1. @Dianna Hill well technically youre right theyre dead, should have said using dead peoples Name

    2. @Quitcherbitchin lolol the people that spent 4 year screaming Trump stole the election with Russia

    1. now go back and look at all the things they said were true and people questioned and were called conspiracy nuts for

    2. @G Pirquo because the 1.8 million was people who requested a ballot by the June Primary, NOT the General Election

    3. You fell for that propaganda, huh? Poor snowflake. LOL Cope.

  1. Now you’re just being willfully ignorant to the facts. Can’t smoke drink or buy a gun till you’re 21(ALL of witch you need to show ID for) Yet you want to lower the voting age and require no identification. I guess Integrity really is gone.

    1. @Dat Boy of course they know it. That’s how the GQP recruit their base, half facts or sometimes no facts! 🤦‍♀️

    2. @P X bro, people are convicted every single election of fraud, including this one. The question isn’t, “is there fraud,” because that’s a given; the question is, “is there widespread enough fraud to have changed the outcome,” which the commission has decided the answer to be no.

      And fraud itself has always been a misdirection, anyway. You don’t have to commit fraud to have impropriety. There were numerous instances of enough illegally conducted voting to swing entire States, but since the votes were already cast the courts dismissed the cases, deciding it better to dilute the vote than to disenfranchise millions of voters who acted in good faith. That’s what the Jan 6 Rally and march were all about, to support Pence as he reviewed the votes and decided if any States should not be counted. Unfortunately, some numbnuts decided to breach the place while Trump was speaking, and well you saw what happened when the rallygoers showed up later.

      That said, based on his statements and actions, I didn’t expect Pence to disregard any of the States anyway, far too rare a thing to occur. Hoping he would was just a pipe dream of the deluded masses.

    1. Media is the ultimate enemy of the people right now… Liars who deceive to promote propaganda and division

    2. @B Loopy Actually you’re describing yourself. Cope harder. Go find some Copium if you really need extra help to get through this.

    3. Democracy deserves to die. What a pathetic belief on the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

    4. @Pein Deus, yes, FOX Entertainment is banned in other countries! Do your homework, you a**hat!

    5. @Dianna Hill Do you ever get tired of being wrong? Stop watching CNN and that could change for you.

  2. THIS WAS PERFECT “Biden Administration Must Step Up To Preserve Dems Ability To Commit Voter Fraud”

    1. They are robots with no true moral soul ….. one would look at the news and say to the reporter …… are you on drugs !

    2. No ! Some are soy boys with pony tails but some have man buns ! Don’t be so prejudice ! 😄😂😆😅

    3. Typical reporting these days, reference imaginary or fake people then say whatever you want. Lol

  3. Show up in person during business hours, present a state issued ID card, then vote.
    It really is that simple.

    1. @MChaseC5 I do. If your boss hates you that bad that he will use you voting as an excuse to fire you then he would have used any other reason to do it anyway.

    1. @Viva La Raza! Says the person who screamed at the sky in a pink vaj hat for 4 years because they believed there was a pee pee tape lmao.

    2. @Danny H Snowflake, the dead people that voted were for trump. Bruce Bartman and Robert Lynn casted votes for traitor trump under their dead mothers names. Other than these two, do you have any evidence that dead people voted? No, of course you don’t because it doesn’t exist.

    1. Lol…Regan did not destroy the economy the economy was trashed already, it did take a lot longer than predicted but by the end of his first term the positive effects were showing…hence why he was re-elected and then his vice president elected as president. Someone apparently liked what he and his policies were about.

    1. @Chris Kane I won’t insult your intelligence by posting a link because I know a smart guy like you can look up the information for your self

    2. @The Total Wars Master How would a homeless person vote if they have none of that and no money to buy a copy of their birth certificate? They most they can do is register to vote and show up.

    3. @fpeletz I’m a Christine actually. But at 70, I am a bit of a cynic. I do read. A lot. Always have. Read history mostly. ALL of it. I do avoid self help books. What a trip that stuff is.

    4. @Cloudy so the government must provide nearby poll station housing then too, because transportation has a cost too, right? See where your argument has a slippery slope.

    1. @Rolls Royce Network wrong, it is because people are too stupid… all I read you say was “mitch made it clear… NO HYPER INFLATION”

      this was a democrat issue as they are the ones who wanted to lie about this all, shut everything down…

      NY march 2020 infection rate around 6k a day…. lock down, hospital ship… field hospitals set up…
      NY dec 2020, 14,000k a day infection rate… no field hospitals… in person schooling put off for 2 weeks (remote only)
      march 2021… 6k a day infection rate… NY gives guidance on how to open large venues…

      heathcare could have been replaced with a ticket to any county of that persons choosing to move to if they want handouts the USA was not founded on hand out its was on hard working and making it… don’t like that… move to one of these great universal healthcare places…

      Nothing silent here buddy…

    2. @The White Liberal I’m not naive man. I know they laugh with each other sometimes, but they gotta act right for donors on the floor and Mitch has a lot of those funding his party

    3. @Rolls Royce Network Also are you okay with the way they’re treating us? Cause I’m not and it’s time to take the country back for we the people. It’s our county not theirs.

    1. @WebX you’d be among the minority of likes, clearly the evidence shows most Americans don’t believe these lies. You do… cool

    2. It shows an organized effort to support voter suppression. How many of those dislikes came out of St Petersburg?

    3. @LardGreystoke no it doesn’t, none of these people know each other or are organized. It shows the American public wants voter security and you don’t

    4. @cupcake lily life I totally agree with you. I am flabbergasted by these pro-Biden sheeple that pop out of the woodworks everytime that we question their grand dystopian ideal. As I told one hate-monger who spewed vitriol on one of my comments: the ghost of Emmanuel Goldstein is alive and well.

  4. Imagine if Democrats seized ballots and held them as long as they’ve had them in Arizona, just imagine!

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