Fear Of Trump, McConnell, Base Keeps Republicans In Line: Whitehouse | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Fear Of Trump, McConnell, Base Keeps Republicans In Line: Whitehouse | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. As ever, the only Republicans who will speak up in favor of what is right are those who are retired or retiring. The GOP needs to go. It is wholly corrupt at this point.

  2. The Trump Senate embraces its shameless SHAM-iness! They will go down in history as King Donald’s Royal Court and share his eternal escalator ride down, forever down. Putin is smiling tonight, but eventually he’ll discover that Trump was the biggest mistake of his life.

  3. Amazing to see all these grown men afraid of an overweight senior citizen who is probably in the midst of dementia.

    1. @Vote him Out Now there won’t be an election? Arent you the same people that said Trump would not accept the outcome of the election, and instead you lost and refused to accept the outcome of the election going on 4 years now. INSANE.

  4. Mitch McConnell said “re-election for senators is far more important than justice” (paraphrasing).
    Let that sink in, please?

    1. Clearly. And why not?

      Based on previous actions they are making the fatal mistake of thinking its business as usual with most Americans (not the brain dead MAGA) and its NOT. They are misreading this one. We are not going to let them sell out our justice system or our democracy and stay in office.

      They’ll see in November. If 2018 was a wave, the second coming of Titanic is at hand. I hope the republiklans do acquit him 🤣.

    2. The ones up for re-election are going to dig their own graves. When they can’t hear what the public wants and they can’t honor their oath to the Constitution, it is time to remove them. They are not in it for the benefit of the public anymore than Trump’s actions were. They are in for themselves.

    1. C&B Jones It won’t matter how much they have when their assets are frozen and their wrinkly white saggybutts get hauled off to jail.

    2. So true – $736,000,000,000 in US aid was doled out between 2000 –2016. Trump is the only ONE who questioned where this money went and what politicians in the US benefited. This is why he is on trial. Have a great weekend, and Merry Acquitmas!

  5. So much lying, dishonesty and disrespect for our constitution and process. Time to vote the Russians out of our politics.

  6. Must be loads of Kompromat in Our President’s tiny hands. I wonder who would put it there.

    Loads of Rubles in McConnell’s “campaign” funds, as well.

    1. Unless we stop the wheels of motion spinning now, this country is headed for disaster. Trump just set a precedent for future Presidents to use foreign information in our elections. Dersowich took the first step towards changing the meaning of the Rule of Law. (Hitler dismantled the German Constitution) For the Senate to allow this and neglect their oath to uphold the Constitution is a travesty of justice. The American public should get as many of these people out of office as they can in 2020. This Administration has put in 170+ in Federal Judges, and a possible 5 SCOTUS if Trump wins again. Take back your Country back while you can.

  7. I am now hearing that he may be on some sort of drugs, which could account for his sniffles.
    Alas, none of this matters😐

  8. New Book
    “The Presidents Bidding”
    i.e. Barr, Pompeo, Giuliani, senate republicans.
    A taste of bad politics for future generations.

  9. The Republicans should change their name to the “Spineless Coward Party” or the “Trump Testicle Gargling Party”

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