1. Who is leading it and who is paying for it? How were they given permission to do this in this way?

    1. The Cyber Ninjas aren’t an experienced forensic investigation firm. Actually the have no experience or training. They didn’t even know that it’s not allowed to have blue pens around the ballots. The firm has been under investigation by serious cyber security businesses as they rather are causing a threat to cyber security. They have already taken actions that makes the ballots corrupted. Whatever they present will not be admitted as trustworthy evidence in a court of law. And as corrupted, these ballots can never again be used as evidence of some sort. Likely they have even committed election tampering in the way that they have treated the ballots. And used information about the voters in an illegal way.
      The AZ GOP could have hired an established forensic investigation firm, and not one run by a guy who believes there was a big shootout between the CIA and the US military in Frankfurt about some Spanish business who supposedly were involved in election fraud. And that all media (obviously then also including FOX, OAN, Newsmax, Sky news, since they to my knowledge haven’t reported of this battle) and all Germans are covering up this CIA-US Army battle. Just this belief will make anything his firm preset laughable in the eyes of the court. Why they choose a completely inexperienced fool is obvious. Because the incompetence will make the firm corrupt the ballots and they can continue to argue “oh the deep state courts don’t want to look at the evidence”. And because an experienced forensic investigator would find that the earlier counting and investigations are correct.
      Fools who as forensic investigators don’t even know what plants are used in China to make paper, or that China in fact import most of its paper pulp. Only the illiterate bigots associate “bamboo” directly with China. The argument just shows that Cyber Ninjas are noting but incompetent idiots. It wouldn’t surprise me if they next will argue that they through forensic investigation have found out that paper was invented in China. And that the use of such Chinese technology must be nothing but a conspiracy to fraud the election. And the parrots would go “Oh there’s evidence that Chinese technology was used when the ballots were cast… clearly a conspiracy!” “Al-qaida algebra introduced to Europe by the muslims were used to count the ballots… clearly evidence of the dems conspiring with ISIS!”

      Bamboo has generally not been used in industrial paper manufacturing since there are many disadvantages. Although new methods are being developed to prepare bamboo cellulose for the use in paper manufacturing due to the growing lack of wood pulp in many nations. But not only in China. Bamboo grows all over southern Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, all of latin America, and in the eastern USA. To investigate what cellulose a paper is made of is not that simple. So much chemicals have been applied to get the pure cellulose fiber. You don’t want the rest of the plant material. The DNA is destroyed. The cost of putting an extensive part of the ballots through such a laboratory research would likely be extremely expensive. It’s not something you do in an arena where theres so much that can contaminate the tests. If that’s what they are doing there, the outcome will not be admissible in court due to the level of contamination. And you need experts on paper. And I bet they have no such experts employed. And it would take time. And in the end you could as well say that Florida messed in the election if you find bamboo.

    2. @Todd B trump won in 2016 and dems crude Russia hoax for two years til they could gain power in 2018. By propaganda design.

  2. The fact that an outside agency has access to voters names and addresses should be a federal offense.

    1. Now all of you are “concerned” about the security of ballots. Where were you when they were tossing ballots in the ditch, or when they found dead people voting or how about non us-citizens with no ID were voting? Just admit that you’re scared of what they’ll find. 😂

    2. @Tamale Lopez nope. But lying about it should be. After over a thousand audits and recounts proved it was already fair.

      Trump lost because he is deeply unpopular and disliked. Just because his fans remain gullible doesn’t mean the rest of the country is. He finish his one term, in which he lost the popular vote, as the most disliked President in history. He was impeached twice and killed half a million Americans by failing to handle a pandemic. His own internal polls had him losing big.

      A Russian government think tank came up with the idea to attack the election process because if they can’t have Trump as President of the US, the next best thing would be undermining the foundation of Democracy. When he and the Russians decided he would probably lose, they had Trump switch his message to, “when I lose, it will be because of fraud”. It is telling that when Trump started his second campaign, he went immediately to accusations of voter fraud, because they knew they didn’t stand a chance.

    3. Guess you have not heard that Maricopa Co did NOT have control over the Maricopa Dominion Machines during the 2020 November election. Is that a Federal Offense?????????

    4. @luscent3737 I don’t really know what either of those has to do with being a corporation but okay.

