FBI Arrests Alleged ‘Bullhorn Rioter’ | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. She can leave her children to go attack the Capitol but now she blaming fbi for leaving her children without her mom

    1. @One Hole Time no it is NOT racist.. definition of a “karen” “Karen is a pejorative term for someone believing themselves to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.

    2. @CatsAndPokemon Oh no Karen’s don’t need to be white to be a Karen. But this woman is more than a Karen.💀

    1. BINGO! We are about to find out. That congresswoman is running scare now, she better turn herself in soon. Because I bet you there are some video around with some powerful information on it.

    2. @JustSayNoToTV Boebert’ is now under an ethics investigators …something about receiving $22,000 worth of gas reimbursements while running for Congress….when it’s not possible she could have used that much money for gas reimbursement. Google it.

    3. @Prana I understand that as well. But being apart of insurrection on Jan. 6 2021 is also important here.

    1. Yes bias and race could play a part, but things are so dangerous with conspiracy they can’t take the risk like before.

    2. @Lilly L first of all, lots of the insurrectionists are in jail. Mostly the ones with priors. Second, if you don’t have a record, the courts are a lot more lenient with bail. Thirdly if you have a job and are supporting a family, they don’t want to punish the family by taking the bread winner away from them. Fourth, some of them posted bond. If you don’t have lousy credit, it is easier to manage.

      If they were some repeat offender that was delinquent on their child support and living off welfare, they will be far more likely to be held without bond.

      The charges so far have been preliminary. They are getting the arrests done and building cases for far more charges. They are looking at RICO charges and more. Those come with serious jail times.

      Crying racism for everything cheapens the fight against real racism when it does occur. They can point to people who cry racism at everything and dismiss it.

    3. @IHC Terra NO, there are NOT mostly ones with priors, there are people in there that run companies, managers, coffee shops, homemakers.and son

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis another thing I didn’t mention is it also depends on if they also threatened violence on line. People who are a bigger threat to the public are more likely to be held without bail.

      I didn’t want to go on forever. There are just a lot of factors and each case has to be looked at individually.

  2. She is going to leave her children without their mother when she is serving time in federal prison…and she may be there for a long,long time…even if she gets a plea deal…and rats on everyone else…

    1. @X2 GI Those kids will keep her out of prison . probation for 5 years .watch . white women with white children get a pass .

  3. Yeah, and I hope some insiders in congress are ratted out either directly or through her cell phone records. Some big heads need to roll on this. I want to see some Republican congress persons in prison.

  4. Any mother who leaves 8 kids to go to an insurrection riot at the Capitol is not sane in any sense of the word.

    1. I’ve heard fathers and mothers reasons for insurrection were to protect their children from whatever they believe will happen to America when Biden is declared the President..
      however I also heard that one of those is also going to shoot his family if they rat on him. Sad.

    2. @Baby Teano all the insurrectionists were either acting on Trump lies that were demonstrably false and they had all evidence given to them to prove they were false but they didn’t want to hear it, or they were peddling lies themselves which the knew were lies and went along with out of partisanship. End of story.

  5. Inconceivable that she would leave her children without their mother? She can choose to run and leave her kids or she can go to prison and leave her kids. Either way she still chose to leave her kids. Her choice.

    1. Yea inconceivable that would not leave her children but she can leave them it seems to attempt a coup. Some of these explanations are beyond stupid.

    1. @E Garza I guess they were like excited little puppies who couldn’t control their bowels, when they saw where they were.

    2. @E Garza Now now, little man – don’t be such a hater. Not everyone is obese, unattractive and living in mommies basement. Perhaps if you actually had a life, you could go out and get laid, without the need to fill your time with ludicrous conspiracy theories.

      Let’s get you on the path to a better you;
      1) Start eating better, get off fried and processed foods. Ease off the soda pop.
      2) Get a membership at a gym and use it. Resistance training is key
      3) Personal grooming. Nails, hair – trim. Teeth (if you have all of them) whiten and brush regularly. Wash every day & use deodorant. Shaving is good too…
      4) Clothing. A clean t-shirt is not ‘all dressed up’. You don’t need brand names, just nice clothes that fit your look. Do NOT wear white socks with dress shoes.
      5) Get your own place & do not clutter it up. Do not try to rebuild that V-8 in the living room. Set aside one day a week as cleaning day.

      It’s not easy if you’ve never done it, but trust me – it works. If not, well then, I guess Mom will be down with the pizza pockets and mountain dew any tine, now…

    3. @Devo Wellp, BLM, proudboys, Qmorons or Antifa(cant personally verify this one). They’re all equally stupid, hopefully they lock them all up for a long long time. Guantanamo preferably. As far as the BLM guy, I don’t get it lol he must be retordded

  6. Maybe it should have been ” inconvieable ” that as a mother of 8 children she would lose her noodle. Was she thinking about the kids while ramming windows?

  7. She is a mother with kids instead of staying home to take care of them she went to destroy properties and killed police officers and Democrats social services need to take the kids lock her up teach her a lesson she will never forget

    1. @Wally Censorship again, false equivalency. Those mothers came out because they wanted to protect unarmed peaceful protesters from being injured. They did not show up to destroy anything or protect people who were destroying things. This woman is full of fear/hate. Those mothers in Portland were there to love/serve.

    2. @Wally Censorship yeah but they were doing that over racial Injustice.
      These terrorist at the Capitol building we’re doing it because Trump lost an election and his malignant narcissism wasn’t allowing him to walk away gracefully instead he tried to tear down our country on his way out. He basically flipped the board after he lost the game so you can’t equate the two .
      if you do try to you’re just obviously a racist

    3. @Wally Censorship No. NOT even close to the chaos and irreversible damage tRumps Maga cultists/terrorists caused in the Capitol. Nice try though. 🤨

    1. 👾📣 “OooooOOOoooooo!…I am the ghost of the woman with 8 kids….OOOOOOOooooOOOOOoooo!.My strength is like a 🏓 against a 🧱 OoooOoOok…”

    2. She couldn’t handle helping them all with homework and decided to get arrested instead

  8. If she gets convicted, that is exactly what she will do, leave her children.
    Didn’t seem to deter her from insurrection.

    1. @Chereese Ferreira No education – only job was to fk and listen to conspiracy theories floated by deranged QAnon and PB!

  9. It’s inconceivable that she would leave her kids pickup a 9 foot battering ram to break through the windows of the capital.

  10. Yea right! …thats why she dumped her eight kids with they’re eight fathers to go buy a bullhorn and lead an insurrection.

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