerns about the vaccine?

  7. Political maneuvering, catering to the far-right. He knows what’s going on, yet completely lacks the capacity for empathy for those sick and dying. DeSantis is a well-dressed monster.

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