FBI director Wray testifies before Senate for first time since Capitol riot | USA TODAY 1

FBI director Wray testifies before Senate for first time since Capitol riot | USA TODAY


The last time Christopher Wray testified before a congressional committee, the FBI director offered a now-prescient warning of the threat posed by domestic extremists.

“Trends may shift, but the underlying drivers for domestic violent extremism – such as perceptions of government or law enforcement overreach, sociopolitical conditions, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, misogyny, and reactions to legislative actions – remain constant,” Wray said in a written statement to the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Six months later, the director returns to the Senate after the deadly Capitol assault that involved some of the very classes of extremists featured in Wray’s stark warning in September.

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    1. So the BLM guy they arrested filming the shooting of the women killed was not..a BLM member?Thats already been confirmed..nothing said about this.

  1. Does D.C. know where Oregon is? Violence on going? Not a question whether this was terrorism. A whole lot of talk about how effective rhetoric was inspiring the “insurrection” that nearly destroyed America. How effective is seeing actual violence as a means of legitimate expression?

  2. Why are these people (because they can’t be considered senators)Why are they talking about everything but what is in front of them. THE ATTACK ON OUR PENTAGON!!!!!

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