FDA Booster Shots 'Anticipated' To Only Apply To Pfizer, Moderna 1

FDA Booster Shots ‘Anticipated’ To Only Apply To Pfizer, Moderna


NBC's Health and Medical Reporter Erika Edwards breaks down the FDA's decision to possibly authorize booster shots for the immunocompromised. 

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  1. Thanks, Mr. Todd. I’ve offered to participate in J&J studies, as I did have J&J vaccine……so did Ms. Rachel Maddow.

    1. @FAFO I respawn every time Russians like you take me out. I don’t care. This isn’t my old account. I wouldn’t use my real accounts to deal with you people.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 I seriously doubt your children want YOU to breathe near them. You’re such a bundle of joy they probably run & hide when they see you coming.

    New Zealand finished the Covid race with 26 deaths 1 year ago.
    China finished the race on 14 January 2021 with 4,636 deaths.
    America is still struggling mid way through the race with 635,729 Covid deaths with 700 more each day.

    1. @RDL imagine being so dense that you tout “trust the science” and when the data is in front of them, they go “you dont understand the science, its untrue, blah blah blah” lol these suckers only like fauci flavored info

    2. @Dino I am a paleopathologist and my best friend is an infectious disease expert. Data should be interpreted by those with the skills and education to interpret it. Not magats and Qult idiots. Talk with your doctor. One with a degree in something besides pillows and casinos.

    3. @Sarah F. 4.2 Im pretty sure most people know how to interpret data anyways, how else do you function in society?

    4. China: The Country ‘Gullible Trump’ begged to assist him in the 2020 Presidential Election? Well try Canada. VOTE in the 2022 Midterm Elections. Remove McConnell/Trump/Putin Representatives from Office.

  3. Johnson &Johnson USE TO BE such a great company. How many lawsuits have they now lost and settled? Now just mediocre it seems.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 Wow, you really are this stupid on Fridays. Another one of you leftists claimed anti liberal commenters here are vulgar and insulting, and your comment above is “Enjoy intubation” when the man’s comment is benign. Pfft.

  4. Well then JnJ needs to find ots booster alternative that works along their original formula. They could probably need more time to test jnj since it doesn’t have as much time as the others.

  5. They’ll all need boosters if the virus is allowed to continue uncontained and cause more mutations.

  6. I was sick for a week both times with the Moderna, but I’ll gladly take a booster if it keeps me alive.

    1. @today That’s because the CDC gets their GUIDANCES from the White House and then they relay it to us.

    2. @Richard MacLean did i hit a nerve there Rick? you should probably double mask it while driving your Subaru alone. you can never be too safe right buddy?

    3. My family took Pfizer no side effect in both shot. My cousin he took Moderna had a fever that day, and was fine the next. Maybe Moderna is a little stronger because it’s level of protection is higher than Pfizer and J&J.

  7. I got the J&J and as far as im concerned if they say I don’t need a booster, then still 1 and Done baby lol.

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