FBI Releases New Video Of Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Suspect 1

FBI Releases New Video Of Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Suspect


Pete Williams reports on the latest in the investigation of an attempted bombing on Jan 6th, 2021.
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    1. 6 months plus for a person who planted devices on government property.. What’s so sick is the lack of effort when it comes to finding certain people..
      This still still would be headline news if this was a minority person.. I can imagine what would have been done if this was a arab person who left bags outside the full force of the law would have been used “ no stone un turned” 6 months later nothing they have nothing.. Where is homeland security where is nsa cia where is all the stuff that comes out when it’s someone non white???

    1. Gee ya think? Almost like they probably had 1 cellphone video of the pentagon on 911 or Epstein’s cell or 14000 hours of Jan 6 footage or mRNA animal trials

    2. It’s not that serious because once again it’s not a blk or latino person oooooh I wonder how long would it have taken to find an Arab person if they did this I’m willing to bet not 6 MONTHS PLUS!!!!

    3. It’s not hard to speculate on who? First idiots that comes to my mind is the reject bikers. The proud boys. That would be my assumption. They (The NSA-CIA) needs to stick a probe up there… and you know what they gonna cry like babies.) Just think about the stupidity of these groups and members ? SMH… 😔

    4. Unless it was a burner phone. Also, the individual just looked at the phone as if confirming something without making a call. Still, the telcos track all live cell phones all the time so it wouldn’t be hard to triangulate the phone. I don’t know enough about phone tech to say if it could be narrowed to one user that way. As I said, maybe burner phone.

    1. Idk, it’s all just insanity anymore, it does walk like a female, they should of figured out aprx how tall this person is, and if they have a track map I’m sure there’s data the have collected. Crazy times for sure.

    2. Wasn’t Boeberts mother there on Jan 6th yelling directions to Nancy’s office thru a bullhorn? It could be her.

  1. White guys in hoodies are apparently good ol’ boys. A dark person would’ve been questioned by police or even killed.

    1. Hardly going to stop and frisk every black person on the street in a majority black city. DC isn’t like all the cities and towns out in the provinces.

  2. It’s the cunning way they didn’t film themselves and put it on their Facebook page that has the FBI stumped.

    1. This person will be apprehended….the FBI is not looking for collaborating evidence from the public…they already have it……the fact the bomb was not detonated leaves the largest piece of evidence……

  3. We want DJT a and the heads of January 6th arrested and charged yesterday their more dangerous than the pipe bomb guy

    1. They did arrest the legos guy from Jan 6th, a sandwich shop owner from Philadelphia, a couple of elderly ladies, and even a gym teacher in my county in Florida. lol

    1. Plus the glasses the person put on and took off in the dog video. Check it out on the fbi website, keyed to the map. HOpefully someone knows this person and sees it.

  4. Now Boebert was a very busy little girl those three days and always had her little posse with her. That night time Capitol tour was totally out of line. Not protocol!

  5. Imagine if that turned out to be a woman, and it turned out that woman was the traitor who was shot and killed in the Capitol the next day??? That would be some wild karma if it were true.

  6. I thought this was like a tourist visit… I didn’t know that they stash pipe bombs at the Capitol or James Madison Memorial bldgs as tourist🤔🤔🤔

  7. I wonder how much sleep this knucklehead gets every night, knowing now what most figure out early in life—the runner has to sleep, but the pursuer doesn’t. Do the math.

  8. That’s in the heart of the capital and that’s the only footage you guys can find? That place should be loaded with camera

    1. I’ve been saying the same thing from the beginning. The gait an the way the person sits down is very feminine.

  9. could be this person is employed by some one high-up in the Trump administration… or, possibly, Russia.

    1. Like Cesar seyok, can’t be too sure another crazy won’t send bombs with no postage marks thru the mail to Robert dineros house again. Jason Kessler, CNN reporter and Hillary supporter might turn into leader of the kkk overnight again and do another Charlottesville or fbi might kidnap another governor who deliberately sent infected patients to nursing homes again

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