Fear Mongering And Misinformation In News Coverage Of Crime Rates 1

Fear Mongering And Misinformation In News Coverage Of Crime Rates


Tiffany Cross breaks down the reality behind the latest crime numbers and the dangers of fear mongering from right-wing media.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Fear Mongering And Misinformation In News Coverage Of Crime Rates


  1. 🤣 Fox News isn’t news it’s an opinion show they themselves have argue this in court numerous times

    1. @Dale Hartley
      I didn’t say anything about VPNS.
      They are sitting on other’s servers that may or may not support VPNS.
      You want to camouflage yourself amongst the crowd.
      Leave the instructions then disappear.

    2. @B. T. bud, you might not mention VPNS, but I guarantee you that foreign agents are sitting on a VPN. Since the cultist would show up as most US anyway, the Trollies would be what will show up for internationals… But since they WILL use VPNs. SO you will not find out anything from a flag except where that VPN is popping up in the US.
      I know my VPN has like 6 US locations, and one in every major country, and several minor ones worldwide. I can use it to read their news outlets and various things That might be limited to other countries.
      Side Note: my Major atm is BSCS so I am very up on VPNs ( two classes ago) and my gpa is an A. But hey feel free to argue some more.

  2. Don’t they ever get tired of their fear lingering headlines? No! They just can’t get use to government doing its job instead of fear mongering.

    1. @David M lol, just proving my point on right wing nuts.
      OO btw, my sources are generally the police record and court files. It is amazing what you can actually find out in reality.
      Want to try insulting me again. I know you cultist have a very limited arsenal…Insults, Name calling, and innuendo ( aka lying)

    2. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? Not really because unlike conservatives we know how to think critically and use the power of logic and reaso and rational thought processes and we can easily come to the conclusion that will never happen. You should google what I said so you can learn something. Trump only says he is running so gullible people ike you send him money, he needs to keep the grift going.

    3. @Hunter Roberts That is why they stand against academia. There are some smart ones, BUT they are generally the con men.
      You might also note that we are here as Americans because of Liberals…The American revolution, the civil war, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR during WWII All Liberals and liberal ideas…AS is our very constitution.

    4. @Dale Hartley It’s sadly pathetic that right wing conservatives have no idea that liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law. That is essentially what this country was founded on.

    1. Brian Jones – You think the Dems take orders from the DNC? Obviously, you don’t know how either works. Fv

    2. @mani Beer That “Brain” and “reality” are truly looney. The level of stupidity with the MAGAts is rising WAY much faster than the crime rate.

    3. She straight up says that violent crime is up but says it’s misleading to say there is a surge in crime because *overall* crime is down.

      How did Americans become so politically radicalized by cable news that they will be told the truth and then told that the truth is subjective and never second guess it?

    4. @Brian Jones What you call “facts” are merely talking points given to you by Conspiracists like trump and QAnon.

    5. Our Fascist Propagandist/Conspiracist in this thread is….drum roll….”Brian Jones” Let’s set him straight.

  3. If they weren’t fear mongering, the right wing media wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

    1. @Dale Hartley are shootings on the rise in chicago? Yes. Are people robbing stores in Oakland and San Francisco in broad daylight without fear? Yes. Is crime and murder on the rise in New York? Yes. Just like covid is not fear mongering, neither is the fact crime is on the rise. When do we start worrying about the shootings in chicago? When 100 people a day get shot? When 1000 people a day get shot? A man gets shot in Minneapolis by police, and all heck breaks lose. We cry systemic racism in all police departments!!! Law enforcement stems from slavery!!! Then we see 95 people shot in Chicago over 2021 4th of July weekend, Dems: ah were blowing it out of proportion. I guess those 95 people weren’t important.

    2. @hodaka1000 not saying covid wasn’t real, just saying the 95 people shot in 3 days over the fourth of july are just as real.

    3. @Dale Hartley you can Google it yourself but what’s mind-boggling is Democrats have already defended the police to begin with and yet you seem to forget or have nothing to say about that turned a blind eye, City’s Democratic have already defunding the police
      New York CityWashington, D.C.BaltimorePhiladelphiaLos AngelesSan FranciscoAtlantaMinneapolisSeattleSalt Lake CityPortland, OregonHartford, ConnecticutNorman Oklahoma,Austin, Texas

    4. @phil heidt That is what the defund the police people mean when they say defund the police… I think they should have chosen a better name for their movement.
      I saw an article the other day about a van with a social worker and a counselor who ride around answering mental health calls, wellness check, etc.. and it is working well so far. They plan to expand it.
      And yes, very few want to get rid of cops, it is really about cutting back on their workload with extras we have placed on police depts. This will cut back on their number, but also their work So less should be needed. Yes, we shall have to see how it works and other idea that may come up
      I was raised in a fire fighter household, and almost all our friends were cops. I respect them, but the world has changed also from 40-50 years ago when I was growing up 😉

  4. There’s nothing much Biden can do about it because republicans won’t support him on gun control legislation.💀

    1. @NBK Show me where it doesn’t because every country that has initiated gun control has seen huge drops in gun violence.

    2. @Luntershaptop Fukinov Yes, Einstein, but unfortunately, the states next door do not. Never considered the fact people travel?

  5. Fun Fact: “For 31 straight years, Louisiana has reported the nation’s highest murder rate.”

    1. Actually just saw that and I was surprised.. I would have thought it was still Chicago but they say no, it’s actually not been Chicago for decades.. Missouri is the 2nd!! The way the media reports it, that’s what it seems like right? I was like Louisiana? Missouri?? Wtf?! Yep, per capita..

  6. 😂 FOXY is banging on about crime & yet Republicans voted against a Commission into the January 6th insurrection. Incongruous.

  7. Yes, crime did go up due to a complex interaction between prisons, drugs, guns, policing, economics, and demography, but has dropped in the 🇺🇸USA.

  8. This is just more deflection, anything to distract from topics at hand , January 6 th, republicans obstructionism , oh and least we forget that spirited ex president that continues to take money from Magas while admitting to criminal acts of not paying taxes ….

  9. Jeez, this is so outta touch. NY just voted for a tough on crime mayor in the primaries. You’re ignoring minority deaths

  10. Crime has a color, and is overwhelmingly perpetrated by the ones who share the same tone as Shaniqua here.

  11. *Massive Vaccine Failure In Israel:* “During the period that coincided with the Delta outbreak, 1,271 of 1,528 total new infections were fully vaccinated individuals, as were 23 of 37 hospitalizations and 11 of 17 cases of severe illness, the ministry said.” – WSJ July 6 2021

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