FBI Director Wray on Tyre Nichols body cam video: ‘I was appalled’ | USA TODAY #Shorts

FBI Director Christopher Wray called for any demonstrations to be conducted peacefully in advance of the video's planned disclosure expected to show a violent encounter involving five Memphis police officers and Tyre Nichols.

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“I will tell you I was appalled,” Wray said, describing his reaction after viewing the video.

The Justice Department has launched a separate civil rights investigation into Nichols' death, while state authorities have leveled murder charges against the five officers who have since been dismissed from the force.

Nichols was pulled over Jan. 7, and later hospitalized in critical condition after what police initially described as "confrontations" with officers. He died three days later. Nichols' family and their attorneys say video showed officers beating Nichols for several minutes.

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  1. Everyone pray for the family of the victim for the officers were involved we need peace😪🙏🙏🙏

    1. This. These rodents come out of the woodwork to exploit this situation for their own political optics.

      Their response should be “This matter will be investigated. The guilty will be indicted, tried, convicted and punished. Justice will be served. The same process will follow whether you’re a police officer using excessive force or a protestor setting something on fire.”

      Saying anything else is irresponsible and self serving.

    2. We need justice for the family and all of us freedom loving citizens.
      We don’t need the FBI’s fingers in the investigation, The TBI can
      handle it.

    3. ​@Turn Right exactly! Just state the facts, say that you will seek justice no matter what. Not all this fanning the flames.

    1. @Shawn Mendenall nope, I’m not a Bot! I’m a pissed off American, that wonders why it’s ok for the FBI to work against citizens of the United States! Yet vilify people that do the very same thing his organization does!

    2. @Marquis de Sade USA Patriot Act Abuse
      2.2008 Amendments to the Attorney General’s Guidelines
      3.Racial and Ethnic Mapping
      4.Unrestrained Data Collection and Data Mining
      5.Suppressing Internal Dissent: The FBI War on Whistleblowers
      6.Targeting Journalists
      7.Thwarting Congressional Oversight
      8.Targeting First Amendment Activity
      9.Proxy Detentions
      10.Use of No-Fly List to Pressure Americans Abroad to Become Informants

  2. Seems everyone was appalled by the video. Still took 2 days to fire them, then another 2 days to charge them. You were looking as hard as you can for a way to side with them. Everyone Remember that when they release it

    1. ​@Tory Boston “kin” whether it’s the continent of Africa or here in 🇺🇸 you’re the most self- genociding race ever! 13% here and a 🔍 glass on the worst of you. By 2050, the race will be culled off completely, maybe a million mixed with white blood will remain if you have skills

  3. They’re literally releasing promos and advertisements for this video as if it’s a Hollywood movie. Intentionally causing unrest and instigating chaos.

    1. And inciting violence. Did you hear the police chief? She said “I expect public outrage.” Over and over and over, as though she was soliciting it or planting a seed. I understand it was a terrible, awful thing to happen, but you should be telling people you’ll beat the hell out of them if they get out of hand. Not coddling them.

    2. ​@Onix Xino this is the truth.

      They’re damage controlling. They fired the cops within days of the murder, people at every level of the Memphis PD said it was awful, there was no support for the murderers at all, the investigation was started, all before the video was released. Finally, after charging the murderers, they announced they were going to release the video and warned people how bad it would be and begged them not to riot.

    3. @Onix Xino perfect way to continue the cycle and exactly why that kind of mentality is the type of mentality that ends up on the news in a story about “police brutality.” In this instance, however, having just watched the video, this is the first time I’ve seen literal abuse of power and murder by police.

  4. It is so sad to see how human treat others like animals. It is indeed sad, I can’t even believe this could happen in America!! I hope justice will be served for this family..

  5. Mr. Wray I saw your performance at Davos and that sir was appalling. You violated the constitution of this country.

  6. Look at Merrick Garland standing there. That’s the most work he’s done since he got the head honcho spot at the Justice department.

  7. I understand they’ve been charged, but I’ll hold my judgement until I see the video. I lost all faith in the medias opinion on police encounters.

  8. Might have been pre planned tbh. I as many others would agree, have had fights but knew when to step away. Yet the Police who should have been trained and out numbered him took this personally. RIP

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