  3. It’s time for the Feds to raid this treasonous operation, and apprehend those who instigated it.

    1. @Dawn Maze they can if they are federally going against privacy and integrity of the voters so yes they can and this audit is going against the voylters privacy act of keeping their info private from this cyber ninja company so yes they can privacy act is federally not state so you learn the constitution

    2. @Jonas P Do you really want me to go thru this and correct?
      Oct 30 they verified that machines worked. No mention of whether they were capable of hooking to the internet (A violation) which we have discovered they can and did.
      Nov 3…they had an election.
      Nov 9 Same test as before. They only did a sample of ballots comparing to the tapes that print out for those samples. They entered this same number in to the control book. Dominion employees take hard drives to some undisclosed location that day and every day of early voting (illegal) Chain of custody broken.
      Nov 17: statement from a politician.
      Nov 30: normal procedure.
      Feb. 2021. Same as Oct, and Nov 9. The machines work. Didn’t look at what was on the machines. The adjudication rate or anything. The “Certified” Private firms were not certified the day before. They were the same firms that did 1st 2 certifications. Not independent as they are the ones who installed the machines in the 1st place for, guess who, Dominion.
      March 2021: after fighting with the BOS about who has election authority, even going to court to prove the obvious (Legislatures have power over elections) Ballots don’t have personal info on them but authorized people by Senate have the right as agents of Senate, to look at that too, 1 person from Cyber Ninjas voiced concerns about the election simply because he saw the data feed on the Edison system. There are 4 different auditors working on this Audit. Several other Audit companies including the one doing the New Hampshire Audit right now voiced the opposite opinion (don’t do the audit,you might find something) and sent a note to AZ complaining.This is nothing new. People have opinions. He is another conspiracy theorist.
      April 21: Hobbs contradicts herself by saying to do a good audit then criticizing the auditors with no evidence of problems or anything else.
      The BOS were the ones that asserted and complained they should use red sharpies instead of Blue….what a crock.
      If the ballot is not filled out by a person it is invalid
      May 5, 2021 It is discovered that the BOS did not deliver the routers that they shouldn’t need but evidence says they did. This is in violation of subpoena. Further, BOS say they have lost the Admin password to the devices. (also a violation) How did they do a audit in Oct, Nov, Feb without the device password? Who has it? Dominion?

    3. @FENTON MILLER That didn’t escape me… Ninja’s are historically assassins… Usually acting for monetary reward

    4. @Dawn Maze The elections are over. This fiasco is fraud, which is in the Federal jurisdiction. Your gaslighting only works on the willing.

  4. The Twilight Zone meets the Bamboo Files and Pandas 🐼 because Arizona…..
    Truly a “Special” time to be alive..

  5. Get a massive text message going in Phoenix to Point Big Mirrors at the Copper Dome at the Capitol.
    It’s Gonna be HOT under their fat pockets.

    1. They wont do anything. They are behind it. How else do you think that they permission to do this.

  6. People need to sue them, what r they doing with the people information😡. Investigate the JUDGE that allowed this!😡🌋🌋

    1. It does seem like every single voter in the county would be able to bring a class action lawsuit that would shut this down and put this Ballot Pirate company out of business.

    2. Public record. Call your se rotary of state and request a list of registered voters in your state. You will have to pay a fee.

    3. 🤣🤣🤣 you mean the democrat judge that has ties to some of the 100 lawyers employed by Hillary to stop this audit? He is the one allowing this to happen because this is LEGAL! Do your homework and quit listening to those lying MSM Marxist propagandist shills! They are just terrified because they are involved in THE BIG LIE, that Buydan won this election by millions 🤣🤣🤣 REALLY, REALLY!? TRUMP WON BIGLY! WE THE PEOPLE WANT THE REAL PRESIDENT BACK AND WE WILL SUCCEED IN GETTING THE TRUTH OUT! TRUMP WON, TRUMP WON, TRUMP WON! JUSTICE IS COMING!

    4. @Mary Powell finally another sane person who understands what’s going on! Reading the comments on here is hilarious everyone has become A Mr/Mrs. know it all 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Of course it is a Sham…but why was it ever even allowed…reports of intimidation and threats of violence, sure sounds like racketeering. Charges should be filed! and Perpetrators Prosecuted.

    1. You can only intimidate prior to an election. Election is over. This is audit of a result

    2. What are you afraid of, little boy? That your whole world will be revealed to be a lie? Man up!!

  8. The problem is not that the “Auditors” don’t have a plan for what to do when they have to move, the problem is that they probably do. Sounds like a GREAT opportunity to load boxes of ballots into vans and just drive off to some undisclosed location and continue the “audit” there.

