Federal campaign hits and misses 1

Federal campaign hits and misses


Political strategists weigh in on whether the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP campaign strategies will pay off on election day.

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    1. .They tell you right to your face …Election Canada has already announced The 5 million mail in Ballots will decide election …2 million dual citizens voting( many over seas ) .. Ballot harvesting ( see Georgia ) …no numbers to be published ..no way to verify or trace back

    1. @Prabhjap Sidhu The only point was that there is in fact a female leader party. You’re going on and on about their performance which has nothing to do with the point.

      I can’t believe I’m actually explaining that.

    2. @Alternity666 lol ik that and there’s hundreds of other parties and im sure some run by female leaders but we can’t really count the green party they don’t even have party status in parliment. so yea there is a female leader but i choose not to count it based on performance and parliment status

    3. @Alternity666 well your glorious female leader just came in last in her riding and will probably be removed from the party sooooooo cheers

  1. You can’t be serious …lol …hits and misses ..not one can talk about monatry policy …not one can talk about Bad Science and numbers out of Top Gov Med ( Still using case numbers ROFL ) …..ooo please stop with your silly ” evaluations “

    1. @Crystal Tays They are trolls trying to steer away votes from PPC…because they know the PPC numbers are huge.

  2. Should be same thing with liberal party as was the conservative after Brian Mulroney need to reinvent themselves lol

  3. This Clown should have I love you Justing tattooed onto his forehead. Do not let them trick you into voting for the NDP or the PPC party, they know that is the only way sunny ways will keep his power..

  4. What a joke. Singh has been licking Trudeau’s boot straps for 4 years now so to say he’s not in Trudeau’s pocket. There is Ocean Front Property in Alberta to sell you

  5. This electiin is a Waste of time, waste of money and a waste of ressources , just to prove again that 23% to 27% of canadians are poorly informed and vote only based on color of the party logo and not competency or what job those you vote for have to do

  6. It will be a close election either way, I’m interested to see how things go with areas where who is running changed, like was mentioned with not all parties running in each district.

    1. a close election…. it really should not be a close election. justin is not worthy nor qualified to lead anybody let alone a country. he’s not a doer. he’s a name from yesteryear…. nothing more.

    1. @Huples Cat it’s great what are you talking about. If the fascist PPC can get even 8-10% of the vote we will never have to put up with regressive conservatives ever again

    1. @scary terrry the ones that post like you normally are bots your right. Or your just not very bright if you think the other options were better.

  7. I’m listened to Evan on the radio for years, still thrown off seeing his face while he talks, looks nothing like I imagined

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