FDA Finds Pfizer’s Vaccine Offers Strong Protection After First Dose | Morning Joe | MSNBC

FDA Finds Pfizer's Vaccine Offers Strong Protection After First Dose | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. No. The US will get 100 million doses as was promised. But additional doses will only be available in late June or July.

  1. This is fantastic and great news….. I only wish scientists could create a vaccine to give Donald Trump a big dose of empathy and a soul!?

  2. Didn’t trump write The Art of the Deal? He’s been making some pretty bad deals with the vaccine 🤦‍♂️

    1. @urbanimage Of course he never read it! Trump can’t read. It is a work of fiction anyway. Trump doesn’t negotiate. He wears people down until it would cost them more to collect their duly owned money than to settle for a loss.

    2. I would not put it past Trump to have done it on purpose to punish the public for not supporting him better.

    1. I would love to hear more about that. Just finished read ‘Architects Of Death’ by Karen Bartlett on how the Topf family and Hitler’s people rewrote the cremation laws that allowed the death camps. Hitler also started with camps for people he didn’t like. This news comes on the cusp of him wanting firing squads. You can’t make this stuff up, unless you serve trump.

    2. I once was a Trump supporter and being biased I found a lot of bad stuff about Biden but I started being less biased and found Trump also does shady crap so basically politics are evil, both sides. The only thing true and good is the PEOPLE on both sides who want freedom and a good future for their families.

  3. Something great has been achieved ,Like other social diseases that still persist and ravage our societies , vaccinations are. IMPORTANT .

    1. George republicans-“don’t vote for the republicans on the Jan 5 run off , don’t give these republicans candidates your votes” this is the head of the Republicans saying this maybe listen?

    2. Pfizer knew they can’t lose the rest of the world as a market.

      If they would have taken money, Trump would have ordered that ALL vaccine would go to americans (a small market)

  4. I hope people realise the vaccine has been 17 years in the making, not 11 months. Remember when SARS came out scientists started working on a vaccine for a deadly airborne infection. The medical name for Covid SARS-CoV-2.. So dont panic about it being a new vaccine.

    1. @ღSwnsasyღ _ I read somewhere, some time ago, that a group of scientists, including Fauci, had the “elements” neded for a vaccine ready within a week after they recieved the virus from China, and broke its code.

    2. @Bob Davidson tell that to people that now have heart and lungs disease, glaucoma, strokes, chronic fatigue, brain fog.

    3. @Bob Davidson It’s true, for most of us there’s not a great risk of death even if we catch COVID-19. There is, however, some risk of lasting health effects as well – and while 96% survival rate sounds good those aren’t odds anyone should be too eager to play when their life is on the line. A 4% fatality rate is 1 out of 25 people. To be fair that’s 4% of people who get infected – not 4% of all people (in other words my odds of dying of COVID-19 aren’t 4%, my odds of dying of COVID-19 are lower than that – because I’d have to get the virus before I could die of it. If I have a roughly 1% chance of contracting the virus and a 4% chance of dying of it *if* I contract it, then my chances of dying of COVID-19 are roughly 0.04%.

      *But* it’s also important to note that the fatality rate is as low as it is because people get medical treatment – and the infection rate is as low as it is because we have taken measures to limit the spread of the virus. If we abandon these measures, the infection rate will go up, and the availability of adequate medical care will decrease – the chances of infection will go up, and the chances of dying once infected will also go up.

      We have not even come close to “herd immunity” yet. So far, the virus spreads beyond our capacity to treat people any time we give it the chance. Fewer than 1% of Americans have been infected so far, and none have been vaccinated. The vast majority of us are therefore susceptible to the virus if we’re exposed to it. To really impede the spread of the virus we’d need a pretty big chunk of the population to be immune, probably at least half, maybe more.

      For any individual person, I believe the risk of COVID is pretty small. However, the trick here is that to have that risk be small requires people to cooperate with the safety measures that make it so. Individuals can rebel against those measures without their own individual choices having much impact on their own individual safety, but collectively, a large number of people doing so undermines the overall effort, and increases the danger, thus also worsening the overall impact (both illness/death and the cost of containing the problem – in terms of financial cost, economic hardship, etc.) – this is why it’s important for the government to help people deal with the financial burden of this crisis. As long as individual people and businesses are forced into the position of having to endanger themselves just to survive financially, they will do so – which in turn prolongs the health crisis, and thus the financial crisis. Now that vaccines are starting to be available we’re almost at the end of this mess – but we’re not there yet. We need to do our part to mitigate the issue until then.

