FBI Director Condemns 'Extremist Violence' That Occurred During Riot 1

FBI Director Condemns ‘Extremist Violence’ That Occurred During Riot


FBI Director Christopher Wray delivered opening remarks at a House oversight hearing and spoke about the events of the Capitol riot on January 6 and condemned the "extremist violence" that took place.

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FBI Director Condemns 'Extremist Violence' That Occurred During Riot


    1. @Sam Harris so your argument is solely based off your personal understanding and opinion of the subject? I’d say you’re incredibly wrong given that experts on extremist groups cite white nationalist and white supremacists as the greatest domestic threat to the US. I think it’s safe to say they have quite a bit more data and evidence to back their claims than you do lol. I can also speak from my personal experiences dealing with racists and xenophobes in the US that white nationalist and white supremacists numbers grew under Trump. There are actually studies that show those metrics as well.

      Climate change is fact at this point, it’s been proven it’s not up for debate. What you’re missing is that there is a noticable pattern of increasing global tempures that has going on for decades, it’s not new. Record highs being set in the 1930s doesn’t make for a valid argument against climate change. Climate change is referring to the standard average temperatures increasing not record breaking temps caused by regional weather anomalies or irregular atmospheric conditions.

    2. @Matt O There is no giant thermometer these guys go by, science is only as good as the scientists, so skeptic I surely am. But intuitively the common man would see dangerous extremes me thinks. If there was something going on from groups of violent whites, it would be all over the air waves. Instead I observe a crooked government, 4 year invalid impeachments

    3. @Sam HarrisNikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Little Marco, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, Mike Pence. Too soon to say. Up against Biden? Harris? After a potentially underwhelming 1st term? Yikes. A not a small dollar non corporate candidate among then. Well, 2024s a long ways away, who knows?

    4. @Matt O
      “t’s pretty easy to tell white supremacists from progressives just look for a maga hat. Maga hats also help to identify xenophobes which are just racist as white supremacists. I’m an immigrant and I’ve had some pretty negative experiences with Trump supporters over the years. The instances of racist and xenophobic remarks myself and my kids have experienced increased dramatically when Trump took office. Trump gave those fools a platform and told them it was ok to come out of hiding. DHS and the FBI both cite white nationalist and white supremacists as the greatest threat to the US, so are you implying that you’re more knowledgeable on the topic than the nation’s top law enforcement agencies?”

      Everything in this statement is a lie. Including And & The.

      Just how many Trump Supporter do you know?

    1. @Tony Smith didn’t see that happen. They just pick 450 whites trashed in counting , that trump litter. You might become one of those , in this august .

    2. @Tony Smith I pitty you buddy you are completly brainwashed by the gigantic right wing media Con job.I don t blame you. You are a victim your ego will not let you admit it yet.

    1. @Meg E They were advised, when certain entrances were overwhelmed, to ‘stand back’ for their own safety until reinforcements could be mustered. You obviously didn’t watch the senate hearings on the ,matter.

    1. The problem is that the coup was so incompetently led, so stupid in its execution – with its leader bottling out at the last minute and sneaking back to the White House – that it is hard to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was a coup.

  1. If nothing happens out of this whole Jan 6 thing, then really Biden should just stomp on republican conversations with the same brute force and expect to get away with it.

  2. Okay we get it… But “condemned” isn’t the word we want to hear….we want to heard words like ” the people who helped with this will be held accountable”….not all congress people were victims…some were complicit and helping the freaks…and we know who they are….hold them accountable already.

    1. Not going to happen. Powerful people don’t get charged with crimes. When have any of these “investigations” ever led charges?

    2. @Peter Bruno well yeah that’s basically what Im saying ….they’ve been getting away with bs for decades ans decades…..which is why I’m saying do something already….which prolly won’t happen because alot of humans are vile ignorant and arrogant..I’m not naive to that.

  3. The FBI should be all over this!!!!!!! Domestic terrorist need to be dealt with, with the same vigour as any other terrorist.

    1. All domestic terrorists, on both the right and left, should be punished. Sadly, the myriad of hate crimes, committed by the antifa/BLM rioters are being ignored.

    2. @Deborah Freedman What violence by blm? The facts are the facts period. Blm protest for George Floyd were peaceful…. The only violent people were right wing trump sickos parading around like they were blm.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Maybe we wouldn’t have had Riots at all if it wasn’t for Trumpsters Incompetent Leadership?

