Fears Grow in UK Over 'Freedom Day' End of Covid Restrictions 1

Fears Grow in UK Over ‘Freedom Day’ End of Covid Restrictions


The UK will soon lift all remaining Covid-19 restrictions despite pleas from health officials to reconsider as cases are trending upward. NBC News' Ali Arouzi shares mixed reaction from citizens» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Fears Grow in UK Over 'Freedom Day' End of Covid Restrictions


    1. @Break N’ Chain ignorance is definitely not bliss as well. Natural law cannot be denied.. some things are true whether you believe it or not. Good luck. 🙏

    2. @Louis Tully no it isn’t. As I said, nature and natural order cannot be denied. Believe whatever you want

  1. This is wrong. Restrictions are NOT being lifted across the UK – only in ENGLAND. The other three nations will retain their safeguards for the time being.

    1. Do not trust this virus. The smallest opportunity and it strikes again. I hope, at least the Scots and the Welsh hold up the restrictions. It is too soon to open up.

  2. Boris is taking a gamble with OTHERS’ LIVES. He’s a monster on the trump spectrum.Getting it at all = long term covid.

    1. Oh no Trump oh nooooooo, our democracy is in danger!!! Got TDS even months after he left office? Guess he just lives in your head!

    2. Gene Stewart
      Is the government over there forcing people out of their homes at gunpoint, or will they be allowed to cower in their closets for the rest of their lives if they want to?

  3. The Globalist Masters of your London Politicians have declared you are no longer FREE period.

  4. There’s about 100 shark fins visible from the beach but let’s have ” backinthewaterday”.

  5. China is showing how to overcome a pandemic and they did it. Democratic nations are still down after a year.

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