FDA Monitoring Rare Condition In 100 People With J&J Vaccine 1

FDA Monitoring Rare Condition In 100 People With J&J Vaccine


Health officials say they are monitoring an extremely rare side effect found in about 100 people who have received the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. While the chances of developing Guillain-Barré Syndrome remain low, it’s another discouraging development for the troubled vaccine.
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  1. I am vaccinated but at this point, with all these issues I can see why some don’t want the vaccine and I don’t blame them.

    1. @Bʟᴀᴋᴇ Not sure why Louis Tully thinks you should thank Trump for
      ” the shot you ran to get.”
      Trump told us on February 26th, “You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero,”…
      I bet Louis cannot answer why Trump and his administration were not able to quarantine 15 people.

      I mean come on…what the fk is their problem when in Late January they only had to keep an eye on 15 fkn people..
      Republicans cannot keep track of anyone…
      The Republicans had no problem taking hundreds of children away from their parents.
      They just had a hard time keeping track of them once they ripped them kicking and screaming from their parents arms.

    2. @Louis Tully But then came trump and warp speed, right? Now all you MAGA thugs and QTIPS won’t take the damned vaccine……what’s up with that?

    3. @Louis Tully are ya’ll afraid that trump placed surveillance cameras in each shot?

  2. I was vaccinated with the J&J vaccine in March. I haven’t experienced any serious side effects and don’t know anyone who has, but this makes me wonder if problems could crop-up later.

    1. @Dusty Scarole try paying attention. Millions of people have been hospitalized, hundreds of thousands have been killed. If you are prejudice against Moderna, take Pfizer or J&J. Right now 100% of the hospitalizations and 100% of the deaths are people who refuse to be vaccinated.

    2. @Lindalee Law Never said ‘all’. Some are dug in. There is nothing in the universe anyone could say to you that would change your mind. You are as certain as a flat earther or as a holy roller who thinks the earth is 5000 years old. I only hope herd immunity makes your selfish decision irrelevant for the rest of us

    3. @Andrew Stachurski I do not walk around like the My Pillow Guy showing off my cross if that is what you mean.

    4. @marushka You are correct. I researched this and it’s interesting and NOT NEW!
      Guillain-Barré can be caused by several things. Even respiratory or digestive tract infections have been known to trigger this syndrome.

      The have been reports of different vaccinations causing it as well as….


      It would be interesting to find out of these few people who ended up with this syndrome, actually may have had covid, whether or not they knew it.

      Also, while it can strike males, it’s more common in females.

      Here’s a list that I found of known triggers:
      – Most commonly, infection with campylobacter, a type of bacteria often found – in undercooked poultry
      – *Influenza virus*
      – Cytomegalovirus
      – Epstein-Barr virus
      – Zika virus
      – HIV, the virus that causes AIDS
      – Mycoplasma pneumonia
      – Surgery
      – Trauma
      – Hodgkin’s lymphoma
      – Rarely, influenza vaccinations or childhood vaccinations
      – *COVID-19*

      After doing this research, I realize that it would be REALLY REALLY FOOLISH to blame a vaccine that appears to be working.

      That being said, PERSONALLY SPEAKING ONLY, I don’t trust any other vaccines beside Pfizer and Moderna.

    5. This is one of the biggest issues, so many things are what they call silent killers. No symptoms till it is too late.

  3. Hint: research and explain the very rare condition’s symptoms and trauma… rather than launch into already known vaccine statistics and numbers. What is it you think we were clicking on this to find out?

    1. @Barbara C How do you know that prophylactic vaccines which still allow for transmission don’t contribute to variants? Or that the variants have not come from another animal?

    2. @Barbara C I agree. I’m vaccinated. If a building were on fire and there was a chance a tarp held below that might not hold—well, covid is the burning building. imho. Jump! Get vaccinated.
      My comment was about GBS. My guess is the news media doesn’t want to cause mass hysteria among the unvaccinated. Like withholding full GBS disclosure regarding influenza vaccines. It’s a neurological syndrome. As far as I know, scientists don’t know Why it occurs. I know someone who suffered GBS and that case was merely after having the flu. And, for some it’s only a mild episode. Weird stuff.
      Anti-vaxers will run with this.

