FBI Questions Alleged Insurrectionist About Connection To Members of Congress 1

FBI Questions Alleged Insurrectionist About Connection To Members of Congress


NBC News has obtained a transcript revealing an alleged participant in the January 6th Capitol attack was questioned by the FBI about potential connections to congressional lawmakers. MSNBC contributor and former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks talks to American Voices host Alicia Menendez about what this line of questioning may indicate about how investigators are approaching this probe.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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FBI Questions Alleged Insurrectionist About Connection To Members of Congress


  1. It is about time !!! The answers to this question is LONG overdue. IF it is determined there were members/staff of GOP involved, they need to be charged, convicted and sentenced to the absolute extent that the law permits

    1. @Biden TheMurderer If you aren’t a bot, I feel sorry for those around you. But not for you.

    2. @Jim Brown Running your damnfool mouth defending the GOP while using an actual man’s name for an account.

    3. @Jim Brown You’re a failed cult troll who thinks Jan 6th was done by Democrats and the FBI. You obviously don’t do your own research, you just repeat whatever the news guy tells you.

  2. Ahhh, so this is why Tucker is suddenly pushing these wild conspiracy theories. Makes sense now.

    1. @Biden TheMurderer Even more beautiful is knowing that all that did, there lives are ruined.. especially the dumb chick that paid the ultimate price.. I wish you people would try it again…. Maybe a thousand or two will end up dead or in jail next time.. that would make ME happy.

    2. FBI or Capitol police have caca DNA.
      DNA Test on Poop Smeared in Capitol Hallways? Theory Surfaces as Search For Rioters Begins by Parwinder Sandhu Jan. 9, 2021 International Business Times

    3. @Scott Harrison Yours is a vague comment. Specifically, WHAT represents my belief in a conspiracy theory?…

    4. @Scott Harrison no the Trump Insurrection Riot was a deadly physical attack on the Capitol building and every single human being therein, as well as it was a political attack on America on patriotism and on this democracy and it’s Constitution. I think that’s your cue to say it’s not a democracy it’s a republic. Blather on Scotty boy, this threads favorite communist. Whatever you call America you people are against it. You may be patriots but not for this country. What is it~ Russia? Communist China? North Korea? Tell us, where is the home of your true heart cuz it’s not here

  3. I am sure members of Congress helped make this happen.Mitch McConnell needs to be investigated and this was not people touring the capital,lock all these people up!

    1. Hawley, Cruz, Mo Brooks, and other GOP congresspeople stinking of sedition- ….no one should be immune from investigation/prosecution.

    2. The Oregan legislature just expelled the member that let protesters into the Capital building there. Time to expel some from Congress as well, with due process of course.

  4. As a kid in NY, I used to confuse tourist and terrorist

    Shocked to see that grown men in congress do too

    1. Watching the crowds of democracy and human rights advocates, freedom fighters , patriots and objectors to the corrupt media appointed sleepy fool for president descending on the capital was truly a beautiful sight.

    2. @Biden TheMurderer Are you a Russian troll or an American? If the latter, then are you proud you write posts that cannot be distinguished from posts written by the enemies of your country?

    3. I’ve never seen a New Yorker that wasn’t confused, and obnoxious rude stuck up in a hurry hateful & just plain despicable, as Donald says. Donald Duck.

    1. Did anyone watch the last impeachment trial? One of the lawyers for Trump said some members of the democrat party in office today have ties to the KKK. Not one person objected. It blows my mind how weak minded and naive Americans have become. The same people who told us there were WMDs in Iraq over 20 years ago are still lying to us and people still believe them. You are all broken individuals who cannot think for yourselves. You voted for a man who destroyed the lives of people while allowing his son to do drugs, degrade women, and work with enemies of the United States such as Russia and China. Everything I just said is true. Joe Biden has destroyed everything the last administration did to free us from horrible policies in which people are abused and actually treated like animals. Freed us by becoming energy independent and protected members of our military who have families by not starting a war. Trump made promises and kept them. Biden has betrayed every promise. Who’s the fool? Believing a liar or taking a chance on something different? Lives are being destroyed under this administration. How can y’all be so blind? This administration has taken the word mother out and replaced it with birthing person. I feel sorry for every one of you that still buy the crap they sell to you.

    2. @kc sollers You could have saved yourself the time and trouble and just said you fall for everything Tucker Qarlson and Jimmy Dore say. What a waste of time and energy. Unless you’re copying and pasting. Either way, get lost! Your propaganda isn’t welcome here.

    3. @Mr. No Name I’ve posted the exact same thing in other threads – “Antifa doesn’t exist, its a blanket term for Anti-fascist.” I believe the Magats know the truth, but simply don’t care.

    1. IKR. Unfortunately, Garland and most of the Democratic party leadership are worshiping at the altar of bi-partisanship, more concerned about appearances than justice.

    2. I reeeeaaaallllyyy want to see Kevin McCarthy cry. Like, real tears. He deserves it so much. And you know he’ll break down in a court room like the fragile snowflake he is.

  5. Well, we already know some of them encouraged and even incited it. If that’s not treason, what is?

    1. The last 4 years of the Republicans getting away with anything and everything have made them bold and arrogant. They now truly believe they are unstoppable. If Garland doesn’t step up, we are done for.

    1. I agree; singing Cumbaya and holding hands isn’t how you deal with fascists who want nothing but your death.

  6. It was just a matter time these traitors would rat out each other for a lighter sentence!! No surprise republicans were involved, emails and texts will root out the evilness in GOP!!

  7. Congress is NOT surprised of what happened inside the capital.
    Some member’s of amerikkkan congress, are white supremist.

  8. Why don’t you think Congress wants the independent investigation to go forward. Because there’s a good chance some were complicit…

    1. If by “good chance” you mean they were, you’re right. Because they were.

    2. Congress would like it to proceed, and it will since they have the power of subpoena. The republicans in the senate are the ones who voted not to participate.

    1. Right! White supremacists are the number 1 threat to the United States. You don’t see the pattern here?

    2. @Scott Harrison You’re right about that. And we do see a pattern.

    1. They know they are guilty they just don’t want to be investigated and to be found out they are guilty . They just keep on twisting their lies

    2. @Lisa Mathis So far it appears to be working; Garland is shaping up to be a massive disappointment.

  9. Is that so difficult to see that Republicans members of Congress are involved and it is so clear that even a blind can see Hopefully everyone of them will be accountable of the attack

    1. Watching the crowds of democracy and human rights advocates, freedom fighters , patriots and objectors to the corrupt media appointed sleepy fool for president descending on the capital was truly a beautiful sight.

    2. Do not respond to the treasonous troll. Putin only pays him if you respond.
      To OP: yes, at minimum. As a former cop he should be put away for life for attacking his own.

    3. @Jarry Sciligo I agree. He’s a hit and run coward; cut and paste the same nonsense; it’s laughable that he sees them as “human rights advocates” . Typical right wing trash, always giving themselves unearned titles and ascribing high motives to their sedition and thuggery.

  10. We know they were involved and connected. Investigate. Prosecute. No one is above the law.

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