FDA Warns People Not To Take Veterinary Drugs To Treat Covid-19


    1. It is there decisions what about personal choices. It is working is Indian Brazil and other Asian countries. Are Americans different. In India the Covid rate decreases because of Ivermectin. You are clueless buddy.

    2. @WndringOldSoul that is just piffle.yes there have been adverse reactions and the numbers of adverse reactions look huge but broken down into percentage terms they become negligible less then a percentage point due the massive number of vaccines given.
      Also as far as the UK is concerned the most widely used vaccine was the oxford az vaccine which is not used in the US so you are comparing oranges and apples. Also Australia is struggling to get a vaccine supply.
      I suppose small pox was declining when Jenner first started vaccinated against it.

    1. Hey, I’ve just heard on the grapevine that pineapple enemas work against C-19.

      I can’t find any details on how it’s done, which way around?

      Any ideas anybody?

    2. @Coldwynn Frost hahaha, that twist though. Did you finally catch what crackhead pillows did to you, so you’re seriously trying it on the people who didn’t fall for it already? You do realize there is not a single viewer of MSNBC that thinks anything you say might have even a remote possibility of being true? Your brain is seriously broken. You and the entire populace that thinks soccer moms on twitter are smarter than scientists, are clearly not even as smart as a soccer mom. Serious y’all, stop it.

    3. @Jacob Forrester wow. You obviously are NOT educated on the history of the nazis. Read a book. Dems are the closest to them we’ve seen in a while.

    1. “Ivermectin, a US Food and Drug Administration-approved anti-parasitic agent, was found to inhibit severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (COVID-19) replication in vitro.” (Source: National Institute of Health)

    2. @Dean Romanado Rachel Maddow used the same defense in court. A judge agreed that she was an entertainer and not news. They are all clowns.

    1. @Pam BP There is data from 25 studies in 15 countries, You will never see it on “morning joe”. You only have to have the slightest intellectual curiosity to find it. If you don’t have that, that’s your business.

    2. @Oceania 23 ivermectin was produced many years ago for the treatment of parasites. It is a safe drug in certain dosages to prevent in particular river blindness which is a problem in some African countries. It is not approved for use as a prophylactic or to treat Covid. It’s odd that people think that it works.

    3. @Oceania 23 can you tell me any of the 15 countries… I am not doubtful that people are inferring it can work.. many countries have an average age much lower than the average age in North America.. this would skew results. So if there are fewer deaths per positive case in some countries this may be due not to ivermectin they take to prevent river blindness but due to a younger age..

    1. It would be funny. In a sane universe no one would believe anyone could be that dumb. It makes me worried about the future of the human race.

    1. @Denise Higgins That’s not even true, dummy.. Many people have caught COVID even after getting vaccinated. I’ll repeat:

       “Ivermectin, a US Food and Drug Administration-approved anti-parasitic agent, was found to inhibit severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (COVID-19) replication in vitro.” (Source: National Institute of Health)

      Are you a science-denier, Denise?

    2. @Sho Nuff I’m a fully vaccinated senior who wears a mask in public. Unlike anti idiots who have collapsed their hospital networks state wide, when they can’t breathe or overdose on livestock medications. The only way you or Dr Jekyll are going to win in this twisted republican bubble your in, is if your the local undertaker you trolls.

    1. It isn’t, as they aren’t dangerous, and often safer. Dosage is an issue, but doctors screw that up too.


    3. The country is fine now that dummy don is gone, you’re just finding out how many nuts there are in it .

    4. @Bluefallon dummy Don… And the guy that’s president now🤔… You know that to thing… C’mon man

    1. It will, unfortunately these fools will take those who are ill, through no fault of their own, with them.

  1. When the FDA puts out a notice that says, “SERIOUSLY YA’LL, STOP IT”, IM DONE! LMFAO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. I don’t think the FDA is serious anymore. It is like, we did our best, no need talking to you, you’ll do it anyway.

  2. If people are willing to do stuff like this, they shouldn’t be admitted into hospitals; send them to the vets.

    1. @Francis Marion Exactly right. Ivermectin IS safe and approved for humans. Doctors are allowed to prescribe it off label to treat Covid. Perfectly legal and the research compiled by the FLCCC international group of very well respected doctors shows it is safe and effective.

    2. @Jonathan Banner If the Pfizer vaccine has been FDA approved that means the drug companies have to make public the serious and fatal side effects. It could open them up to legal cases. But probably the government deal won’t give people who end up in the hospital as a result of the vaccine any legal redress or pay their hospital bills.

  3. I feel as if the doctor is thinking “is this really why I’m on TV? Are people really like this??”

    1. If that was true the population of the USA would drop significantly. Not just the 100’s of thousands. But there’s always hope.

  4. It’s the same people who laughed at the desperate people of Afghanistan clinging to the C-17 find themselves with the same desperation to cure covid 🤷

    1. It’s actually more than likely the same people whom are experts on foreign policy all of sudden. The same people who ran to the vaccine are taking this crap too sadly which really blows my mind😂

    2. Lol the stupidity is halarious in the usa,them people in Afghanistan are out of control of their situation

  5. The basic lunacy is that these “victims” don’t know the difference between a parasite and a virus.

    1. @Howard Its in this very video!!! Dems dont take medical advice from opinion news thats a conservative thing I know it you know it even if you pretend not to

    2. @kamui Cage You only take medical advise based on opinion. If you had the courage to review any facts then you would not be here derping around on state media.

    3. “Ivermectin, a US Food and Drug Administration-approved anti-parasitic agent, was found to inhibit severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (COVID-19) replication in vitro.” (Source: National Institute of Health)

      Are you a science-denier, Sue?

    4. @Sho Nuff IN VITRO! Not in vivo. These studies are done outside of living organisms. In Petrie dishes and test tubes.

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