FDA Revokes Emergency Use Of Hydroxychloroquine | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

The Food and Drug Administration has ended its emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine, which allowed hospitals to treat coronavirus patients with the drug. Aired on 06/15/2020.
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FDA Revokes Emergency Use Of Hydroxychloroquine | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC



    1. Maybe sometimes things happen that aren’t rooted in a giant conspiracy – perhaps the qualified opinion really was just right on this Hydroxychloroquine nonsense and Trump was just wrong on his ‘hunch’? Frankly, this should never have been in question and only became an issue because political partisanship has taken over as the main driver of opinion on anything.

    1. @AbbieJolie C Covid is a type of Coronavirus, and very similar to SARS Coronavirus. Why would a drug the NIH concluded was safe and effective two decades ago suddenly become ineffective and unsafe? *Cheddar Cheese*

    2. I have no idea what you are talking about. There aren’t two sides to this. This is a case of a snakeoil salesman selling snakeoil. At the urging of a crony. Most likely for no better purpose than to boost stocks.

    3. Kermit T. Frog exactly. International testing has concurred. It’s not suitable and never really was but Trump creates a public demand that forced expensive studies that were never really viable. All because he wanted to punt a cure.

    4. @Patsy Sadowski Where is your evidence that International testing has concurred? There is one RCT, it was done on prophylaxis, not treatment, was done without Zinc, and it was done before testing was widely available so went on symptoms only. It showed a trend toward benefit, but did not reach statistical significance. It may have been underpowered to show effects, or it may have been due to underrepresentation of actual COVID cases. The other studies have been retrospective studies that are confounded by compassionate use. Although they have flawed designs, both the WHO and the CDC have active trials going on. If there was consensus, those trials would not be continuing. The science doesn’t care about politics – it just looks at the data.

    1. @Goo gle Just ban you. You have no right to infect others with your disease ridden carcase.

    2. @Michael Carouth The only choice you have is to keep your nasty disease ridden body away from others.

  2. Well the FDA also approves fluoride use in drinking water. Something EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS BANNED

    1. @xtscarface M
      It’s impossible to measure the deaths from a slow poison that can be blamed on just about anything else and with all the poisons we consume it’s no wonder cancers and other autoimmune diseases are constantly rising.

    2. @Rich A it’s used all over the world.. and in a minuscule amount compared to what’s in toothpaste… I guess now u will try and tell us toothpaste is poison and u dont use it…

    3. @Rich A So are turmpkin. Flouride has been widely proven to be very beneficial in small amounts.

    4. @Katherine Butz nearly everything is poison in excess. Flouride is beneficial in small amounts.

    1. FDA Revokes Emergency Use Of Hydroxychloroquine, so soon to be fired? RE-ELECT TRUMP-PENCE 2020

    2. john D nah we are standing by as we watch it die. Unless we roll out the guillotines and get some whistleblower assistance, it is terminal.

    3. @john D buck up Johnny. If the D is for “Despair”, that is just a lie lie of the devil…. USA is not dead at all…the Whos in Whoville will prevail even if they never lift a finger because the Retardo-Marxists have no ideas and no chance.

    1. You have way too much time on your hands if you sit there listening to money, but the fact that you are self quarantined AND saving money must equally go to your credit!

    1. @John Phantom no, it’s IN the GD sources you cited. Did you not even read your own “supporting material”? I even quoted one for you. I think you might not be the shining intellectual you present yourself as. (also, i can’t stand Trump, so that’s an asinine statement)

    2. @John Phantom you don’t even know your own sources now? this one, is the specific source of yours I quoted.
      here is the quote. “However, more recent studies have raised serious safety issues. British medical journal The Lancet has reported coronavirus patients receiving hydroxychloroquine were more likely to die and experience dangerous irregular heartbeats. ”
      here is the Lancet’s retraction of that “supporting evidence”
      as per your citation of the pubmed article… (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11555803/) here is the VERY FIRST LINE FROM THE ABSTRACT
      “Hydroxychloroquine overdoses are rarely reported with 7 previous cases found in the English medical literature”
      golly. You are not batting 1000 here, Brocephus. these are YOUR sources.

  3. Wait a sec! This is the same guy that in Joe Rogan’s show said a couple of months ago that masks are useless and dont prevent from getting the virus?
    What will he say in September about hydroxychloroquine? That everybody should take it?
    This is a joke.

    1. Irrelevant. What’s the consensus? What’s the best evidence? Hydroxychloroquine does nothing and masks can provide some protection but have never been touted as some sort of magical Star Trek shield. This has not changed in months and months and months and months and we still are failing to pound it through people’s thick, 💩filled skulls. Perhaps a cartoon? Perhaps if a kardashian said it? I don’t know anymore.

    2. @4browsing Ok, you find 17 studies against the effectiveness of masks. I am sure that you could also find 17 studies stating the opposite.

      ” COVID 19 virus particle size averages 125 nanometer (0.125 microns); the range is 0.06 microns to 0.14 microns; one needs an electron microscope to see a COVID 19 virus particle. The hoarded N95 mask filters down to 0.3 microns. So N95 masks block few, if any virions (virus particles). This is a simple fact, so you just cannot argue against it.”

      What is the minimum size of a droplet to which the virus is attached and can travel through? for sure that is bigger than 0.14 microns.

      Anyway, nobody said that masks are 100% effective. But stating that wearing a mask makes no difference in the chances to get infected is unbelievable, and it is also lack of common sense.

