Federal Government Sending Hundreds Of Ventilators To Florida 1

Federal Government Sending Hundreds Of Ventilators To Florida


Charlie Sykes, editor-at-large for the Bulwark, and Dr. Rob Davidson, an emergency room physician, react to the breaking news that the Biden administration is sending hundreds of ventilators to Florida due to the state’s recent Covid-spike and analyze why some GOP governors are still refusing to follow the science.

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    1. @TakeTheRedPill then start by thinking about the fact that vaccines work. The reason there is still transmission is antibodies live in blood, covid lives in mucosal linings until its done replicating and moves to due organ damage and clotting… that’s why vaccines work because they prevent this escalating infection from continuing. You probably didn’t actually read about the red pill before deciding which to choose either…

    2. @TakeTheRedPill Vaccines work when enough people get the vaccine to stop the virus from being able to mutate freely. Take what happened when communities up north stopped getting the MMR vaccine for their kids. The result was that there was an outbreak of measles in their communities. Because of misinformation states differ on vaccine rates so we see the states having the largest outbreaks now are those with the lowest rates. And in those people the virus will continue to mutate and may eventually make the vaccine pointless. Right now even if someone catches covid if vaccinated the probability that they will be seriously ill has decreased. That is what most health measures are about. When it comes to masks, vaccines, social distance, etc all these measures decreases the probability that someone will catch a virus or other contagious element. Nothing is a guarantee but the amount of discouragement that is occurring in people choosing not to take measures to protect themselves and those that follow their group mentality puts all at risk

    3. @Tania Rosen it has everything to do with transmission! Antibodies live in blood, virus transmission is mucus, therefore you don’t have protection with the vaccine until the virus reaches your blood.

    4. @C. S. You’re right on about the vaccine. Which is why I think it’s a fool’s errand to think that you can vaccinate the entire world in a short enough window of time before a variant appears. It’s a great idea in theory but all these vaccines and future booster shots will just continue to clear paths for variants

    1. All while he is forcing State rules onto local governments that would like to implement mask rules.
      The hypocrisy is staggering.

    2. Like trump these are disgraced individuals. deSantis will go down as a child killer, and trump as a pedophile.

    3. It may take the deaths of a couple Trump cult kids before those inbreds embrace masks and vaccines.

  1. You can’t spell wRONg with out Ron Deathsantis! Proving that Yale doesn’t always accept the best and brightest!

    1. He’s bright alright, bright enough to support his base only, no one and nothing matters more than making his base happy, and at the same time putting their lives at risks. Real bright! Smh

    2. AND HARVARD!!! Both! He’s extremely dangerous for the country, if he runs for president in 2024, he’s going to bring all this nonsense to the White House. Highly educated individual with a lot of political and military experience, much more manipulative than Trump could ever wish to be

    1. evil dems—– Black mother files complaint against Atlanta elementary school for racial segregation: ‘disbelief’

    2. Shock describes it perfectly. I went to walmart the other day, and I just couldn’t believe what I saw. less than 10% of people masked. Unvaccinated, unmasked children everywhere getting school supplies. Even vaccinated, with a KN95 mask I didn’t feel safe. The fact that so many people want to act this way, and that every mechanism we have to prevent such dangerous, irresponsible behavior has failed us all the way to the top… It’s really disheartening.

  2. Why send ventilators to Florida when they Mayor said that he wouldn’t mandate masks what an a whole

    1. Wasn’t he the big man that didn’t want to hear a blip from Biden?

      Not so big now, Mr. Ron DeathSentence?

    2. We refuse to mandate masks but will put the deathly sick on ventilators. Yeah that makes perfect sense. No masks but plenty of ventilators and tubes up your nose for what couldve been prevented : /

  3. Sounds like the governors want to hurt people not keep them safe . It’s time to vote them out of office !!

    1. @Love Of inquiry Those who survive, I guess.

      Is it the overcrowded hospitals and deaths that are of particular appeal?

    2. Cuomo resigned for assaulting women, but DeSatan is still in office and he is literally causing peoples deaths with his FASCIST Executive Orders!

