FBI Releases New Video Of Officers Dragged Into Crowd During Capitol Riot 1

FBI Releases New Video Of Officers Dragged Into Crowd During Capitol Riot


New body camera footage appears to show rioters dragging police officers into the crowd during the January 6 riot.

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FBI Releases New Video Of Officers Dragged Into Crowd During Capitol Riot


  1. Trump”s “Good people”. Keep showing these until Trump is arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

    1. @Sara Mill Ivanka told a story of Trump pointed to a man on the street saying saying that man is richer than me because have billions in debt.

    1. @Louis Gunn dtrump did not help the majority of americans. biden is not off to a good start either

    2. @LotWizzard I’m just quoting with Biden said. Biden’s a war criminal, so was Trump, Obama and Bush. Fact is all the president are back to Johnson. After that you’ll have to go by case to case.

    3. @Spiral Feather you may want to ask yourself who is flying that drone? Lots of southern in the military. The next civil war is going to be a lot like the Spanish civil war. That’s what the experts are saying. It’s going to be a bloody mess. That’s if we have one.

  2. Ron Johnson needs to be thrown out of the senate in disgrace for calling the Janb 6th riot a peaceful protest. If someone wants to styart a petition add my name.

    1. @Brian Jones The MAGA kids cannot understand what their fuehrer is doing. Little brown shirts.

    2. @david clark “all republicans”. Was that a poll? Did they take a roll call? Maybe u verified them by using voter id?

    3. @Apple Banana You are absolutely deficient and delusional in your views. Put down the kool-aid, drink beer.

    4. @Kryptonarie 63 Not nonsensical, logical. The US was leading the way to freedom and away from the WEF, WHO, and NWO. The world is watching the tyranny unfold under this illegitimate administration. The world has seen the Fauci emails. This isn’t about world health, it’s about world CONTROL. Tune into Klaus Schwab, you’ll understand the significance of the cattle chutes the people of the world are being guided into.

    1. @Saul Teanuts Confederate flag had no business in our house … it’s not an American flag … it’s a losers flag

    2. @Liz Pedano So death is a logical outcome for trespassing? Why not just shoot everyone then? Judge jury and executioner. U want so bad to have white people murdered by cops.

  3. Back the Blue – ’till they’re in front of you.

    Never believe a word these people say again. They showed us all who they really are on January 6th.

    1. @The Flame Fist God That was his quote and he never said it like you did. How can I include it if the bone head never said it genius? But you mean like Joke B. trying to mess with our 2A? Infringe on the constitution like that?

    2. How does it feel not to be able to spot a false flag ? Ever hear of operation northwoods ? You leftists need some history lessons

    3. @Brian Jones The FBI and DHS already concluded right wing extremists goon squads and provocateurs were behind most of last summers protest violence and charges against BLM protesters are being dropped by the thousands, you are sadly misinformed, disinformed and uninformed. That narrative has been disproven.

  4. As diaper don said, ” these are good people”, so police are good when they are not capital police, lol

  5. “I think the vast majority, if not all of them—my colleagues, believe that this was a Trump-incited insurrection. But when you’re in a tribe, if you say something truthful, that gets you kicked out of the tribe, you keep your head down, and you stay in the tribe”
    -Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger

    1. @catastropheoverclock Seems odd to construct arguments based upon quotes from politicians. They are lawyers and liars and mouthpieces for special interest groups.

    2. @John Clarke “I think what I’m used to saying to any Republican that’s maybe kind of confused by the moment we’re in is policy doesn’t matter anymore. It literally is all your loyalty to Donald Trump. As I’ve said before, this is something that like echoes a little bit out of North Korea, where no matter what policy comes out, you’re loyal to the guy,”
      -Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger

    3. @catastropheoverclock That’s a good quote to share with Republican reps when calling their offices, thank you.

    4. @John Clarke “If we idolize one person, we will lose, and that’s kind of clear from the last election.”
      –Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy

  6. “There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,” — Mitch McConnell, speaking the truth for a change

    1. He and the rest of Trump’s GOP quickly backed off from reality and again began sucking up to the failed & disgraced former guy.

    1. ……just more Antifa (with MAGA hats and Trump banners) acting like ordinary tourists staying within the velvet ropes.

    1. @Dawn Oceanside paying attention and finding my voice. The republican party won’t stop until the system is rigged in their favor. Honesty was tossed out the window of the republican clown car long ago. I didn’t really give 2 shts back when they kept to themselves, but now the “Q’s” and conspiracy nut jobs have somehow taken over the republican party, and must be held accountable.

    2. @matt wagner Tell me, how many republican run cities burned in 2020? Man, your democrat cult overlords did one helluva number on you twats. They aint called the “Party of Projection” for nothing, huh?

    1. @Stefan Jakubowski Top ten cities for violent crime are all… wait for it……Democrat cities!!!!!!!!

    2. @Stefan Jakubowski How about GIVING Putin,our enemy and Bidens Daddy,a list of 16 of our most important cyber targets? Is having a “president” aiding and abetting the enemy a good thing? Smacks of TREASON!!!

    3. @Duramax Dad Hes talking about the time when someone robbed the crack he bought with the money he robbed from someone else

    4. @David Eby – They were serious crimes? And..? Why are you bringing them up now? Do you see where I’m going here? You have to admit that your whataboutism is underpinned by the FALSE assumption that since the Capitol riots were about partisan politics and stoked by actual Republican officials then the Floyd riots are somehow the fault of the Democrats. But you won’t go there because you’ll be set straight – which you don’t want because that would undercut your narrative.

      – That “blue city” talking point is absurd. Big cities elect Dems because they’re BETTER at running them. Dems are better at enacting policies that serve dense, diverse populations. Cities inherently contain poor populations, which always comes with problems.

      Have you considered how cities evolve? They don’t just turn on a dime when a new Mayor is elected. No city is entirely “run by Democrats.” City dwellers are governed by Mayors and Aldermen, Governors, state legislatures, two national Senators, one or more Congressmen (or women), a POTUS… All have a hand in deciding how a locality is run and how it is funded. Do you think the current state of a 100 or 200 year old city depends on who’s currently in office? If you want to be SPECIFIC about a problem in a specific city, by all means, address it. But that “Democrat cities” talking point is NONSENSE.

  7. Someone should send these to Garland and ask him if he’d like to see the guy who started it create another one.

    1. @hasoevo that’s pretty funny. Seems there’s some emotional leftovers from George Floyd or summin.

    1. They all had their membership cards, no book to throw!? They own the book. This is why they get trialed and sentenced by Media, tut tut…..thats it.

    2. @The Wanderer I’m all for our courts using the gallows they erected. Stream it live. Watch all the Q’s dissapear.

  8. There was love in the air! Love for violence, love for fascism, love for disorder, love for power. Lots of love in the air.

    1. @DECIMUS MAXIMUS you’re right in that they love those things too much too, but that is why i would never go there either, thank you very much.

  9. Release the “hugging and kissing” video?

    “I didn’t see violence, but hugging and kissing.”
    — Trump

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