FBI Questioning Jan. 6 Suspect About Ties To Congress Members 1

FBI Questioning Jan. 6 Suspect About Ties To Congress Members


NBC News reports the FBI have been questioning at least one of the people charged in the Capitol riot about his possible connections to members of Congress. 
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  1. Why won’t Fox News show the ad of trump supporters beating capitol police officers with flagpoles?

    1. @Chaos They did not pay the bail. They did make these people aware of their Constitutional Rights to bail under the 8th Amendment. If you are going to shout FACT at the end of your post, make sure your facts are correct.

    2. @Roger Anderson ikr, I wouldn’t put it past him either, he would do anything to make the other side look bad

    3. @Biden Sucks … your “What-Aboutism” game is weak AF.
      So is your “Dear Leader,” as he’s sh!tting his Depends over the N.Y. Southern District’s multiple RICO investigations

    1. @Truth Hurts and only waited un til after the insurrection was a complete failure to then tell them to go home

    1. @Chaos She is not following the wishes of a president. She is fighting back with fire to deal with fire. You already see how slow the nations law enforcers are dealing with all of Trump’s era transgressions. She had had enough at that time. Obama wouldn’t have gotten past “get them out of here, punch them in the mouth, I’ll pay your bail.” But someone else goes on to become president. Talk about privileged!

  2. Finally omg this should have been done in January. This is why Ton Johnson and others grilled fbi at hearing aka why Fox and GOP blaming FBI now. Take em down impeach and ban from further office

    1. At least half of the Republican congressmen and congresswomen were part of the group that helped planned the insurrection or at least knew about it before it happened and some of them, such as Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, even gave a tour of the Capitol building to the insurrectionists the day before the insurrection took place. That’s the reason why those right-wing officials are refusing to have an investigation being done to find out more about what happened that day and who are the people that helped plan and finance the insurrection — because they were also involved in it!

  3. I’d like to see all those people later in life apply for a job…”Have you ever been charged with a felony?”

    1. @Mímir
      That amazes me. The Capitol insurrectionists are SOOOO concerned about the “stolen” election, they didn’t even bother voting. What a bunch of wankers!

    2. @Chaos okay storming buildings destroying properties is one thing but, storming the capita,l murdering cops, man please.

  4. Greene, Boebert, Gosar, Brooks, Hawley, Cruz…They should be held accountable just like the average MAGA insurrectionists.

    1. “Germany was the dress rehearsal for the United States.” Unfortunately for “all,” this time the (Neo)Nazis win.

    2. @John Miranda i think it was more akin to the Bierhalle Putsch, sadly. Im hoping COVID helps us with the anti vaxxers before T**** manipulats them into doing more dirty work for his cowardly loser self

    3. Attempting to overthrow the government, stopping one branch from carrying out its obligation to proclaim the duly elected person to the office of President (wait, that sounds like means, motive, and opportunity) by the current office holder? Oh, it’s probably just a conflict of interest or some misunderstanding, right?

      A group lightly armed, a paramilitary force, attempts, (which was planned by the former National Security Advisor and U.S. general that had given a speech the night before to pump up the crowd), to forcibly overthrow the government, you have grade A TREASON on your hands. Well, the condition that existed then persists today. Does anyone see a problem here? This rolls up two different political criminal concepts, terrorism and sedition. January sixth was the terrorist acts, and the treasonous behavior. The plotting and preparing for another act of treason using the tools of terrorism and sedition is ongoing…

    1. The NSA has it all so he can lie all he wants…it just helps the case against him and the rest of them, including congressional members and employees. Lock them up!

    2. @Peter Pelly Yep, guilty ppl panic when the heat is on. Not everyone of course, but you really only need one to stampede RE: Greenberg (who emailed all the guilty parties, making the Feds job oh so easy)

    3. @Toni Hinton they knew all along thats why Josh Hawley was freaking out over the data from phones. Thats why they are trying to block congresional investigations.

  5. We know the Republicans were in on it, truth is going to come out!!! Trump even waited to send help Trump was enjoying what was going on, he was getting off on it. Tick tock it’s a matter of time!!!!

    1. @Melba
      Amendment 10 a president can not get involved in local government unless asked to aid.
      Fyi trump offered up 10k national guard. Mayor said no.

      And fyi the same hedgefunds that own these media channels. Endorse the democrats.

      A lil lesson for the ignorant.

