‘Fear’: Trump Insiders Defying Stonewall In Impeachment Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Despite Trump’s attempts to stonewall key witnesses and evidence, the first White House aide, Fiona Hill, testified in the impeachment probe. Hill, Trump’s former Russia adviser, has been at the center of Trump’s twin foreign policy scandals, and left her post in July, shortly before Trump’s Ukraine call. The Root’s Jason Johnson argues more civil servants and members of Trump’s admin are coming forward despite ‘the stonewalling of Congress’ and ‘hiding of information’ because they ‘don’t want to face jail time’ or ‘criminal charges.’ Jason adds Trump is ‘realizing’ the ‘limits of his influence’ because aides do not want ‘to carry water for this level of corruption.’ Aired on 10/14/19.
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'Fear': Trump Insiders Defying Stonewall In Impeachment Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. Trump: “Why do you take notes? I don’t like people taking notes. I have many good people who don’t take notes. Cobb, Rudy…”
      McGahn: “Because I’m a REAL lawyer.”


    1. @Kermit T. Frog Also, Trump has had lawyers all his life to clean up messes. He would be lost if his ancestors had no money. He sure wouldn’t be president.

    2. ​@Kermit T. Frog I really fear you’re right.

      So sad he is, a weak little man that’s needs to be big and strong and is neither of both.

    1. @J N you have more confidence in the republicans voting party than is justified. Republicans will track the polling and if the majority of the electorate say impeach and remove then they will if only to save their necks. They will probably offer Trump a deal Resign and we will pardon you. Whether Trump takes it or decides to bluff it out remains to beseen.

    2. Donald duck should keep hes BRAIN inside The Wall and keep his mouth shut we don’t like Hate Speech.bye

    3. Trump said he could shoot people in the middle of NY and not lose support.

      Well I dunno about that, there’s a smoking gun that was found in Ukraine and he’s lost support against impeachment to below 50%…

    1. erik h Well I do and this is all fake….Fake fake fake. Now RT and Faux…..Thats the literal word of god.


      And Ken Starr thats a helluva guy, real straight, honest shooter….

    2. @Blink Once on Sunday!His Top general that said this was Mattis, who did not actually say that to Trump directly. He was talking to Congress about Trump’s 2018 budget. His direct quote is; “If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition ultimately,”

    3. @Jamie H While not realizing that ‘everyone plus many others’ is stupidly redundant. What the heck happened to that guy? He used to be coherent.

  1. They’re arrogant because the system has worked for them since the first silver spoon was inserted into their greedy little mouths.

    1. All of the people at the top percentage of earnings. Are trying to steal your childs future. They want their children to add on to the fortunes they’ve already earned. They have more money than they can spend in multiple lifetimes. Yet they’re trying to deprive anyone else from being able to prosper without committing fealty to them.

    1. @Susan McEwen .. “It will never happen.” The President cannot be indicted or imprisoned, while President. I would be pleasantly surprised if the *_former_* President Trump spends time in jail. I think it would send a strong message that no one is above the law if Trump was sentenced to time in prison and the current President chose not to pardon him. Of course, any crimes Trump is convicted of by the state of NY cannot be pardoned by a president, whose authority is only at the federal level.

    1. He’s so dense he didn’t realize he told the truth…he really is different alright, he belongs in a rubber room where he can’t cause any more harm.

    2. I’d bet good money if they did a brain scan of the “stable genius” the film would come back blank, or with a tired hamster on one those wheels.

    1. Annie And Pence, Barr , Pompeo. They were all on the call, AND now you have Barr traveling to Europe to prove a Dump lie. WHAT?! They all need to go.

    1. @Kathy Weis “Ghoulani did nothing on 911 or for the state of N.Y. he was just there.”
      He was a city-level official, not a state-level official. As a prosecutor, he cut down on mafia influence and power. As mayor he also, uh, “cleaned up the streets”, allegedly, though it seems police brutality/racism may have been involved, which is worse than street crime in that it practically doesn’t get counted (because almost nobody gets convicted) and is much harder to get rid of once it gets entrenched in the system.

    2. There was a time when i respected and thought he was a hero during 911. Why would he sell his soul for this big piece of crap!

    3. @ThisnThat because he was always a piece of crap. Trump and him go way back, that’s why trump wasn’t busted. Rudy was head of SDNY then mayor.

    1. I would say: “From your lips to God’s ears.” But really, how could there be a God with hearing when all of this noise is polluting the earth.

  2. LOL, Trump freaking points to his head and says “maybe I’m different up here”.🤣🤣😅😅. He makes Colberts and Kimmels job way too easy.

    1. @Jim Reynolds If RBG can hold on until an election year, then there’s going to be a real fight on the Senate’s hands. If Obama couldn’t pick a Justice during an election year, neither can Trump.

    2. @Cynna1065 You would think it would work that way, but as long as McConnell is majority leader and Trump is still president, there’s nothing we can do about it. We MUST impeach the crooked fat man and remove him before he does any more harm to our (once great) nation.

  3. TRUMP TOLD THE CROWD THAT THE SCANDALS ” energizes him “. ???? REALLY ?

    1. Just like his idol hitler, which new yorkers sponsored, the foreigners, his father, rocker feller, and u know everyone with alot of money n tall buildings the true, real immigrants. His snorting coke n Hitler was on speed, drugs drives humans crazy!!!

    2. @Sylvia Rogers
      I thought I was the only person who noticed that he “sniffs” a lot during some speeches. I can remember 3 separate interviews of him sniffling and I noticed no other signs of a cold lied bloodshot eyes or a soar throat. He wasn’t sick he seemed “amped up” per say.

  4. Fiona Hill and Marie Yovanovitch: two brave women defying 45*’s commands in order to defend our democracy. Thanks to both, and may they stay safe (especially from 45*’s murderous cult members).

    1. It is an expression of the greatest, most profound love, empathy and compassion that one detaches, dismembers and discards the developing parasite from the uterus. This act is the noble embrace of one’s authenticity, strength and independence. Wouldn’t you agree? I forgot to ask: what are your pronouns?

    2. Progressive Humanist . You are without a doubt the most gullible, brainwashed fool ever born. These people are all part of the swamp.

    1. It’s the very large a-brain. And the “great and unmatched wisdom” swirling around up there…I’m think if you get close enough, you’d hear wind, whistling through his fat empty head and out his ears.
      When he first said that, it was hysterical. It really begged the classic “we’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy”.

    1. Jane Chambers —nice quote. But it wasn’t the Buddha who said it. It was Aristotle. Or, Mahatma Ghandi. Or, Oscar Wilde. Someone who’s dead anyway so you can’t ask to check. That’s important.

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