Federal Judge Declines To Block Eviction Moratorium 1

Federal Judge Declines To Block Eviction Moratorium


A federal judge has declined to block a targeted moratorium on evictions put in place by the CDC, a victory for the Biden administration's relief efforts. NBC's Pete Williams has details on the ruling and why this may be a short-term victory.

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Federal Judge Declines To Block Eviction Moratorium


    1. @The Heard How is forcing landlords to continue to maintain properties, pay property taxes, and mortgages despite rent moratorium not authoritarian? Pay for others to live in your property? I am totally against vaccine mandates – let’s all agree the gov’t caused all of these problems by shutting down the economy based on what they considered “non-essential” work. Let me tell you, ALL workers consider their work essential or they wouldn’t do it. I am not for kicking people out of their homes, but why should everything fall on the shoulder of landlords? Again – this all should fall on the gov’t, and not to keep printing and paying out money and increasing inflation (an invisible tax on all Americans). Time we wake up and hold our officials responsible.

    2. @The Heard where’s the pandemic? The only place I can find it is in my television. You are hypnotized if you can’t see the problem with what is happening

    1. This is probably all a front so the Democrats can try to impose the same type of rent stabilization and zoning laws that destroyed NYC so they can have an “affordable” housing reliant voter base

    2. i feel like certain human rights supersede the moratorium and if landlords started following proper eviction procedure but using their own guns to force people out instead of calling the cops the government wont be able to convict them due to inalienable property rights

    3. @Anonymous Commenter ; Nope. There’s no such thing as “inalienable property rights”. That’s why so many state & local governments have been able to use Eminent Domain to seize property from US citizens who legitimately owned their own homes, land, or farms. A large number of black families & farmers lost a good deal of land that way, as have many other folks, especially farming families. Besides, most land in the US is stolen land anyway. The only exceptions are those lands that are under control of Indigenous American tribes.

      Not to mention the fact that court precedent was set, decades ago, stating that life takes precedence over property.

    4. @Janna Coyote No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; 💥nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.💥

      the government is legally required to pay the unpaid rent

  1. The Supreme Court literally ruled that the CDC has zero authority to do this and yet they do it anyway. What do you do when an institution wields power illegitimately?

    1. @Chip Manly Yes, why do you want millions of Americans to lose their properties because squatters won’t get a job and pay rent. Whatever you subsidize you will get more of. Some people love having poverty, so they pay people to remain poor and make poor decisions.

    2. @Chip Manly
      Why to lose the homes with so many jobs available ?
      How the rest of us pay for our homes, either bought or rented ? We work and pay our mortgage or rent. Where is a mystery in this ?
      Wasn’t Biden saying the other day that it is the employees market not the employers market ?
      There are places hiring people EVERYWHERE !
      Just get out of your butts and start working !!!!

    3. @Geometer FPV
      No, they did not decide it is legal to occupy someone else’s house for free. If that is legal what stops your neighbor to force himself into your house and live for free few months or even few years ?
      Did you ever think of that ?
      Those landlords have their own mortgages, property taxes, maintenance costs to be paid. Who is paying those ?
      The judge ?????

    1. @Ben Walters Marxism you happy now I know the differences I lived them have YOU! YOU don’t even know USA is a Republic not a democracy!

    2. @팩트폭력배 Yes it does because they are no longer receiving income. Where do you get your facts from? Most landlords are small and have only 1 or 2 houses with mortgages, property taxes, insurance and necessary repairs to keep the property in good shape, they do not make 3 times of the mortgage as income after expenses.

    3. @Lor Rub I was basing it on debt to income ratio to apply for mortgage. Legally lenders are not allowed to sell mortgage that’s more than 40% of the applicant’s income.

    4. @Superstar McGee you are misunderstanding basic things here. We are in no way Marxist because the workers in no way own the means of production. Where ever you lived the school system failed you.

  2. So if a tenant isn’t paying rent, and a landlord loses his property because he can’t pay the mortgage, is the bank going to let those people stay in the property?

    1. @Andrew Bobkoski Do you realize that’s the government plan. Bankrupt landlords and give free rent to former renters. One more step closer to socialism.

    2. @The Heard Hey genius and big time property owner. It ain’t “loosing” it’s losing. Ya dummy.

  3. Bad for both renters long term and bad for the people losing their property because they don’t have the $ like big corporations to delay the rent without losing their properties.

  4. They’re just adding to the prices of houses being crazy, they are delaying more inventory that needs to be on the market.

