1. I Troll U Rank: Veteran – NO REPLIES – your father is a drug addict who sexually assaulted you just like what most pig eating westerners fathers do.

    2. Dana Mckee the US military is so weak and incompetent, they spend 20 years fighting Taliban in Afghanistan and they achieved NOTHING and now Taliban is stronger than ever and don’t forget the afghan kids stabbing American soldiers in the neck

    1. @Southern Fried Cynic oh joy /pol smurfs are out in force today. What National Enquirer article did Q repost today?

    1. kingdele01 we are not stupid. We know exactly why these people are coming here and that the reasons they say for coming here or a lie. What you people want to happen is not going to happen 🙂
      You people lost

    2. kingdele01 you may not have noticed, or maybe you did, but we are not playing by your made-up rules. You people have no power anymore. We are not trying to appease you, we are not trying to make you happy, we don’t care what you people think.
      Globalism is a thing of the past.

    3. @I Troll U Rank: Veteran – NO REPLIES – How do you know Jesus said that? After Jesus died their was a war between Christian factions and do you know who won and went on to write the second hand accounts of Jesus? That’s right this person never knew Jesus…now go do your homework and find out who this was… you’ll be shocked.

    1. @JC 40324
      Hell yeah, I love anime! You seem to love giving the rich tax cuts! If that’s you, then do you boo. Just saying, you should luv ol Zucker!

    2. @JC 40324
      Also, u have aliens, vampires and gwar videos. I mean , you’re calling me a dork for liking anime? Hi pot, my name’s kettle.

    1. @Roger Out such an entitled attitude you have! So…you want ME to waste time explaining to you something that YOU think is a waste of time to …research!? See THIS is the line of logic that makes you uninformed. You can’t blame it on being fed propaganda, it’s just pure laziness and wanting to be willfully ignorant. YOU are the waste of time

    2. @Armed Rodent so you’re empty-handed just like the other idiots?
      And what on Earth makes you think I’m antifa??

  1. I think I spotted a few of the m4’s Obama gave them ! What a wonderful job killary “neverforgetbengazi” and Barak binladen did over there it’s baffling to think there are people dumb enough to believe it’s Trump’s fault KAG

    1. @stephen glover you mean it was Bush..
      Do you think Democrats believe that windmills cause cancer, or is that just trumptards?
      Do you think we had an air force during the Revolutionary War, or is that just trumptards?

    2. @stephen glover It were George Bush what created ISIS, Obama what killed Bin Laden and Trump what breathed new life into ISIS by declaring mission accomplished, cuttin’ and runnin’, stabbin’ our ally in the back like a damn yellow coward what got no honor.

  2. The Kurds claim some ISIS has escaped, just means they just finished burying them in a secret location. The Kurds will not let their enemy go free.

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