FEAR - 54% Covid Positivity Rate amid Oxygen Shortage in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - August 29 2021 1

FEAR – 54% Covid Positivity Rate amid Oxygen Shortage in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – August 29 2021


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  1. I want to see the same efforts by the government on crime and criminals as being given to covid.

    1. @Brandon Webb Not me .
      Both political parties are the same, they protect their criminals.
      The politics of Jamaica is Political power married to corruption and criminals.
      I don’t subscribe to political tribalism, I am a human being who happens to be Jamaican.

    2. @Claudette Bennett Therefore, if as you say, both political parties are the same and they protect their criminals, you certainly then should not expect Parliament to make any changes to get criminals sent away for long stretches for gun crimes and political corruption.

    3. We need some changes in this country the ball won’t be in the hands of politicians all the time, you see how they have lost their influence on their investment in some garrison communities.

    4. @Claudette Bennett Great observation! We need a monumental shift in our politics; this political system has wrought nothing but poverty, crime, greed, and sadness. We’ve failed our people.
      From this discourse you obviously are a true Patriot.

    5. @Brandon Webb Political power married to corruption and criminals that is what both political parties have been practicing since independence and it is not capable of delivering growth hence nearly 3million Jamaican are living in a foreign country.

  2. When you tell these people covid-19 is real they go about their business like nothing and continues to listen to misinformation

  3. I do hope the people will now know that the virus is real… not one of my family member took the vaccine and most of them don’t want to wear the mask because it’s messing with their makeup

    1. Ask them how they feel about wearing a oxygen mask or worse a ventilator.?some person end up with permanent lung damage.

  4. Look what man causes and now it’s hell all over the place. but trust me God sees the wicked. Cover me Lord.

    1. @Voice of Reasoning Elliott What research have you done? You are just a puppet. Do your research yourself.

    1. The aim is to drive fear into people.its not just since covid the hospitals look like this.Just the first time people seing it

  5. All this rush buying food and bundling up to shop and collect from Western Union this does not help. Its really sad to see them so clustered together even at the tax office no space half no masks. Oxygen should be stockpiled you had a long time Minister.

    1. That’s what the curfew for lock down then open up so the virus can be spread more it climb the more foreign help the gov get money making scheme why crime is climbing until now nothing from pm

    2. 02 should have been stockpiled. A year ago. International help long ago. So tired of dumb things gov. Do with covid. Nothing till crisis

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