    4. @Tetsujin I agree with most of what you have to say however your facts are underreported on infection and deaths. The RNA code was provided by China. Also the mRNA vaccines have never before been approved for human use. The scientist and doctors have no idea what the long term ramifications of these type of vaccines will be. They’re not even sure if these vaccines will provide the “herd” immunity they are seeking.

    1. No….no…….no. Don’t even think that, there are too many fools out there who would take up that battle cry. Even some anti- vaccine people while they hold up ‘Heil trump’ signs.

    2. It will be the COVID vaccine. Or COVID shot. Never been a vaccine named after a person that anyone heard of. Wonder how long the shot works for? Too new to find out I guess. We will know more next year.

    1. Over 50 staff infected including trump First Lady and trump virus family and zero Court cases won

    2. George republicans-“don’t vote for the republicans on the Jan 5 run off , don’t give these republicans candidates your votes” this is the head of the Republicans saying this maybe listen?

    3. @Harris Biden 2020 WON !!! Not true…

      See, 1 win for Trump.

      Of course, because of Trump the USA has about 5 times more people dying from COVID-19 than would likely have died had Obama been President and applied his pandemic response he had prepared… you know, the one Trump dismantled. Before all is done Trump may be directly responsible for killing more US Citizens than the combined Axis forces did during WWII.

      I wonder if Putin will give Trump a “Hero of the Russian Federation” medal.

    4. @Aristotle Stagirus No, Putin has been appalled and disgusted at the behavior coming from the White House he personally staffed with puppets. He used the bounties as a test for bravery and Trump failed, so he didn’t endorse him this November.

    5. @RiteMo LawBks while I am sure Putin is disgusted with Trump, he had Russian agents try to help get Trump elected in both 2016 and 2020. Putin has also had agents work all sides of the USA’s social problems to help make them worse. The best way to defeat a stronger opponent is to get that opponent to defeat itself and that is exactly what the USA has been doing under Trump’s leadership.

      Putin, unlike Trump, is quite smart and has been manipulating Trump with great skill. Unfortunately for the USA, Putin is not a friend to the USA. Russia and the USA are in a very high stakes competition for global power and for the past 4 years Trump has been playing into Putin’s hands.

  5. Well we’re a bit behind getting the vaccine compared to everybody else due to the constant fighting and separated higher ups

    1. They are not higher than ordinary people, they are paid to serve and protect. With their behaviour, they are in no way superior, apart from having the money to get elected.

  6. This is NOT Pfizer’s vaccine – what you are talking about is BioNtech’s vaccine. Pfizer is just the manufacturer. The inventor is BioNtech.

    1. Yes, developed in germany with germna tax money (400.000.000$) Trump has nothing to with. Ugur Sahin and his german Team started in January, when the orange grifter called Covid a hoax.

  7. Trump wants credit for a vaccine to a virus he said was a hoax. Pfizer also didn’t take any money from warp speed, so Trump had nothing to do with the vaccine. Trump is always trying to take credit for someone else’s work.

  8. Here in the UK, we are finding that those with severe allergies (as in having to carrying epipen) can have a severe reaction to the jab and are being held back from these groups for now.

    1. do you have any data you can share on this. in US they’re putting people with co-morbidities first. I haven’t seen that the vaccines have been tested for safety in these cases. it’s hard to find comprehensive safety data or even a list of ingredients.

    2. @Lesly Weiner afraid not, it was just on the main news channels here today about two NHS staff who were affected. Otherwise all seems good.

    3. @Lesly Weiner they are both ok btw. I dare say it will be well into next year before the que reaches me. I will certainly be taking advantage.

    4. @Ellen Black Thank you 🙂 those two with the bad reaction have now fully recovered thankfully. I hope all goes well getting the vaccination out in the US.

  9. Hopefully the new administration will move swiftly to repair and restore federal websites from the malice and corruption and destruction inspired by the Trump White House and its mob of incompetents [sic].

  10. That’s good to know. Too bad that due to Dump’s reckless incompetence, most Americans won’t get this vaccine until summer 2021.

    1. @Carl Maga anyways, i will shut up since you kept trying to convince me that the vaccine is bad, if you think the vaccine is bad, try going everywhere without a mask if you dont trust the government.

    2. @Typical apple I’m not convincing you of anything. You weighed your risks and made your own mind.
      And the only reason why I wear a mask is because I don’t trust the government and I’m not trying to get in trouble for not wearing it. My dad and I both got sick the first week they mandated masks. Viruses go straight through the mask the only thing it does is collect bacteria and give you pneumonia.. aka covid.. 🤣

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