    3. @marushka Thank You. That’s awful. I knew paralysis is occurring with covid19. I didn’t know about covid19 and GBS. Covid19 is a monster virus.
      Get vaccinated folks! A very* slim chance of GBS v. the very real probability of suffering horrendously and dying alone with covid.

    4. So ppl know, the person I know who was paralyzed for awhile with GBS in 2012, said she signed a release form before receiving covid vaccines, regarding having already experienced GBS. She told me she knew she might could experience GBS again, or die with covid19. She said, “It’s a no-brainer, tell ppl to get vaccinated!”

  4. Very rare, unless you’re the one who gets it, in which case, it’s 100% affected.
    Modern and Pfizer have other issues heart inflammation and blot clots. Interesting how he glossed over these facts. WTF this whole thing is one big trial.


    2. @aida aston How are you sacrificing your needs for someone else? You can still get, carry, and spread the virus, only as a silent spreader, you may not be aware of it; so you _think_ you are helping others, while in reality, only helping them catch the virus, too, and probably further the spread, as well. (Maybe this is why the Delta variant is a problem?)

    3. @djondjon by getting vaccine and being careful over my needs and wants because i know people who don’t have the same resources as me..! You know that phrases as needs and wants during pendamic are very selfish way of thinking, and it doesn’t solve the pendamic. It makes it worse. I saw during this whole time, from right side than left side: I don’t want and I need. I am like we have fight and take necessary cautions against this invincible enemy. Yet some people from right didn’t care about life then they say pro life. Being pro life doesn’t start not only before baby is born even after we have to as a society care for eachother such as getting vaccine over our selfish needs and wants.
      Yes you can be carrier, but you can be a carrier when you don’t take vaccine. You are more silent! I am putting my needs and selfish wants over others. I got the vaccine , just so I can slow the spread. It seems like not getting vaccine is the cause of delta. What you said not what the data is showing about delta virus from India. More vaccine less spread thats a common knowledge, you don’t need school for it.
      In 14c, blackplaque happened in Europe. Almost wiped out everybody who depended on virus and immune system. Then they also depended on priest to cure them , so they prayed. Those people died as well as the priest. They wish that they have vaccines. It is a sad tragedy. Today still black plaque is waiting to come out.
      I saw people who depend on their immune system died around me during this pendamic.. people who don’t get vaccines are the silent carriers then people who do. At least you know these people got vaccines. At least these people try to do something for society as Americans.

    4. @aida aston You have fallen for propaganda. Look up the actual statistics. I am in the medical field, btw.

  5. – (gee-YAH-buh-RAY)
    is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your
    nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first
    symptoms. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing
    your whole body.

    1. “gain of function its what plants need”. “Masks don’t work” , “Masks do work”, “Masks don’t work”, “Masks do work”,. No lab leak, maybe lab leak, okay more than likely lab leak. We don’t know about natural immunity: Well okay we do but we are not going to be honest about it. Travel good, no travel bad. Great protection but wear your masks. Unlikely to spread outdoors but woohoo if you got the jab you don’t have to wear one outdoors! You should see all side effects within 48 hours opps no wrong again. “Take your jab its safe Dumb, dumbs” . “Okay, whatever you say. Clearly you know what you’re doing.”

    2. Thanks for sharing this information. Is disappointing that this coverage didn’t even explain this basic information. Seems like they want to downplay it. Thanks again

    3. My sister and friend both had it. My sister was 25 when she had it. Was in Loyola for 13 months, 30 years later she is still disabled. It’s a form of polo, which will make it impossible to breathe. If you can’t get treatment almost immediately, it progresses very quickly and your dead in a few days. That’s what FDR likely had, not reg polo.

