FDA Issues Full Approval Of Pfizer’s Two-Dose Covid Vaccine

MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel explains how the milestone approval will change people’s minds and affect business mandates across the country.

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FDA Issues Full Approval Of Pfizer’s Two-Dose Covid Vaccine


  1. Like before, a lot of media outlets not just the right wing have been saying the elderly and medical professionals are first in line. Please please please mention the immunocompromized

    1. @MMShaggy Thank you so much for your response ❤ My husband doesn’t go anywhere without a mask and has had the vaccine. People stare at him and make comments. He doesn’t care, he is trying to protect me due to these selfish a**holes. Unfortunately I go nowhere except to my chemo appointments 😕

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Operation Warp Speed = Warp Speed to Depopulation so billionaires can become trillionaires and own everything, including you.

    3. @Joe Boyko liiiiiiieees. Trump LITERALLY just officially promoted the vaccine just a few days ago. IT BEEN 7 MONTHS BRUH?!? why wait 7 months? Do you know how many died? MTG was in Alabama 2 weeks ago telling citizens to shoot any government official coming to their door about vaccines, but I bet your FAKE outrage is silent AF on that. Your glaring hypocrisy makes me want to vomit!🤮

  2. I’ll stick with the horse dewormer… I’m kidding, but right now there is someone in Mississippi thinking that.

    1. @Vee Lewis oh my bad I thought you were talking about my thumbnail pic bro I’ve been wearing a stupid mask LLLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG after my covid shot lol my bad lol

    1. @Darlene pratt NO, I’m here to point out FACTS that you people don’t ever look up, and to point your skewed logic and lack of common sense. But you keep on infecting and killing people because thats what you want to do with your choice

  3. The song will remain the same… the damaged is done…. the die is cast, the mold is set… thanks to Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

    1. On the topic though like Ben Shapiro these people are only on youtube because they need to project a right wing view to control the narrative. Even alex jones has people on villinizing GDL and quotes that group’s studies like they will save them. Trump is the false savior brought about by that group originally and I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought him back “fighting for you” with a new shot.

      Remember litterally hitler was nominated for 3 nobel peace prize giving them another strip of land?

    2. But you see trump made them mad with the term fake news and saying things looked marxist so they got rid of him. Biden can’t pull off thier demands.

    3. Should try Bitchute and Odysee but beware 2/3 are false flags and those people are starting to move to the fringe as well to do thier work.

  4. Fox News that day people taking horse pill 💊💊🐴🐴🐴💩💩 now ain’t that a laugh 😅😅😅💊🐴💊🐴

  5. The biodigital slave catchers need a sanity mask implant. It just won’t stay on without surgical methods.

  6. Let us immune compromised people get the booster first, ffs. People are greedy, and as she stated, “sooner is not better”.

    1. I wonder what the Pfizer CEOs belief system is🤔
      Same for J&J and Moderna.
      That said, who runs the CDC and are most of the top brass there? What do they believe in?

    1. @Edgar Bahena I identify as someone who doesn’t need to wear a seat belt or helmet because I’ve never been in an accident before.

  7. Maybe if you said it would make those that took it dumber than they are now, you would get more takers. I know it’s cruel but it just might work.

    1. These are the same stupid ppl that’ll still be in line at a fastfood restaurant eating greasy toxic filth.

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