    4. @R Joseph The Tennessee court house was set on fire by a MAGA White Supremacists, you sure you know what your talking about?

  4. Nice of him to finally address this personally. Couldnt be bothered to make this statement six months ago. When are the traitor gop congress people going to pay for their actions?

  5. You should pesecute and condemn all those who paticipated in the incitement through their lies an false accusations, particularly if it is politicians, they should never hold any public office ever again, they should be punished severely!

  6. Going after the people who committed the violence is good but unless you prosecute those that incited the violence then it will happen again.

    1. @Luis Boqcas Don’t be obtuse. There is no law which prevents Christopher Wray from citing the Jan 6, 2021 insurrection as just that- an *insurrection*. Insurrections have leaders and there are laws on the books for dealing with insurrections and insurrectionists.

    2. @Bidden HarryAss
      He won broadscale contempt? The loss of nearly every group outside his fanatic base? No more independents, or any of the others, outside of oligarchs and farmers?
      Then we agree

    3. I think that they are being careful about bringing into account the leaders of the insurrection until they are able to be to imprison the worse terrorists that will hold another riot when Trump or unknown government leaders and thus cause loss of those whom they’re seeking now.
      I strongly suspect when Trump is arrested, we will see such violence that’s not been seen in the US. I strongly suspect, FBI knows there are people in the military they need to corral before antagonizing them. Simply because the military is not doing something about Michael Flynn. They likely know who they are and are being careful not to spur them to actions that would turn civil war loose. I suspect Biden’s new secretary of defense has his hands full of determining who is who in the rank and file.

    4. Yes, the ANTIFA/BLM members that were bussed in and started agitating the crowd and surrounded the capital need to be prosecuted fully. I agree

    5. @R Joseph

      This is part of the what aboutism that has negatively multiplied the republicans charm.
      And, I get it. It is most embarrassing when your political party attempts to grab power, and fails, BADLY. BADLY. BADLY.
      WHAT is one to do? Oh, I know, one mentions a previous offense, and pretends that the current offense cannot be solved until the previous offense is prosecuted AND WON.
      After all, victory, and inflicting pain, is far more fun than abject, humiliation defeat, and shame, and political damage being inflicted upon you.
      I get it. Defeat isn’t fun.
      And it’s not like the Dems aren’t going to milk this, like they did in, oh , where was it? BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI?

      And all those times republicans called themselves the responsible party, of law and order?

      At any rate, I’m sorry you have to go through this.

  7. I sure hope he’s right and that the FBI is handling its duties unobstructed instead of subfunctionally as the Department of Justice is.

    1. Uhm… the FBI is part of the DOJ, just in case you didn’t know that. The current DOJ are boy scouts compared to the previous administration’s.

    2. @Silky Tp Fun fact: the FBI reports to the DOJ and to the Director of National Intelligence, who reports directly to the President. All are part of the Executive branch of Government, none are with the Judicial branch.

  8. WHY aren’t those politicians who aided, abetted and conspired to institute the 1/6 INSURRECTION been held to ACCOUNT?

    1. @Bill Casey it wouldn’t much of a war seeming that the conservatives are the minority party they would be stomped out pretty quickly by the US military.

    2. @Matt O
      They have, on the average, higher firearms skill, usage, ownership, some wilderness skills , probably. Some team firearms tactics. Some prior training.
      And many army tools burn energy.


      Weaker knees, back, and shoulders.
      Little to no heavy weapons. Probably better ied scores.
      Weaknesses to current satellite technology.

    3. The reason is that the true people that organized ANTIFA to riot like Nancy Pelosy, George soros and his payees are protected by all the people George has bought. It is difficult to get rid of corrupt judges, but not impossible.

    4. @David Wrigley If they continued the investigations they would find out crooked dems were behind ANTIFA/BLM infiltrating and starting capitol riot. Be patient it will be found out just like msm fake created stories like: Trump peed on russian hookers, dossier paid by Hillary, 2016 election rigged by hillary, trump calling military losers and suckers, Trump clearing rioters with rubber bullets and gas for church foto op, russia russia russia, fake mueller investigation, two fake impeachments. Kids in cages by obama. Its always dem and msm lies always showing.

  9. Arrest trump already, all these talks and no action, the whole world knows who’s to blame for Jan 6, just get it done!!!!!

    1. First you need a crime. Telling people to peacefully and patriotically protest is not illegal. You have brain worms.

  10. We seen Christians, confederates , nazis reck our house…. This kind of violence should come with loss of citizenship after time served.

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