Federal Judge Declares DACA ‘Unlawful’ | MSNBC

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) faced it’s latest legal battle after a Texas judge declared it “unlawful” this week. President Biden pledged the DOJ would appeal the decision. Xochitl Hinojosa, former spokesperson for the Department of Justice, joined NBC’s Joshua Johnson to discuss the administration’s response and the unstable reality of being a dreamer. 

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Federal Judge Declares DACA ‘Unlawful’ | MSNBC


  1. Moscow Mitch’s revised court system from 2017 to 2020 is still reaping benefits for millions of idiotic people that voted for the puppet of Vlad the bad.

    1. Doug, you need to unbury your head. The dems spent millions trying to link Trump with the Russians . The only link found was the large sum given to Hunter . And remember the big guy gets 10% . I bet you don’t know that the FBI just released evidence that the laptop is actually Hunter’s . Keep watching the main stream and remain in the dark. Or pull your head out and see what the left is trying , but will fail to do. I know Obama hates the US but I didn’t think Biden shared his Marxist views. In Biden’s defense I’m not sure he is capable of having views anymore .

    2. @Todd Anonymous No millions were spent only to have the GOP provide cover for him by not allowing witnesses and basically killing the entire proceedings.

    3. @Todd Anonymous Fascinating how literally none of what you said is correct.
      Read (or find someone to help you read) the recently-released papers where the Kremlin worked day-in/day-out on getting your loser elected.

  2. I still never heard what was “unlawful” about it. If she answered the question, I missed it!?! That is the main point!

    1. DACA is a policy and not a law. It’s unlawful because its “DEFFERING” people being here illegally from being deported. Without DACA, by law, these people shouldn’t be here whatsoever. This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans, the law is you come to this country legally.

    2. @Mr. White thank you for the clarification. It is refreshing to see somebody on the Internet who knows what they are talking about. I appreciate your feedback.

    3. @Noreb Did the Supreme Court say the policy itself is legal or that keeping people that are here illegally is legal? DACA is a policy that can end at any moment. You know what the D in DACA means, correct?

    4. @Mr. White why dont you go read the judgement that the supreme court issued under john roberts instead of asking a stranger on the internet about something you are clearly misinformed about while acting as though you arent?…

    1. @james mcgreevey @0:10 “texas judge” in the strap line “TX Judge” .. *So what’s not true* ?

    2. be careful….Texans risks being abandoned by the greater US when we discount its diversity. Texas NEEDS US- and many want these Federal ‘justices’ OUT

    3. @juul cat nope, they were born here, they’re Americans. SCOTUS will overturn the Texas decision.

  3. A country full of souls that emmigrated at one point in time……hates immigrants specifically children that had no choice????
    So messed up.

    1. @Lex Ruptor It does matter, and Congress proved it. They’re illegals. You’re not entitled to JACK due to your skin color or immigration status. Study your laws, lest you drown in the upcoming Red Wave, kiddo. Over 75% of this country is ecststic DACA-CA was dissolved.

    2. @Lex Ruptor By the way, your ‘grandpa’ didn’t fight for anything if he supports breaking the law, and he’s a disgusting disgrace to the Vietnam Veterans who fought, died, and suffered to uphold the law. You should be ashamed of yourself, really. But we all know liberals lack shame in every form. It’s why they mutilate their genitals and expect everyone else to accept it forcefully.

    3. @juul cat Blind sycophant to “the law”…
      You should learn what was “the law” in Nazi Germany…
      Also genital mutilation is more of religious practice called ‘circumcision’ which… yep… conservatives are more religious.

    4. @juul cat their kinfolk have been powering America for centuries! They should be full citizens already! The only reason these immigrants aren’t American citizens is blatant racism! You extremely ignorant pos

  4. Stop calling them elected “leaders”: they are at most “officials”, but certainly not leaders ;

    1. @juul cat Can we borrow some of your tears from the election results? MAGAts seem to have taken all of them.

  5. My first thought (true or not) is there must be a majority of GOP and Trump era federal judges doing their dirty work.

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