Federal judge denies Danny Fortin's reinstatement request 1

Federal judge denies Danny Fortin’s reinstatement request


Dany Fortin’s request to return as the head of Canada’s vaccine distribution has been denied.

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  1. political appointment, don’t like results remember the liberals at the next election. Canada had its chance to dump him but…..

    1. @Goodbye GyeBoth O’Toole and Scheer won the popular vote, so there HAS been a preferable candidate for the past two elections. If we want trudeau gone, we need electoral reform so that Toronto alone can no longer decide who leads this country.

    1. All lines are busy. Thank you for calling the department of hopes and dreams. We appreciate your input and patentable ideas.

    1. This is basic law. Anyone who has been a Union representative knows that you have to exercise all the internal mechanisms before seeking a court solution. No judge will over step an internal review or challenge without it following its conclusion. I know everything has to be political now. However court’s follow law. How can his lawyers argue a review or tribunal when there has not been a decision. What do you argue with the judge. There are procedures and policies set to address internal matters. If he exhausts all of these then he can go to court. He is in a stronger position if he goes that way because he has the decision to pick apart in court

    2. @WolvenHeart1 he will get nowhere with military proceedings. Trudeau will make sure of that because he holds the strings. Of course, he holds the strings with the federal and Supreme courts too, so Fortin really can never win.

  2. Federal public servants can’t bring their employer to court. There is legislation on this. Fortin and his lawyers knew this.

  3. I’m quite surprised he thinks he’d get reinstated. He’s finished as the whiff of scandal won’t ever leave him now. Same as with all the other Senior Officers who’ve also recently come under scrutiny.

    1. Well why shouldnt he think he could reinstated? Trudeau got off the hook for sexual assault, so why shouldn’t he?

    2. @Sam G Optics. I served my entire adult life in uniform. His career is finished, l know it. He knows it as well as anyone else who’s served. Your career doesn’t come back from scandal like this, especially at his level.

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