FEC Commissioner: ‘There Is No Evidence Of Any Significant Amount Of Voter Fraud’ | MSNBC


    1. And he’s on the phone with Putin weekly. They don’t discuss the weather and baseball. Keep in touch with your Sec. of State,
      Hold the Secretary responsible for safe, secure elections AND COUNTING in your State. That’s OUR POWER. Register to VOTE.

    2. If dumpty or his stooges are talking about voter fraud or foreign assistance, that means they’re already working on causing it.

  1. This will be the most truthful & confident election in history! (jmo) We’ve already hit the embarrassment mark long ago!

  2. Well since millions of Americans overseas ( like the military) have voted by mail… FOR YEARS….this is just another attempt by Trump to gaslight us. Sickening he’s even trying this in the MIDDLE of a PANDEMIC!!!!

    1. @foreigner fan I’m sorry, google translate doesn’t seem to recognize the language in your last response to me. Was it in Troll?
      If you wouldn’t mind responding to my request to elaborate on your comment “Democrats want you to be able to vote without proof if who you are” in _English_ please.

    2. Gaslighting because he knows the MILITARY IS VOTING BIDEN!!! spoken with a few friends over in Afghanistan and, stationed in Lackland AFB, Texas… They’re forming voters groups On Base, for Biden….

    3. @Danice Malone And blessings back to you from me and my wife.
      Are you in a State without vote by mail impediments?
      Either way, stay safe, vote by whatever means suits you and please vote this sociopath out in November. My wife feels like she’s living next door to her ‘family home’ and some destructive lunatic is renting and trashing the crap out of it. We want our good neighbours back.

  3. The most crooked election in history “to date” was 2016 . Remember in November , we need to FIRE Trump .

    1. @E. Well that would pretty hilarious, since absentee is the same as mail-in. That’s the joke, right? Or do you think there is more than one way to fill out your ballot at home and mail it?

    2. @Rene Curry Yes, I suppose that would be a problem. My hope would be that firewalls would be able to prevent that from happening. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

    1. @snowflake killer Then explain how he became such a crook..Was it BEFORE or after
      The ELECTION.
      and RACIST! So
      R people who follow him…BABYSITTING
      A GROWN MAN! R

    1. He has always been the loser including 2016 election. He only ‘won’ by rigging with Russian, Cambridge Analytica help.

  4. AMERICA remember TRUMP is just a HOAX…. that will very soon disappear, with his administration!!!! Please VOTE BLUE. 🙏💖🇺🇸

    1. @Nexus Six You have been exposed! However I,m sure you will continue to sore discord within these USA borders. Renegade 101st.

    2. @Miguel Salami Can’t, even if I was of the persuasion you got it all chewed up in the grinder. now you sit to pee

    3. Curtis Kimbrough what are you talking about? I provide facts with citations. You provide name calling.

  5. Hmm like hiring Russia to help you win? Oh btw MAIL IN Ballots are the SAME as absentee ballots why doesn’t someone tell him that ??

    1. He knows but he needs this excuse for the landslide. And I think he thinks he can litigate the result for years and stay in power till the courts rule! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that isn’t going to happen! Going by the respected constitutional scholars, he must leave Jan 20th!

    2. @Mike Mcclenithan Yes, and why he keeps calling the virus he failed to implement successful social controls over, the “China” virus. As we all know by now, it is much more accurately termed the “Trump” virus.

  6. When 45 loses the election, can he and his criminal family be made to surrender their passports to keep them all from fleeing jurisdiction?

    1. Grab those passports! Talk about a flight risk. I promise you there is earnest discussion of Moscow, Turkey, Saudi. Or maybe to Brazil with the other Nazi’s.

    2. Trump has set up the post office under his hand picked lackey for the sole purpose of interfering with the election!
      Workers are already complaining that the new rules, including canceling overtime, have led to massive pileups of mail and delays in delivery.
      Better mail it early, hand carry it to election headquarters or send it via FedEx!

    3. I’d bet good money he is telling his new postmaster to purposely delay ballot deliveries in blue districts!

    4. They don’t even need passports to travel. None of these special folks is ever expected to jump thru hoops at border/airport security. It’s a joke.

  7. “This election will be the most rigged election in history…” says the guy that begged three different countries to help him fraud his election.

    1. @MeanGeneSanDiego okay bad timing, you are forgiven as to my thoughts on your comment. Peace unto you and hopefully with trump gone come Jan 2021 we can all get back to some sign of sanity within the borders of this not so perfect but great nation. Renegade101st. Together we stand divided this nation shall truely fall. Kimbrough OUT. P.S. Must have missed my point; I presume!

    2. . . . says the guy who _crippled_ the USPS by withholding funding, and who is turning a blind eye to the rampant _voter suppression_ going on in minority neighborhoods across the country.
      #AnyoneButTrum2020 #VoteBLUE2020 _all the way down_ Pass it on!

    1. You should ask Obama/Biden about that. You do know who was in charge in Nov. 2016,right. Hint: not Trump. Try to get it together.

    2. @David Eby okay David. Thanks. He might need more help. But let’s not let party separate our view of what is good for the community and the country. Think for yourself and do the right thing. I’m not for any party but I wouldn’t let the media cloud your judgement and maybe listen to those around you and how this election will get us back to where we want to be. I know it was 2016 by the way and Im speculating you have done your own research so who helped who we would never know since Republican and Democrats has their own lies also. You’re talking like the Russian helped the Dems during last election? I really don’t get your point. Of course it may be a conspiracy but I don’t think Trump is fit for the job and he never was.


    1. @jones buddy if I have to explain the point of what the link points out, in the comments of someone claiming no evidence of voter fraud by mail in voting, there is no hope for you.

    2. They want all voting done on Ivanka Trump voting machines (made in China). Those machines default to a vote for Trump. If the voter changes their vote to Biden, the vote reverts to the default when the voter presses the button marked “cast ballot”.

    3. Ironically, the only confirmed ‘mail-in voter fraud’ case in history was perpetrated _by a Republican!_ lol #VoteBLUE2020 Pass it on!

    4. _Trump has a point about this mail-in voter frog. I don’t know who this frog thinks he is, but frogs have no business voting. The only way he can do it is by mail where he can impersonate your old Uncle Grandpa or Aunt Teefa and nobody is the wiser. If a frog showed up at the polls, they’d lock him out. And this is no laughing matter. It is definitely no longer cool to make a poll lock joke._

  9. What a man Obama is, if Trump had a single atom of the stuff that Barack Obama is made of the USA would be a better place

    1. @Chingon 2000 Because for one, is burns up to much political capitol. Look at what Hillary was able to pull off, and get away with. Hand cuffs? People in high office are, largely, above the law. For a list, of Obamas indiscretions, OPEN your EYES.

    2. @James Dean You are guilty of holding up your leader, as a God. No one, should ever be that blind. Good luck defending the slave party!

  10. Are we going to have to listen to this until election day? Can we get rid of him right now? What a whining man!

    1. Shouldn’t his supporters be really tired of Trump’s constantly playing the victim card? God, his constant whining!!. Not just his words, his voice. Whining. Always whining.

  11. “nThe nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation and Research: “You request a ballot, you get a ballot, you vote, you send it in, and there are protections in place. It doesn’t matter whether you call it mail voting or absentee voting. It’s the same thing.”

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