      When wall street endorses a party. That party is for wall street.
      Big tech, big media, wall street, 1% endorse democrats.
      Also I bet u believed that dems were going to tax the rich. Well then why are we paying more for gas, groceries, goods and services. As they print more money. That causes inflation. Which is another built in tax.

      Remember when u watch this propaganda news. As they start almost every speech or news segment with something that will tug at your emotions. (Ex. Racism, trump, covid deaths)
      If u can control ones emotions. U control their actions.

      Yqll all stuck on trump its truly amazing to see.u guys think more about trump then his own voters.

      A True racist would say things like.
      Blacks cant read, write, use a computer.
      Ala biden.
      A true racist party would run a vaccine campaign aimed at black america. Using run dmc to rap in a cartoon. As if all blacks listen to hip hop. Or needed to be spoke to thru a cartoon. Ala democratic party.
      Yall are truly confused about what is write or what is wrong.
      Not knowing the economics is what has levied ur brain against common sense.
      Blackrock and vanguard use china investments as a slush fund. Trump blocked ccp investments in China. Costing these hedgefunds 1 trillion in revenue for every year trump was in office.
      What else do they have a majority stake in?
      All of media, all vaccine companies, fb,twitter,google,wikipedia,amazon,big box stores, national news papers, banks, and they sure do endorse the democrats.

      I used to be a democrat when wall street endorsed the republicans. Bc of it I labeled rep. For the rich. But see that has all changed and dems are now endorsed by wall street. It’s just ur to dumb to see it.

      Now I’m sure someone will label me a q person. Which is ridiculous. Or a trumpeter. But I would take Ron desantis over trump. So anyway u look at it. Ur replies will be off base. If any of u even have the guts to reply.
      See I know it’s hard for any of u to admit how cognitive dissonant yall were with all the media spewed at u. As u gobbled it up.

      But how are we supposed to teach our children to ask questions. In order to learn answers. But not ask the same from ourselves.

      Yall think it’s OK for any unelected official to censor anyone? Bc although I don’t like what some of yall believe I would never call for censorship from any of u.
      Never asking the questions why big tech can easily censor whomever, whatever web page , or picture they want. But they choose not to censor dirty videos of children. Or people that are pedos? Do u not think they have that power?

      Why none of u ever asked why
      Dominion voting systems capabilities would be global editing. Or supression of a candidates votes (per their manual 212 pages on wisconsins state website)
      Or eric coomer/ dominions patents which state machines are on line (found on justia patent lister)

      Or how peter Daszak spoke on video about his work with ralph baric , which he helped fund from nih fauci grant money (grant number found on us givernment websites)
      Or the fact that ralph baric has a us patent for a chimeric coronavirus which matches covid 19 genetic make up exactly?
      Why fauci would say one thing in his emails. But then say something else on tv?

      Why the cdc would list 5200 deaths from coronavirus vaccine and twitter and facebook would fact check it using lead stories which is owned by bitbyte dance (government ran china company).

      The reality is yall need to wake up. And instead of insulting people like me. Mayb question me. Go find my reference. Do ur own research.

      The media is not the truth. On both sides. U want truth. Then stop being lazy bc our country is falling apart from with in. And all ur side wants to do. Is point fingers. Even while they are in power at this very moment.

      Questioning why we don’t have transparency in our election. Is a good question. When the ballots are totally auditable. But all they want to do is use the machines to check them. Or in GEORGIA CASe. Where the head of the audit said we got thru 166k ballots of which 116k ballots were adjudicated.
      Do u even understand what the process of adjudication does?.
      Their is a whole new ballot written out. Which is not done in front of the voter.
      Or why democrats states that did mail in ballots. Didn’t count them first. Instead waiting until all the election day ballots were cast. To let election run on for weeks and some months. Finding more mail in ballots. That’s just ridiculous. U let the media play u like u were children.

      Now ur letting them divide us even more with
      Critical racist theory.
      In which many black parents are disgusted. Bc they dont want there children being told they are oppressed. As we have seen many recent videos of said parents.

      I am not here to argue with any of u. But when did it become health to know longer question anything we are told. It’s no different then what I have listed. Unless u have done the research u have no grounds to even try to discredit me with insulting words (bc thats childish). U want to question me. Then verify what I am saying. Or discredit it with research of ur own.

