FBI Memo Miscommunication 'Defies Any Kind Of Prudent Law Enforcement' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

FBI Memo Miscommunication ‘Defies Any Kind Of Prudent Law Enforcement’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joins Andrea Mitchell to talk about the joint Senate committee hearings into the law enforcement response on January 6. Next week her panel will be questioning witnesses from the Defense Department. “When the crisis was going on, why was there any kind of delay at all and why didn't they immediately say we're going to do everything we can right now? And that's a question we want to ask of the Defense Department," she says. Aired on 02/24/2021.
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FBI Memo Miscommunication 'Defies Any Kind Of Prudent Law Enforcement' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Odds are it was Trump or his supporter. Who turned their backs on the information, putting every person in the Capital life in danger.

    1. @Elmosweed I hope you have plentiful supply of of _whooshes_ to hand out as your comment seems to have _whooshed_ right over the heads of quite a few 😀

    2. The brother of the convicted liar and secret agent for another country, who as part of Trump’s inner circle of crazies insisted that trump use the military to seize power, was one of the generals on the ‘phone call who refused to send the National Guard to defend the Capitol. That’s just insane!

    1. Yes it seemed deliberate letting them in so easily sending no rescue for several hours then letting them drift off instead of holding them all!

    2. @Xyz Same An investigation is definitely needed. One headed by people interested in facts. The Dems have shown their willingness to falsify evidence and the media has been right there to back the lies up for as long as politically necessary after which they may or may not retract the story and correct it or just ignore it. We’ve seen Democrats call all police systemically racist and turn their backs when they were being targeted with explosives night after night for months. They turned their backs on communities being set on fire by “protesters” every night and the media only showed peaceful marches during the daytime. They did this when lives could have been saved by condemning the violence and allowing the peaceful marches to continue. They showed no interest in that at all. They order the Federal Courthouse in Portland to take down the fence that kept the arsonists at bay every single night. Hirono stormed out of the Senate hearing on protest violence. Bowser through the Guard out of their motel rooms. It’s hard to see their concern as sincere or have any faith in their intentions to understand what truly happened.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx
      Here you are again…. Doesn’t it get old beating that dead horse of “fake news”. Why don’t you do something constructive instead of humiliating yourself carrying trumps load of BS to every thread on CNN and MSNBC videos? Kinda embarrassing …

    1. @Dale Alan Oh, another new account. Are you being paid for trolling? I’m just curious, no bad intentions. Do you get paid in Rubles?

    1. NOBODY can build a platform and a full rig to hang people from from what “just happens to be laying around” infront of the Capitol Building.

  2. They understand plausible deniability. They’re beyond knee deep in it and turned these hearings into a dog and pony show.

  3. I am not buying the “miscommunication” claims at all. This insurrection was supported by insiders, period…insiders with a lot of power.

    1. @Remi Scott There is a board with the Sergeant-at-arms of the House, and Senate, and the Capitol Architect (security related installations, buildings etc). Plus the Capitol police chief, then Sund but he / she has only an advisory role. When planning Capitol police chief Sund suggested to get the National Guard, that was dismissed.

      I guess he went along w/o protest. He had no authority to order that (or even to ask for them, they must be released anyway, I think by the White House. DC has no statehood, and no govenor and the mayor cannot deploy the Natinal Guard.

      He informally asked if the NG of DC could be deployed fast if necessary.

      If he would have been worried, he could have tried to persuade them – or maybe informally contact the speaker of the House – if he is the Capitol police chief I do not know why he does not even have a vote on the board (but that is an older arrangment).

       Who knows what rivalries were going on behind the scenes. And of course contacting Pelosi in that manner would be highly unusual. To put it mildly, so lots of “diplomatic” contortions if he would have taken it to that level. Maybe he shied away from that – and hoped for the best.

      He also pleaded for the NG to be deployed (as per the video they played). So he may have underestimated the situation, but he likely did not want the escalation. The role of the sergeants-at-arms seems more interesting to me.

      They all may have had huge blind spots. or some had informal orders how the NG would not be “a good look” while others went along despite having second thoughts.

    2. Evian Bidet, I agree with you. There are to many things that are glaringly not “coincidental”. When so many pieces fit so perfectly into the puzzle, it most definitely IS NOT coincidence. Prior intent exists.

    1. That’s garbage, everyone with a TV and internet connection knows weeks in advance what’s coming on January 6. If the head of the police department can’t make a simple conclusion he is the wrong person for the job.

  4. No offense, but when you ‘send’ an email, that is of an EMERGENCY issue, particularly considering it is a warning of violence on THE NEXT DAY, one would most definitely make a direct phone call to ensure matters are handled ASAP! FBI should have followed up IMMEDIATELY and that is not a valid ‘excuse’!!!

    1. There was zero follow up from the many warnings. Completely failure on many levels. I think we’ll come to find out it was deliberate.

    2. I agree. Perhaps the FBI is getting a little sick of tired of Republicans using them as political tool & looked away?

    3. They may have intentionally sent a mail, in order to have proof. Recording a phone call may not be good form or allowed. Maybe they wanted a paper trail. Or an agent wanted to create a paper trail sidelining superiors. Or they can’t be reached for calls.

    4. @Sequoyah Hilderbrand , It’s obvious that it was deliberate. Now it’s just a matter of having the tangible evidence layed on the table.

  5. I think it was Mary Trump and Michael Cohen both had said DONALD HAS HIS FINGER ON EVERYTHING AROUND HIM THAT MOVES. Take it for what it’s worth.

    1. @PaulScott Rock The Capitol Police stood down because many of them supported the insurrectionists. White supremacy is widespread in all police departments in this country. I am not sure how many memos and reports need to come out to prove what has already been proven.

  6. They need to follow the motive for why security was intentionally hamstrung: The trump team planned this so that the riot would necessitate declaring marshal law. They need to focus on those who were in a position to do this.

    1. @anna gordon Because the rioters were too dumb to get far enough. Just because a coup attempt is unsuccessful, doesn’t mean it was not a coup attempted.

    2. resistence is futile, I agree that there was some hamstringing that went on. However, I don’t agree that there was a possibility of martial law. Support from the military is a “must have” to inact martial law. Trump didn’t have that support. He had been publically advised as such (indirectly) by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (dig back and check his comments). Milley and the branch military heads all knew exactly what Donnie wanted to do, and they had no intent whatsoever of facilitating it. The comments that came from the retired senior officers regarding Trump’s misguided plans were not coincidentally made. They spoke out because they know that it would have been inappropriate for the “still active” officers to make such comments. Those guys are savvy, and they know the drill.

  7. It was, like every inside job, designed for ‘plausible deniability’. We are hearing the deniability on stage….plausible or not.

  8. It’s just like when the cops investigate themselves. When will this flaccid, weak joke start looking like a real hearing intended to procure truth?

    1. Roger stone was caught meeting with a leader of the nothing to be Proud about Boys the day of the attempted overthrow. That is on video sorry no link. The man was spotted at the capitol in the middle of it all. 500 people have been identified so far not sure how many have been rounded up. My guess is president reject is not paying their legal bills he can’t pay his own. So they are looking at 20 years in the federal pen.

    2. @David Boryszewski True dat, plus he was with the Oath -Keepers- Breakers, who were supoosedly providing him with security but the fatfug was seen at the melee. This has Stone’s slimy fingerprints all over it.

  9. The Flynn bros. stink like fish. See: pardon as payment in advance for delaying the National Guard from coming in to stop the insurrection

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