1. It is not hard to believe in a country like Iran the citizens are protesting their government, but it is far more important that in a country like the USA about 54% of the citizens are wanting to impeach the President because he is a liar, , a criminal and a tyrant that is dividing the entire country based upon lies, criminal acts and conspiracies. The wall that Trump wanted may actually be needed to separate the American people he is dividing. Watching the two sides of the US government and people go at it looks more like watching two conflicting countries ready to go to war with each other. With all the lies, accusations and slander it is easy to believe that if Trumps opposition were the leaders of another country they could be seen or at least labelled as terrorists, then who would be the first to be assassinated, an based on what ? Look at this real and more important fact going on in your own front yard that the world is watching.

    1. @K P that the depraved sadistic murderous Saudi Arabian government had nothing to do with this.

      It’s not hard to realize that every terrorist attack coming from S.A. had the approval from them either active or passive.

      And that we should be bombing S.A. instead of Iran.

    1. What is it with our government and the Saudis ?
      Does anyone else believe there is a little white washing propaganda going on here ?

  2. Hire you a good hacker……I agree qith apple Google Samsung etc in this and all cases. A simple court order based on probable cause is way too easy to obtain just ask Donald Trump.

    1. The data is encrypted and can only be decrypted with the code. The old I-phones can be unlocked with some tools but the new ones are hard, especially the biometric chip. I doubt apple will corporate. By doing so, they are breaking thier privacy terms which will destroy thier reputation and decrease thier customers.

  3. So a Middle Eastern person commits a mass shooting and everyone calls it a “terrorist attack” yet a certain group of people never labeled the El Paso shooting, Las Vegas shooting, Mother Emanuel Church shooting, all the school shootings, and many others a terrorist attack 🤦🏾‍♂️ they love to demonize everyone else’s actions except their own 💯

    1. Terrorist commit atrocities so that something can change in a idea or religion. People who shoot up schools or random places are doing it simply because they want to.

    2. @Nickolaos rattanasengkham There is no universal agreement on the definition of terrorism 💯 various government agencies have different definitions

  4. The sad consequences of him being a lying partisan hack is that I can’t take anything he said at face value. This administration lies on a daily basis donuou can’t be expected to believe anything they have to say even on a serious subject like this.

  5. Why does possession of child ponography have to do with the shooting?! 2 pictures from a chat?! They even admitted that the pictures are not sufficient evidence to chrage them with possession of child ponography. Why mention it if your not charging them…

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