    1. @Spencer Ruble It’s delaying the inevitable, then the banks will want a bailout for all the foreclosures.

    2. @Joey They will have to rent at that point, it’s just repeat of the last time and the banks will want to be bailed out.

    3. @william morales We are talking about renters? And 08 banks should have never been bailed out because it was blatantly their fault. They found a way to bypass individual risk regulations by syndicating extremely risky loans into tranches and giving them higher rating because they were “diversified”. My job is actually doing credit analyses for a committee to give risk ratings to loans but for most of the ones we do are backed by more liquid collateral. But anywayyyys yeah can you clarify what you mean

    4. @Joey Landlords can’t pay the mortgages without rent. There are lots of regular joes who bought houses to rent as investments.

    5. @william morales Yes and grants were sent to states in order to pay landlords for outstanding rent but states have failed to set up programs in order to disburse it in time

  5. Canada; when they had their shutdown, they shut down everything including banks so everything froze including time payments on rent, mortgages and everything in between – for 6 months. Here all they did is ask the banks to do the same and the banks simply laughed at them. So, now they reap the the chaos they sowed. It is sickening, the greed they display.

    1. Everyone is greedy. To look at the banks as greedy and then ignore your own greed is the realm of the hypocrite. Everybody favors an improvement in their own circumstances. Banks must profit or they go out of business. People live in homes much larger than they really need, own cars they don’t really need, enjoy the fruits of their labor. They look for deals. The free market runs on greed. Some may be greedier than others but it’s all the same greed.

    2. @mark jones I agree with you 100%.

      Sadly the youth had been perfectly brainwashed and things will only get worse.

    3. That was a common sense way of handling it. I expected our “government” to press pause on everything as well but this is America and they’re all dumb. This is why I think Canada is where I need to move. Free healthcare here I come!

    1. Its not a law. The equivalence would be your neighbor telling you when to feed your kids. It really is that absurd and I have no idea why people buy into this bs other than fear.

    2. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, passed in 1791, provides that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, 💥nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.💥

    3. @rjwood6314 The Law of the Land. Otherwise referred to as The Constitution of the United States of America.

    4. @Anonymous Commenter Ask the people on the Texas border that were having their own property fenced off by the djt admin. about that.

  6. 3 birds with one stone…. Landlord loses house, renter gets evicted, and blackrock buys up foreclosed homes. You will own nothing and be happy

    1. @RUN PMC only if he’s a junkie, that screws his brothers widow, knocks up hookers, steals money from countries hoping for political advantage and who’s name is Biden. And the press could care less. Imagine if his name was Trump? God help us.

    2. @Lorna Vincent Well, they might not be landlords long. Well they voted for Biden, elections have consequences.

    1. @stephanie anderson Lumber has come down a LOT. Our lumber where we live small town) is not roughly only $1 more than it was pre-pandemic so not sure where you are getting your info from.

      It also will never affect me as I own my home (paid off) and we could retire now and live well (still 15 years away from actual retirement)

      Blame your dumb idiotic government (both parties) if you are so worried about Blackrock.

    2. @Deborah Ide I pity you, I really do. You make stuff up as you go thru life never realizing you are being led by your own imposed CHAIN around your neck.

      This kind of talk was around 50 years ago, and it never happened. This talk is like the Revelations talk of the Christian religion.

      It is just TALK to scare people, nothing more.

      Again I pity your ignorance and inability to accept reality. BTW Biden is the legit President of the USA — Trump lost get over it and move on you will be happier trust me.

    3. @GreenKrickett I don’t believe in any party at this point. The more ppl know, the more pressure can be pushed.

    4. @GreenKrickett I can’t wait to see you eating bugs on the street, telling me that “Capitalism and the Patriarchy” did this, when you inevitably did this to yourself by supporting these career politicians.

    1. Never, welcome to phase one of redistribution of wealth. The CDC is as good of handling pandemics as it is real estate.

  7. Great, love it when judges legislate from the bench in support of a moratorium that has been proven to be unconstitutional

    1. As someone left leaning and progressive, i totally agree… its one thing for congress to pass it, its another for some gov. Agency that basically just advises others on public health to do it, like saying a school teacher can write traffic tickets whenever they want for whatever

  8. I love the level of reporting. No questioning as to where the CDC obtained the power to suddenly seize all of the rental property in the United States without Due Process?

    1. The Media is bought and paid for by the same corporations buying up foreclosed properties. The Media hasn’t had an independent thought in decades. Try flipping channels during the evening news. You’ll hear the same stories on every channel, often in the same words.

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