    3. All Republican governors Idaho is only half vaccinated and cases going wild. Republicans are a Death Cult now not a political party.

    4. Unfortunately these Governor’s have their supporters, and I cannot say I’m surprised because the world had a Hitler. America has weak minded, selfish people, and they refuse to see recklessness and irresponsibility.

      Now shame on We the People if we vote the Governors of FL and TX to political positions beyond their states because they are poor decision makers.

    1. Should anyone even send ventilators to Fl at all? The people getting sick and going to hospitals are his unvaccinated followers and agree w every move he makes!

    2. Biden should call those 2 clusterfuq governors to his office and read them the riot act, along with a real threat of no federal assistance until they both completely reverse course.
      This is about life and death decision making, and right now abbott and desantis are on the wrong side of history. Also, they are both perpetuating the virus, which will continue to morph and strengthen itself until it is completely eradicated.

    3. I thought Deshitus didnt want government help , Florida and Texas didnt want the government to tell them what to do so why are they asking for ventilators

  4. I thought Big Ron didn’t need help or want anything from Biden. What happened to personal responsibility.

  5. Where are all the GOP economic genius that should be enraged by the cost of health care for the sick and everything else?

    1. @C. S. Yes. And he and his cronies and most cabinet, and his criminal family, bilked the system and the treasury for four ffffffking years.

    2. @wally G Well, Wally my friend, isn’t it fortunate that I have a good sense of self then?! Laugh away my friend….. however much you want to laugh…. at me. Just go for it, Dude. You’ve heard & understand, maybe not, the saying that “those that laugh last, laugh best”? I’m looking forward to that…. being last. Means that I survived. Have a good one, Bro. 🙂

    3. @American Patriot If you want to threaten me, that is fine. I can handle all threats and attacks. By the way, a real patriot doesn’t need to wear it on their sleeve. Peace

    4. @wally G I didn’t threaten u Wally. You shared with me the ‘knowledge’ based on ‘sure’ facts that you and others were laughing at me. What possessed you to make that statement to begin with is a mystery. Not to you obviously. That was particularly kind of you, b.t.w. I just answered back with a saying that seemed to fit your comment. Don’t be upset Wally, I assure you I’m not. Have a good one.

  6. Desantis,you should be very thankful to president Biden for his kindness for American citizens who are living in Florida. Republicans are still dying because of stupid Trump mentality.

    1. Biden should be sending them nothing at all but a piece of toilet paper that’s all they deserve let them figure this out their cells no Mass no vaccine no ventilators no help

  7. Governors of Texas and Florida should be charged… it’s exactly like posting lies about COVID in the internet

  8. My federal tax dollars should not be going to pay for Florida’s ventilators. The state needs to be paying for this because the state caused the problem

    1. actually as i understand it, your demonrat leader is sending all the covid carrying people at the border to florida…so its only fair brainless biden supplies the vents since its him and his brainless followers who are causing the problem.

    2. plus youre a demoncrat…you are 99% chance on some liberal free money program so you dont pay much, if any, taxes anyway.

    3. We shouldn’t even send them a piece of toilet paper they do not deserve it they chose to be fools let them die fools or suffer sick lock down Florida don’t let anyone in or out I take that back let them in but don’t let them come back out

  9. finally, somebody introduces the issue of “what is freedom”: it seems that for the maga people, freedom is not having to think for themselves and being free to follow the pretend tough guy leader.

    1. Write your representatives, school board, local government. I feel like we’re being told to just buy kn95 masks and hope for the best as more kids get hospitalized.

    2. @AmyKruse: Perhaps our Governor can get his hands on those masks and provide them to our schools

    3. now now, don’t you get cocky and think he cares about any of your children. This shitshow is for his hardcore supporters to cheer & further secure his power amongst the crazies

    4. The parents of these states should know better than to let the governor tell them what to do about their children when they see what is going on in their states…

  10. Florida Governor DeSantis has painted himself and the Florida Right Wing Extremist that support him into a corner. They have the freedom under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution to infect themselves with the Coronavirus, however they do not have the freedom to infect other people.

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