Federal government concerned that some AstraZeneca doses may be wasted | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Federal government concerned that some AstraZeneca doses may be wasted | COVID-19 in Canada


Procurement Minister Anita Anand says the federal government is concerned about the possibility that some AstraZeneca doses may be wasted.

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  1. Lots of conversations and little actions. That’s all going on in Canada.
    This country is infested by incompetent officials from Trudeau all the way down.

    1. Common sense is rare amongst our politicians these days. They’re more concerned with virtue signalling these days.

  2. Is that why they are pushing it to kids and to those who are “hesitant?” Makes sense. I mean who likes to get palsy, clot and be dead right?

    1. @Canadian Person 131 cases of facial paralysis and 3 deaths in Canada so far from Astrazeneca

  3. What is this!!! Do the Liberals think every question is to be handled as if it were question period ???? My kingdom to a liberal that can answer a question!!!!

    1. What do you mean by “every question is to be handled as if it were a question[,] period?”. What’s the alternative, handling a question if it were a statement?
      I’m not a liberal btw so no worries about your kingdom…

  4. Send them to countries that can use them immediately. For free or a fee. Better than getting them wasted.

  5. Look on the bright side, we Canadian have plenty of vaccines for everyone already, so let’s donate Those unwanted vaccines to Taiwan . Don’t waste them.

  6. I’ll take that as: Yes, those vaccines are going to expire before we could distribute them.

    We’re not asking about bringing new ones. We want to know about the ones about to be thrown out.

  7. So ,in other words ( English To English translation !)this person is in charge of procurement of ” merchandise” , so is the one that reads the contracts and also signed them ( I assume ) so in consequence she reads the print ( what the ” merchandise ” is all about = is not a vaccin is a genetic modification therapy+ side effects expected + not knowns + liabilities issues ( on her position probably is the most important legally) ..just noticing

  8. Give all those AstraZeneca doses to the government employees, front line workers, and their children
    problem solved ??

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