    1. @kkarx And there is also the other much simpler explanation that more people voters for Biden and wanted to oust trump because they could not put up with him any more.
      It is called the electoral process… The one who gets more vote wins… Well, sorry, no I mean in real democracies, where all the votes count, not really the case in the States with the electoral college, which enables someone with fewer votes nationally to win. Rotten system.

    2. @JM B Thanks for the discussion. I like your arguments. I don’t agree with them but I like them. :=) I’ll give you another point of view that is imo quite telling why Biden could not have won fair and square. Trends. If people wanted woke agenda offered by Biden why woke Oscars lost 50% of viewership compared to the previous year? Since they started with woke agend the viewership is on a steady decline. Why Biden’s speech had 50% of viewership of Trump’s speech? Why were Republicans winning senate seats? You could find many more examples. I mean generally there is always some direction. It is not logical that the only the president that was considered to be the main power behind this direction would be an exception of this direction.

    3. @JM B Never happened in the past that they would stop like that. You know in Georgia they threw observers out with an excuse of water leak and it was a lie? Isn’t it bit weird that Trump lost in all of these swing states over night? Wouldn’t it be more logically acceptable and way more likely if he won at least one of the states? Do you think Arizona wants open borders? Yeah both parties are corrupted, I have no doubts about it and the machines were criticized by both parties but it seems some of them made a deal in a style once you win the next time we win… something like that. I would not be surprised….

    4. @kkarx I don’t think he won in these swing states overnight.
      On the other hand, it is quite logical that in all the swing states where they decided to count mail-in ballots after the 3rd, that these votes would ultimately change the tally for Biden, given that many more Democrats voted by mail. You remember that the former president kept exposing mail-in voting as prone to being fraudulent and had asked his followers to vote in person.
      It created the so-called red mirage (trump was in the lead) followed by a blue “wave” (After all the mail-ins were counted) : simple math, but of course —) it resulted in “stop the count” or “stop the steal” or “keep counting” slogans which became more ridiculous by the day.
      A collusion between the two parties? You first and then you’re next…. Hmmmmmmm. Hardly credible.
      However, something you said makes me remind you of another argument against the fraud: it would be ludicrous for the Democrats to have cheated to win the presidency but not to gain more seats, and even to lose seats in the house…
      The result is that now they have a very slim majority in the Senate and can hardly have their agenda enforced.
      Thanks indeed for the exchange, and without any insults for a change. Very rarely the case in those threads.
      Stay safe.

    5. @kkarx and just one last thing about the popular aspect or woke thing: Biden was not popular among voters but they were extremely fed up with trump and wanted to get rid of him.
      Trump voters like or even love the man in a cult-like fashion – which is very dangerous if you ask me – while the people who voted for Biden didn’t like the man or not so much, but they enjoyed his agenda. I do anyway and don’t care much about the man, even if he is much more humane and sympathetic than narcissistic former guy.

  9. They have only counted a tenth of the ballots in 2 weeks??? Count Dracula from Sesame St. could have finished the whole sham single handedly by now.

    1. They had to bring in pandas to check the ballots for bamboo, and the pandas were not hungry due to jet lag.

    2. @Drought Tolerant – what 3 things have been discovered that disqualifies the election?

  10. Wow! I can see that they are already deleting the dislikes. They were over 100 earlier today. Crazy!

    1. Maybe YouTube have learnt to spot automated/coordinated down votes. I know I have. Back to the drawing board my little Trump infowarriors.

  11. If auditors are looking for “bamboo ” does this mean they all get tested for bamboo clothing before entering the building ? How does that work ?

    1. Simple! The Cyber Ninjas use Kung Fu Pandas to find the fraudulent bamboo ballots!

    1. Sadly i am not sure. Remember these are the same people that voted Trump in and stormed the capital. Too many have bought into this foolery to just discount it.

  12. I become more concerned about our federal laws that allows these type of actions. Where is the check and balance systems. Do they no longer exists 🤔

    1. This is checks and balances 🤣 Every business and government agency conducts audits, why are you so worried about our votes being audited?

    2. State Senate controls elections in the state not feds, they have the right to audit the feds have no say.

  13. Hard to believe that the judge allowing this farce to take place has not yet been transferred from the bench straight to prison.

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