    3. N95 masks give some protection, standard surgical masks decrease the chance of you spreading the infection if you have it, but do very little to prevent someone else spreading it to you. That’s why countries which have enforced wearing masks have been pretty successful in limiting spread, countries like the United States not at all.

    4. Masks are USELESS: 30 year experienced surgeon today explained even N95 cannot capture enough of the particle – too small.

    1. Can you spare any? I need it to keep up with the ever changing reports that all seem to contradict the current leadership’s propaganda. Oh, nevermind, I’ll just drink another red bull.

    2. @Ice 247Huh!? What? Wait, youre a peter puffer that enjoys peter puffer pan peanut butter especially when you rub it on your balls and let all of your cats (plural) lick it off with their sandpaper tongues!

    3. Ice 247 so if Mr Hansen is a troll does that mean you can read Daniel Evans’ post and translate for us? Or are you just a stuck up Karen somewhere or just stupid?

  4. What!?
    ‘We know everyone in this country is at risk and will be at risk til we get to at least
    So, no vaccine on the horizon?

  5. “Lets not get distracted by these shows”….at : 57 seconds. Heaven forbid that all those other poor drug companies wouldnt get to share obscene profits from an old proven drug. Or from any of the natural remedies that are out there…noooo, dont look folks, nothing here to see…🤬🤬🤬

    1. Maybe that was the reason trump was encouraged to endorse the drug. endorsing as a cure made stock value increase substantially. Make a few bucks off your celebrity has evolved to a new low. Shame on america who won’t brake out of their peer prisons. There is no gray area between right and wrong. No excuse for ignorance, But apart of our culture hopes, if your ignor it it will go away.

    2. @Noreb your to busy putting words into the mouths of ohers to make your point. To bad they will never fit. A change is coming.

    3. @Censorship is Book Burning If all you care about is cheap, not safe and effective, just eat dirt. I’d rather a drug that can help me live, no matter the cost.

    4. Karen, shut up. Your essential oils and your “natural” horse 💩 non-medicine don’t work.

    1. @Logic Police “Until WE GET….” doesn’t that say to you this is a deliberate attempt to GET us infected? Wow, that was a LONG stretch of presumptions on your part!

    2. Yes, this is called the “Herd Immunity” that people speak of. But the horrifying thing is, we are ONLY at approx 15% infection rate right now, with almost 115K deaths in 4 months. Just think about how many more people will die when we have 60% to 70% infection rate?! I’ve also heard from other Dr.’s, we really need to get to 85% infection rate for it to make any difference. The amount of death & suffering still ahead is mind blowing & so VERY sad.

    3. @Murska117 Truth be told, they still know VERY little at this point, if there will be any kind of an immunity shield you speak of. They HOPE there will be! That’s how it’s worked with other virus’ in the past. But they really don’t know much at this point. It’s still WAY too early in the game for that, and anyone who tells you different, doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    4. @Mac Dietz I understand the approach, but it certainly isn’t that easy. Someone must eventually take care of the elderly who live in those facilities.
      How is this supposed to work when the nurses have children and spouses who could catch the virus and bring it home? There is, of course, always a danger for nurses to become infected, but it becomes more likely to happen if everyone around them simply lives on like there was no pandemic.

  6. This guy sounds really smart, he must be an ‘expert’ … lol. I cant wait to see the people line up for the covid vaccine with zero efficacy. Unfortunately, most of them will find out their lot in life real soon when the side effects that are ‘unrelated’ by design start appearing.

    1. He’s a paid shill. He was on Joe Rogan talking about how amazing the illegal animal markets in asian counties are. He’s like a high ranking weeaboo with a fresh twist of eugenics in the mix that apparently enjoys the fact that the FDA is banning a drug that has proven benefits for treating COVID 19. The same FDA that allowed pill mills to pump out billions of OxyContin to rural areas and created the worst drug epidemic in modern times. That FDA.

    1. yup, that ashhole in the White House incessently spouts incorrect information and outright lies

  7. FDA: This is unsafe
    Reporter: let’s get this guy on to tell people that this is no longer allowed and safe to use
    Guy: Look the other way nothing at all to see here.

    1. @Gelatin Skeleton See “Fact Seekers” channel on youtube. It’s working but Big Pharma wants you dead and wants $$$$

    1. @Jerry Staton Jr and more money in selling junk food with misleading labels, like “eat this tub of lard, there is no MSG!!!”

    2. Then the people who eat Big Macs everyday, actually a lot of people, would probably suffer much more severe situations from withdrawal and etc.

    3. Wrong. The leading cause of death is getting medical advice from idiots in YouTube comment sections… while driving.

  8. What I heard was – “The more people get infected and die, the better! So stop taking this drug…..”

  9. Lies !!! WHO, FDA, and other alphabet agencies have a desire for a vaccine because they become multimillionaires from them.😡

    1. Gonzo there are soooo little amounts of those in there that they have barely any affect. How do you think polio and other diseases were stoped? VACCINES! Please list evidence with scientific research that says vaccines cause autism

    2. Gonzo I won’t be surprised if you don’t respond because you have no evidence of autism and vaccines being linked in any way.

    3. @Gonzo First, the idea that vaccines cause autism is totally debunked. And even if it were not, I’d prefer autism to death. Second, Hg is only found as a preservative in vaccine vials meant for multiple uses. (They had to do that, because people were dying from bacterial contamination.) Most vaccines are in single use vial, and contain no preservatives at all. And formaldehyde is naturally found in the human body, it is a precursor in the synthesis of all proteins. The miniscule amount found in vaccines does not raise the level normally found in all living creatures.

  10. They just had insurance companies get to them, now get ready for the same drug but 20 times more expensive

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