FBI Finds Lego Model Of U.S. Capitol In Home Of Riot Suspect 1

FBI Finds Lego Model Of U.S. Capitol In Home Of Riot Suspect

When a Pennsylvania man was arrested last month, officers "recovered a fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set," according to court documents. 
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    1. @firestream93 I think the FBI track record speaks for itself. I personally wouldn’t trust them either, but as you said that is my personal opinion. My opinion is based off of decades of observation of this particular branch of our government, and the measures they have taken. I also don’t put much faith in politicians either, regardless of their party affiliation, because they have consistently proven to be untrustworthy. Both Democrats and Republicans have consistently exploited individuals and various activist organizations for their own personal and political gain. It would appear though that the party loyalists in this country have grown so used to being exploited that they don’t seem to mind it, and are actually now encouraging this behavior. They have become nothing more than “useful tools” for the politicians. They have all become blinded to their Bigotry and Hypocrisy. Party Loyalty and Complacency is the death of Liberty. United We Stand Divided We Fall is more than just a cliche saying, it is the absolute truth.

    2. @eltorocal I guess asking you to form something that resembles an actually debate is outside of the realm of possibility, right?

      So far, you have done absolutely nothing to even challenge my opinion. All you can come up with are grade school attacks.

      It’s fine. I understand that critical thinking isn’t one of your strong suits. Tell you what: Once you find your big boy words, you can come back and we’ll talk. Sound good?

    1. “Discover all of the secrets of Rikers Island, and just why you can’t escape. For children of 12 or older, so insurrectionists may have a problem?”

  1. The “law” & “order” candidate can’t maintain law & order within and without his company among his congregation.

    1. The, “law & order,” candidate planned the Insurrection. He gave it the green light, three days before, sitting in the Oval Office when he did it.

    2. You guys are nuttier than a squirrel turd if you believe Trump was behind the so-called attack on the capital… pathetic.

  2. Reminder: Evangelicals voted for a walking, talking tangerine whose base is made of domestic terrorists

    1. @ThunderDog97 That is not the stance of the catholic church, so your point is irrelevant. Perhaps you are confused by the word “devout”. Biden’s choice of words, not mine.

    2. @level Joe I really couldn’t care less what “the stance of the catholic church” is – are the children still being molested in the catholic religion while they dig up bodies of the children the catholics murdered?

    3. @Æonatia I doubt that he is a Christian, after all, in his mind, who could be more important than him?
      What surprises is that so many could follow this “False Idol”.

    1. We have tours of it. Funny, I’ve been within 6 miles of it since Eisenhower, but never did the tour.

  3. Now we know at least one of these cosplayer “special operator” insurrectionists has the fine motor and intellectual skills to successfully build a Lego set designed for the 12+ age group.

    1. He must have hired some kids to build it for him? That kit is for 12 or older, so he no way was he smart enough to build it for himself.

    2. @Mary Elizabeth : Does Lego have a Rikers Island kit? Bet they’d make some serious cash if they issued one right now?

  4. those sissors are known as tough cut sissors, they are what emergency services use to cut clothing from around wound sites…… he had a tourniquet…. is he even medically trained? they were expecting wounds that needed tourniquet? ok stepping back….. the insurrection was domestic terrorism. those who attended committed crimes against the very constitution they proclaaimed to be defending. they should have the maximum penalty allowed under law. and i am not even going to go into the whole they believe he was trying to set up a malitia… because OMG like the world doesnt have enough issues. this being said there is a MASSIVE difference between preparing yourself, home and family for disasters like what puerto rico went through after hurricaine Maria, or florida did after andrew, or paradise after wildfire and LA after earthquakes. i have basic tools and supplies i am gradually adding to to create a emergency disaster kit that will ensure the safety of me and my family no matter what disaster there could be. i am digitising photos, video of family so no matter what I have a copy saved…and learning to be as self sufficient as possible…. things like this…. i find the whole concept of malitias a complete contradition to the values of democracy…. because where does it stop? look at wor torn countries in africa and the middle east and even asia……. where does it stop?

  5. He likes to play with lego and dress up as a soldier, did his mother know he was out on his own.

    1. He remembered to fill his scribbler full of notes on militias and how much ammo to bring for overnight camp… Hey, there’s gonna be s’mores!

  6. I’m not sure if I should be impressed with the dedication or concerned with the level of planning

  7. They’re gonna HAVE to release those in prison for outdated nonviolent drug charges just to make room for ALLLLL these fools!!!

    1. God I hope so!! All those African Americans who were imprisoned at the age.of 18 for being found with half a joint.. They’re probably 50 by now.

  8. What about the funding of the rioters’ weapons, bus rides, plane flights, hotel rooms, or assembly permits?

    1. They’ll get all of it, in the end. Trump gave the green light for it, three days before. It planned and green lit from the top, and they’re all going to jail. Including trump.

    2. @CDNCD …that’s why the Republicons voted against the Investigation… “whaaaa… I’m scared, Mitch.”

  9. And he is just so ‘conveniently’ wearing a MAGA hat. Let’s really dig in to this guys back ground and find out what he is all about.

  10. He also had First Person Shooter games like “Rotunda Zombie Blast” and “Grand Theft Capitol Patriot Edition”…

    1. Mod ideas found in the depths of 8chan no doubt. A link to a Russian filesharing site should arouse no suspicion.

    2. @Todd Warner No, we simply call it a baseless mob riot with the backdrop being an unfounded, unevidenced conspiracy theory about an election which roflstomped an amoral demagogue with the educational attainment of a small 5-year-old.

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