Federal guidance after vaccinations coming 'shortly': Hajdu 1

Federal guidance after vaccinations coming ‘shortly’: Hajdu


Health Minister Patty Hajdu says Canadians will receive federal guidance around what they can do safely once they have been vaccinated.

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    1. They are fired ,they just don’t know it yet,election time there will be many pink slips to go around to each liberal

  1. I have suffered for 6 months with a tummy ache before I would even go to the hospital because I feel unsafe in the medical industry these days and quite frankly it’s been over six years since my medical malpractice and I am not even close to being recovered

    1. Hey Debbie, if you have a nearby Costco and membership you should try their Kirkland vanilla meal replacements. I have stomach aches but those sooth them for some reason. Wishing you well.

    2. @Jan Khan I can’t drink alcohol cuz my stomach is so devastatedly broken but I’m going to smoke another joint get my IQ back down to 120 where I feel more comfortable and don’t have critical thinking skills so much

    3. @Jan Khan what I did instead I wrote a couple of doobies and I went to the Vancouver demonstration

    1. It’s the Liberal way. Not one ever answers a question. If they did they would be guilty of perjury.

    1. Correction**** the totally unqualified graphic designer turned health minister who says vitamin d has no efficacy

    2. Vitamin D works not only for strong bones but against any virus. Patty needs to go back to her cake job. Pat a cake, pat a cake…………

    3. You know what runs canada? Canadians working, getting their jobs and livelihoods back. If elitists want to keep up the pantomime, humans are no longer interested. Every which way it dumbs down to and attacking healthy.

  2. Heath Minister Patty Hajdu NEVER answer the direct question and is constantly beating around the bushes.

    1. @jennifer st.george All politicians are trained to do that. It’s the art of addressing the question without answering it.

    2. You would be hard pressed to find any Liberal give a straight honest direct answer to a question

  3. Unfortunately Trudeau isn’t the only other person who refuses to answer questions with there own person ideology….. answer the question unbelievable she’s the health minister

  4. They never say if this happens we will open up. Never an end game. They keep moving the goalposts further down the field. Only a few more weeks.

    1. Take to the streets and show them who is boss. Together we can wipe those smug smirks off their faces.

  5. It’s like trying to nail jello to a wall. It’s so frustrating when they never answer questions

  6. There’s a New strain of DECEIT and a Variant of Corruption that’s deadlier and spreading super fast.

  7. We’ve been “laser focused” for the last year and a half, the federal government keeps flip flopping around and patting themselves on the back for doing minimum

  8. Meanwhile, families separated by the U.S.-Canada border have not been able to see their loved ones for more than a year! The Federal Government is doing nothing to help its own citizens.

    1. Liberal party thinks we’re all fooled to what their selling, Canadians are awake,and listen to the run around answers from Liberals,to real questions

    2. @Free ME 2 I agree. The amount of question dodging at this point is beyond criminal. Feels like a National betrayal, Canada is in danger

  9. It just blows my mind how much the government wants to take this seriously but they’re still letting variance get into Canada

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