FBI Opens Federal Civil Rights Probe Into Death Of Andrew Brown Jr. | MSNBC 1

FBI Opens Federal Civil Rights Probe Into Death Of Andrew Brown Jr. | MSNBC


The FBI's Charlotte field office has opened a federal civil rights investigation into the police-involved shooting death of Andrew Brown, Jr. NBC News' Catie Beck reports on the latest in the case.

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FBI Opens Federal Civil Rights Probe Into Death Of Andrew Brown Jr. | MSNBC


  1. I am glad that the FBI will look into it, and not left to the Sheriff’s or Police departments to look into. They can watch all the body cams.

    1. All shooting incidents are looked at by outside agencies. Any big incidents where someone gets hurt or killed is reviewed by a separate agency and or department.

    2. @D M Why does it matter? The FBI is looking for who was in the wrong if they was any , or if it was due to the suspect. What does who gives the orders have to do with it?

  2. Glad to hear the FBI will be getting involved as now I am confident somebody is getting ready to go down for what happened.


    1. ​@Francisco Diaz He survived over 50 police encounters in his life without getting killed. I wonder what was different about this one.


    3. @Spidey Senses 2020 Keep sticking up for thugs. They will be in your backyard before you know it if they aren’t already.


    1. @Anthony Jungen and Andrew’s family said “it doesnt show the whole picture”. Something I thought was funny.

      Andrews has a 180 page rap sheet…. going back to may of 1988. He sounds like a career thug.

    2. @ganthore does having a criminal past mean he deserves to be executed without due process? They didn’t even find any drugs when the search was completed after they killed him.

    3. @Anthony Jungen It means, that before the police publicly release the body cam footage, or the investigators get done looking into the shooting…. we should give the benefit of the doubts to the cops…. not to the 33+ year criminal.

    4. @ganthore I guess you’ve never heard of innocent until proven guilty. He may have had a search warrant out for him, but they didn’t find anything. He never got his day in court for this assumed “crime”. So yes, they actually killed an innocent man.

    5. @ganthore and if we’re going off of past instances, why does no one ask “how clean are the records of the cops that shot him?” Everyone usually just assumes guilt because of the past.

    1. @Johnny Rotten tell that to the 13 year old white kid that was caught selling Vape pension the restroom at school

    2. @Master Mind Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned there? I’m not a scientist but from what I can tell, if you comply and listen to police you have a very good chance of not getting shot by them. And if you resist arrest and run you greatly increase your chances of getting shot by them. Seems very obvious.

    3. @Black Dragon Based on what? This guy survived over 50 police encounters in his life without getting killed by the “trigger happy” police.

    1. If it is given a police officer risks getting shot by doing his job, then criminals risk getting shot breaking the law. Do not lose sight of the fact that Mr. Brown created the situation that got him shot.

    2. 7… yes SEVEN body cams and only 20 Seconds of footage.

      The body cam shown to the family is from the KILLER who was FARTHEST AWAY!

    3. @Domino EP He was moving the vehicle. A vehicle in motion around people is a deadly weapon.

    4. @All Lives Splatter imagine pulling up to your house to see 10 officers strapped up from head to toe. That’s death if you a black man, probably in the moment he was thinking if I get out this car I’m dead

    1. Dumb People: America is racist
      Dumb People: All whites are racist
      Dumb People: All whites cops are racist
      Dumb People: Thank god FBI stepping in

  4. Officers’ weapons are for self-defense, and for the defense of the public – not for apprehension.

    1. @Brandon Smith more of you are dying than being born all around the world. How does that make you feel?

    2. @Tazarah No one cares dude we have all the money because we work harder and conquered the entire planet long ago while you were still living in huts…. how does that make you feel?

    3. @Bubba Smollet yeah you guys definitely “conquered the planet”…. must be why nature itself is taking you out. Your ancestors were neandertals who lived in cold damp caves. Always remember that pinky

    4. @Brandon Smith what action are you going to take? Troll youtube? Complain about how muh white supremacy is gone? Take opioids to soothe the pain?

  5. YES, now this is a DOJ/FBI I can have confidence in, this is an appropriately fast response for them to be on this already, I am so heartened that they are focusing their investigative efforts on police killings of Americans, keep it up more more more investigations.

    1. @Antony johnson I am not afraid of anything. I am 30 years old and I stand in my truth. A lot of people think the law and order types are 60 plus. Not true! We are here to stay!

    2. @Antony johnson I am mad at thugs being made into saints though. There is a problem when thugs are being worshipped more than our police that fight these thugs!

  6. The fact they are withholding video footage shows they F’ed up. This was a straight up execution.

    1. He survived over 50 police encounters in his life without getting “executed”. But eventually your bad life choices catch up with you.

    2. @Earthling Firstly
      None of us are perfect and we’ve all f’d up along the way- so according to you- WE’RE ALL OVER DUE TO BE SHOT UP BY LAW ENFORCEMENT, RIGHT???

      ESPECIALLY, when there is no weapon involved ???

      So you’re saying, its ok they shot at him and eventually did shoot him 5 times, INCLUDING IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD, while backing away because he made bad life choices??? They must be justified in killing him, is that REALLY what you’re saying?

  7. How bad does is that body camera footage, if they’re only willing to show the family a snippet. They’re just making it worse for themselves. The longer they how out the more negative the bias people will have when it’s inevitably released.

    1. I agree, they should just show it all no matter how shaky it is. But i also know people have already made up their minds, facts and evidence won’t change this. And the hustlers and politicians as we speak are positioning themselves to exploit this man’s death for money or votes. Or both.

    2. @D M I disagree. I think people are forming their opinions because the facts aren’t out there. And since this isn’t an isolated incident there is reason to be distrustful. We have all seen the body and, false police reports, and cover ups that have happened.

    3. @JessieBanana Good point. You’re right, if you see what you perceive to be the same things happening over and over and over its reasonable to believe its the same as what you are used to. But as an obviously intelligent person I think you’ll agree that sometimes things aren’t always what they appear. Thats why we need unbiased professionals to investigate things. I have NO idea what really happened, for all I know the man was murdered in cold blood by a white supremacist cop. And im willing to admit it as a possibility. But I also believe that things like this man’s death rings the dinner bell for politicians and others to try and exploit his death for their own gains. And I find that disgusting because the people that profit from this are the ones that scream the loudest and stir up fear and hate. There is no better way to control people than keeping them in fear.

    4. @D M Of course I don’t know what happened and there are times when things are more grey. I personally said that the cop who shot the 16 year old girl who was about to stab someone may have done what was best in that situation. I could see where non lethal force may not have been possible and I would wait for further investigation.

      With that said. I am a black woman. I personally have been afraid of the police since I was a child. Long before social media made it easy to blow up any sort of narrative. The people this would make afraid already know this is the reality. Nothing has changed except for the coverage of it. Are there insincere politicians sure, but to be quiet frank, even with the media attention many people still don’t believe us or grasp the scope of the problem. It has yet to be over blown.

  8. Also, the FBI has WONDERFUL software they can run all that footage through that will eliminate all this so called shakiness!

  9. Rip my brother and your family may God continue to bless you and your family member justice will be selves amen

  10. Courage, Pride, Honesty, and Love ..Must prevail! ..if we are to recover and heal, from ..Our Broken Society! My Prayers and condolences go out to Mr. Brown, his family and loved ones, during their time of grief and mourning.
    And, may God grant us the wisdom and discernment, to get it right, this time! Hope, may be all we have, but its’ enough, ..to let God in!

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