FBI James Comey Breaks FREE from Loretta Lynch & DOJ! 10/29/16

FBI James Comey Breaks FREE from Loretta Lynch & DOJ! 10/29/16 1


FBI James Comey Breaks FREE from DOJ & Loretta Lynch! 10/29/16

FBI Director James Comey went against the Wishes of Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice when he notified congress of new email evidence and the reopening of the Hillary Clinton investigation – October 29, 2016


20 Comments on "FBI James Comey Breaks FREE from Loretta Lynch & DOJ! 10/29/16"

  1. Jetnor Martika | October 30, 2016 at 2:06 AM | Reply

    It seems to me that justice has failed. Hillary has totally failed the
    American people. She does not deserve under any circumstances , to be
    leading America 🇺🇸!!

  2. Its hard to bake something into a cake when you don’t know what the
    ingredients is Mr Rove.After the election it could taste awful and thats
    the voters problem here.

    • Like Pelosi said, we have to pass it obamascare to find out what’s in it.
      Do we like it now that we bought a cat in the bag?/

  3. Rove is an establishment crook

  4. this seriously feels like obama vs hillary 8 years ago-we need to vote for
    change…just voting in a white obama i reckon

  5. I have no respect for Karl Rove after what he did to put a governor in
    prison falsely.

  6. Rove, Comey, Clapped, all traitors.

  7. there has never been the rule of law in the United States why do you think
    African Americans have been complaining for decades you think they just
    been talking out the side of their neck America is a criminal state always
    has been just like the criminal state of Israel I mean it’s comical to act
    like the law just broke down a few years ago

  8. Comey is stuck on an island in this criminally ran federal govt, but he
    just stuck it to the crooked white house. Now all the cuckservatives are
    attacking him instead of the witch. This raid and consequential reopening
    of the investigation was a master chess move. He has been dragging his feet
    so that obummer can’t pardon his way out of it all. That is why 1.8 billion
    dollars from the clinton foundation just got moved to a private account in
    Qatar, and this could knock the donations out of charitable donation

    • Leroy Jenkins
      I think Comey struggled with this for a while and decided, hell, I’m going
      to do what is right and to hell with the rest of the cockroaches.

  9. Now Clinton demands to make the new information public. Why didn’t she make
    her emails and private speeches public before??

  10. Disease infected rats need a dark, dirty corner to hide from the light in.
    Yes, elected officials work for the American people. Politics should not be
    a cult of personality or a President pushing his personal agendas over the
    good of the America n people.

  11. The thumbnail for this video is a bit unsettling. The hands are on the
    wrong sides!

  12. rawcatslurgeon | October 30, 2016 at 4:38 PM | Reply

    Break free? Did he and his brother get off the CCF payroll?

  13. I don’t understand all the arguing. The goal here is to stop Hillary by any
    means possible. If this helps, great. I am not interested in talking about
    who did what, who was right and who was wrong (looks like everybody was
    wrong) That’s petty BS. The one and only thing I care about is that Hillary
    is stopped before it is to late. Once the country is safe from the
    Hildabeast, then you can continue about all the other crap till hell
    freezes over if you want, I don’t care. I just care about my country, and
    all the great people, excluding globalists (their the enemy of everything
    this country stands for) whom live hear. This country was a noble concept
    from the beginning. But there is very little left of the principals upon
    which it was founded. And Hillary wants to finish it off.

  14. Call me sceptical of the title. Comey is a criminal PERIOD. There’s
    something more to his move.

  15. Another American | October 30, 2016 at 8:10 PM | Reply

    The numbers they throw out are ridiculous! There are no decent Americans
    supporting Hillary, at this point. We haven’t gotten that stupid and
    gullible – I just refuse to believe that. This is blatant manipulation by
    the media. They’re preparing us for her appointment, because there is no
    actual election.😔

  16. its a scam to distract people for something big before election. FBI IS

  17. Mr. Fart Blossom is a big fat LIAR, and he knows it, trying to create the
    idea that Trump is un-desirable only shows he’s just another Main-Stream
    shill. He’s more wicked by far than he is smart.

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