      This way of today isn’t cutting it. The rich hedgefunds that have endorsed the democrats want to work side by side with our government. The media should not be in government. That when all we get is state run media. No different then china.packed with lies and insults to our integrity.
      Please wake up. I want my children to have the same or even more freedoms then I got to grow up with.

      This country will not change until we have congressional term limits. Most of the elders in media were raised in a segregated house hold. What do they know about the 21 century people? They haven’t lived a regular life in 40 years if ever. This goes for both sides. Supreme Court term limits. Amd swearing off all corporate donations to campaigns.

      Yall didn’t truly think they corporation give money just bc their nice right?.
      Hedgefunds do investments. They are investing in a congressional leader to advocate for their best interests.

      They allow big wigs to break laws all the time. Did the sec do anything when platforms like robinhood froze buying and selling on certain sticks early this year?
      Wasn’t even the first time. When the stock market crashed in 2020. They froze their platform for 2 days. Not allowing anyone to exit their positions. Watching their money burn. While hedgefunds were able to exit as well as short every stock they can afford to short.

      But u want more government? Another 60k is workers?
      Gas prices up. Death taxes up. Griceries up. And yall still waiting for the white house to pass a law that will make his financiers pay more tax.

      Bless people.

      Common sense is no longer common.

      I wish u and ur lived ones. Health, wealth and happiness

  6. The very fact that the Repubs voted AGAINST an investigation should be enough to open a criminal investigation into the actions of at least the ones who voted against certifying the election results, if for no other reason.

    1. GQP is now unapologetically anti-American crime syndicate. And they’re visibly mobilizing for war.

  7. I don’t believe one word from the mouth of a former soldier and police officer who betrayed his oaths!

  8. We all know a large amount of Republicans were behind the Insurrection and directly connected.

  9. Hmm , encrypted phones. Wasn’t there a retired Lt. General who was pardoned by “the other guy”, who’s specialty was Green Zone phone technology & spoke publicly about a military coup in America ?

  10. A former NY police officer, who defended a public building, turning on one of his own, is disgusting. What would he have done, if the building he was defending, did the same, is my question. Put this thug in jail for participating in sedition, brutality against another officer, and throw away the key.

  11. This is exactly why the GOP doesn’t want an investigation because many of them assisted in some way and they don’t want it to come out.

    1. @Adam Taylor I am from the UK we always thought America was above this kind of third world country shenanigans. Your meant to be a country who governing is based on democracy. How is it democracy when the leader lied about the election, and his party started to change voting laws in order to make voting safer when it was already safe. You do not change laws based on a lie. Democracy is not about who won or lost but the process of winning or losing. When you alter anything based on a lie you end democracy and everything it stands for. I hope with all my heart you can move on from this. Expose the Republican party for what they represent and challenge everything that tries to stop you. Like newsman, Fox news, some of the Australian news and Forbes breaking news. They act like third world country spin doctors. Doing everything apart from tell the facts.

    2. @Stephen Garner No, America hasn’t been above this sort of banana republic garbage at least since the Reagan years. He truly got things started on the road to authoritarian dictatorship. He was essentially the first Republican to decide that instead of trying to be a better party and win votes by improving the country better than the other group, that they should simply work to destroy the country while lying about it, and pushing endless propaganda about what they and the other side are doing. Lie to the people and sucker them into voting for you, and if that doesn’t work, cheat the system.

    3. @Stephen Garner you forgot to take years of hate spread by fox propaganda and ruxh limbaugh into account

  12. It’s obvious why the Republinazis don’t want an investigation. So many of them had a part in it. I would love to see that whole party dismantled.

    1. The Democrats are literally not letting republicans be involved in the case.. which is why the House Committee is investigating the FBI right now lmfao. Get ur news right dude.

    1. @Josie If you’re a caveman, sure, go get your weapons and hole up in your home like a doomsday nut.
      Or you can be a sane, productive member of society, ditch the guns, and get some f*cking work done toward making a better world.
      Your call. Those who stockpile weapons are naught but frightened little children who have yet to grow up.

    2. @Nunya Business Why do non-believers always have to respond? and usually in an angry screed. just move on. If one person’s favorite band was The Rolling Stones and the other’s was The Beatles, it’s okay for each of them to believe as they like. I’m a Beatles person myself. But I recognize the Rolling Stone crowd has the right to believe as they do. See how that works?

    3. @Joyce Duncan religion does not belong in politics. See how that works. How many millions died because of religion. By the way its the Beatles that rule. Stones are also good.

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