    4. @Denise Higgins What a font of misinformation you are! Poliomyelitis is caused by the poliovirus. There are other causes of paralysis, but they are not polio. GB syndrome is thought to be an autoimmune disease, triggered by an immune response to a respiratory or gastric infection, it is not a form of polio nor does any credible person claim that FDR had anything but polio.

  6. GB Syndrome can occur with a normal flu. It’s more of an autoimmune system reaction. This should be highlighting that more people have this do called rare disease than acknowledged by CDC.

    1. @marushka read about that…their is so much covid does to people it’s crazy my mother in law and her twin both caught covid and passed…sister in law and husband caught it and both spent about 2 months in the hospital when the got out they were totally differant people…for a few months they both were having bad anxiety attacks or just having emotional breakdowns…it wasn’t unusual to get a call at 3am because they stayed up late watching a movie and burned the popcorn…their both coming back to how they were but it’s a slow process

    2. @Passi Flower 🌺 so did your stupidity come from being dropped on your head before or after??

    3. I have beachfront property in Arizona I would live to sell to you. You believe everything, why not?

  7. According to my mom who is a doctor, you can get that condition from any virus infection and also from the normal influenza vaccine. Its very rare but it happens.

    1. I remember years ago this was happening from the regular flu shot and swine flu shot but it was only teens that got it.

  8. A “vaccine” so effective you need a booster shot… 2 months after taking the first two.

    Makes sense to me.

    1. If you wish not to get the vaccine then don’t, but you should keep your uneducated thoughts to yourself.

    2. The booster shot is for the stronger form of Covid being passed around to people that have not been vaccinated.
      The longer the virus is allowed to roam around our Country the stronger it gets.
      The tipping point will be when the unvaccinated stop spreading it amongst themselves.
      Being vaccinated will not 100% stop us smart folk from getting this stronger virus these dip shts keep spreading – but it gives us a fighting chance.

    3. @John Smith Mr. Smith I could not agree with you more. Do the research and do what you think is in your best interest. Don’t point the finger at people who did get the jab. My wife and I got all the info we could , considered our age , risk factors , ECT. and also our family. We had no side effects and are now able to enjoy grandchildren and yes we still mask up if we feel the need to. Thanks for your comment hopefully it will help others.

    4. Tons of vaccines are this way… Rabies is a 3 shot regimine. JEV is a 2 shot regimine…. Not to mention TDAP shots that aren’t permanent vaccinations and you have to keep current… Same thing with Hep B vaccine…any vaccines require boosters or series… So Yea… It does make sense..

  9. I took the JJ vaccine and my right eye has been twitching ever since. I’ll give it another week then I’ll go to my primary health care physician.

    1. Better than getting covid and dying or living with long term to permanent disability.

      The eye thing is usually cause by nerves as in being nervous, anxious, worried, etc.

      It’s very possible that it’s not the vaccine at all that’s causing it, but your stress level may be too high.


      maybe it is and it may just subside after a time.

      At least you don’t have covid.

    2. @Jasmine Lentz Just so people don’t go all freaky, let’s be very clear.

      Most people recover fully,* but some have permanent nerve damage.*

      Let’s not make it sound like everyone who has Guillain-Barré all have PERMANENT nerve damage.

      Just like NOT EVERYONE WHO GETS COVID-19 dies, or ends up with long-term problems, WHICH INCLUDE Guillain-Barré.

      Just for clarity.

  10. There will never be a vaccine that has no side effects and you got to look at it this way Gillian Beret you can recover but you may not recover especially with Delta.

    1. I have the recurring strain of Guilliam- Barre ( brought on by flu vaccine ) It took me a year to learn how to walk again and it came back 7 years later. Just think you should know, not everyone survives. Some are paralyzed or on respirators for the rest of their lives, but some also die. Most will make a complete recovery.

    2. It can be caused by a LOT of things. Not just the vaccine. It’s so incredibly rare to get but there is no way to completely avoid the risk. Ppl were getting it long before the vaccine ever existed. Ppl act like it’s some conspiracy theory, which is stupid.

  11. Mankind should seek protection from God The Creator Only, not shady corporations.

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