Federal Investigators Search Rudy Giuliani's Apartment As Part Of Ukraine Probe | MSNBC 1

Federal Investigators Search Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment As Part Of Ukraine Probe | MSNBC


The New York Times' Michael Schmidt joins MSNBC with news that federal investigators executed a search warrant at Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment and seized his electronic devices.

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  1. This and Donald Trump Jr lying to investigators. My god when are we going to see some of these people in handcuffs?

    1. @mustafa1name What harm? Where is the whitewashing unless you are talking about the massive cover-up for hrc.

    2. This? What is the “this?” What lie?
      Prove it vicki. If you are going to run your mouth about someone…prove it.
      I want to hear it. Prove it.

    1. @Jasmany Foch Its got you Trumpnuts hopeful again only to be let down and humiliated by another loss.

    2. @may wilson
      Lol I do see it that way, look at all the Republicans that were never Trumpers
      all former presidents, vice presidents and presidential candidates. Trump is the first real president all the rest were 2 sides to the same coin. I couldn’t care less how a moron sees anything.

    3. @Democratic Communists of America That is a remark about a comment made by one Marjorie Taylor Greene concerning how the California wildfires began.

      “what’s a Zionist Laser? Should we advocate for escalating our laser technology to defend ourselves?”

    4. Irrelevant who said it or didn’t because telling the truth in a time of universal deceit simply is a Revolutionary Act regardless.

  2. The judge’s approval of the search warrant in such short order goes a long way to condemn Bill Barr as an obstructionist to justice.

    1. @John Mahoney yeah, that’s the same comments you are posting on anyone who is against Giuliani and 45

    2. @E E barr is smarter than most of those sycophants, he might actually be able to hide the evidence that matters, at least evidence against himself, Trump is screwed.

  3. What fun investigators will have with Rudy’s computers and phone, once they recover all his deleted files, like a guilty brat hiding his chocolate-covered mouth while his mommy asks who ate the cookies.

  4. And you can tell that Rudy is the type of guy who will be vigorously singing to get the charges dropped.

    1. @J W We know Rudy colluded with Soundland and others to oust Yelich and dig up dirt on Biden. They also met with Ukrainian officials to discuss Biden, which violated campaign laws, in addition to potential witness tampering and treason charges.

    2. @Ethan Weeter we know..you assume and it’s getting old..The world is filled with assumptions and I know how desperately the left wants to attack and bring down suspected corruption by conservatives…its unrealistic and ridiculous…

    3. @J W I am not assuming. Why would the FBI do this without cause or evidence to implicate him in wrongdoing? The FBI is rarely wrong when it comes to corruption by government officials.

    4. @Ethan Weeter nice play but, in the professional politician world, they have a great deal of power and leeway that the normal everyday citizen would get hammered in a court of law for..they are above the law in many instances and never truly accountable for their words and actions..
      The public are especially forgiving of biden which, is pretty pathetic when it was known he sexually harassed women but, that was never truly investigated..it was swept under the rug..even harris accused him and said he should be investigated when they were campaigning for President..
      Then magically, it all disappeared…

    1. @J W Remind me, when did Hunter Biden incite rioters & seditionists? And when did he pedal the false claims of the election rigging?

    2. @Jonas P President Trump never invited a riot as was proven but, nice try..and election fraud has been going on as long as there has been elections but, you can be in denial all you want..

    3. @J W BTW, it’s FORMER President Trump, you know the one, the one who oversaw the shortest period in US history to have accumulated 500,000 deaths from a single issue. The self proclaimed war time leader who became the first president to wave the white flag.

  5. The former guy’s hair dye is probably running down his face today too, bet you can see those sweat lines running through that makeup he wears

  6. *I hope they make sure to watch him when he tucks his shirt in…he’ll be trying to hide the evidence!*

    1. Wow Uncle Rudy is a Colossal Mess, just like Donny Boy, these to Clowns are Like Laurel and Hardy !!! They Just can’t seem to Get it Right !!! Their Both Heading for Jail !!! These 2 Jokers have Ruined our Country, and we May Never Recover !!! Take them off the Street and Lock em up Before they do any More Damage !!

  7. I can’t wait to see what the tangerine tyrant has to say about this . Hey donnie boy it’s only a matter of time before your name is the next to drop…

    1. @K Jackson47 no, nothing will happen to Joe. Because Rudy was spouting lies the whole time. Funny how that works.

    2. @R D
      So. The whole thing on video was faked. You know when Biden wanted the prosecutor fired in Ukraine or they wouldn’t get the $

  8. When this played on TV Michael Cohan probably opened a bottle of champagne and popped the cork started drinking straight from the bottle like he just won the super bowl

    1. Matt Gaetz too but ol frat boy is gonna get popped still cause his friend/partner is cooperating with the feds. Tick tock Matt Gaetz and Rudy Guiliani

  9. Rudy: “Do they think we’re stupid….do they think we’re fools?!”
    Everyone w/ a working brain: “Yes, Rudy! Yes, we do!”

    1. You just spawned a Boy George song parody trigger in my brain… Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. These are the times that try mens’ holes.

    2. We don’t THINK they are stupid. We KNOW they are stupid. There was been plenty of evidence supporting this- the Four Seasons being my personal favourite.

    3. To rudy: rudy remember you entered a hotel room with a female, who alleged she was a reporter thinking you’d be able to _put some work in_ ; and wanted “we the people” to think that you were removing an on-body microphone – come on rudy, we were born at night, not last night. By the way how is that erectile pump _holding up_ ?

  10. About time we are doing something to hold all this criminals accountable for what they have done in the past four years!

    1. Am not hoping..!..coz it takes too long..looks playing politics..? and here you’re olways talking about them..?..

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