Federal Judge Excoriates Trump Lawyers, Refers Them For Disbarment 1

Federal Judge Excoriates Trump Lawyers, Refers Them For Disbarment

Rachel Maddow reads from a ruling by Judge Linda V. Parker of the Federal District Court in Detroit in which she agrees with the case brought by Detroit that the lawsuits filed to overturn Donald Trump's election loss in Michigan were not actually about any legal issues but were political stunts to undermine the integrity of the election.

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  1. ‘No reasonable person would conclude the statements were truly statements of FACTS’ – Sidney Powell

    1. @William Miller sorry I’m not from America. Can you tell me who George Soros is and what nefarious deeds have been proven he’s behind?

    2. @Vote Fraud Joe Why are you even on this channel? I am sure you don’t watch the videos or listen to their content. Is it fun being a troll? I certainly would not watch a bunch of FOX videos and try to engage their audience. If you truly wanted to win minds over you got it all wrong. Maybe you should be watching some of those charisma and personality videos. Seriously, they teach you how to convince others more successfully.

    3. @Vote Fraud Joe Fact check: Clip of Biden taken out of context to portray him as plotting a voter fraud scheme
      Likely meaning to say “voter protection” instead of “voter fraud,” the former vice president is referring to the special litigation team his campaign has launched as it braces for potential legal fights over the outcome of the election (here). Biden’s campaign for months has been ramping up what it calls the largest voter protection program in presidential election history, after Trump repeatedly has suggested without evidence that the election could be “rigged”.Reuters

      Beyond a shadow of a doubt trump set the table and poisoned the food.

    4. @Livingston Seagull she shouldn’t go down alone, should cut a deal to talk the whole gamut down. But perhaps she isn’t that smart of a lawyer, thus finding herself in these types of issues. Live and learn

  2. “The wheels of justice grind slow but true.” Couldn’t happen to a better group of idiots. Judge Linda V. Parker “You Rock” !!

    1. @Suzanne Lee 74 million people need to stop crying and grow up! You’re a very sad individual if you STILL profess to believe the Big Lie. Goodbye

    2. @Suzanne Lee So what facts did the trump appointed supreme court jesters fear they would find?

    3. @Romance with the Past… yeah, but none of the lawyers that did the Russia collusion were accused of frivolous intent.

    1. @Gadget Carpenter Oh you mean the 3 audits 1 being the Cyber Security audit that confirmed Biden’s win. Yes your garbage media is always lying about the results with no evidence whatsoever just like Trump.

    2. @Brian Simmons Except for the money he skimmed and grifted from his gullible supporters.. Better check that bank statement to insure that “auto payment” for donations is not draining you dry.

  3. “Debased the judicial process”, “undermine the integrity of the judiciary”, “scorned their oath” and “flouted the rules”. Irrespective of their motives this enough to see them disbarred several times over. The cherry on the cake is the requirement that they pay all court costs. A life of supermarket shelf-stacking penury beckons these former lawyers. The message is, if you create legal smoke for political gain without there being a fire you are going to get badly burnt by the law.

    1. @47f0 Yeah just look at the way they all lined up to support the freak that can’t speak, biden and his show of brainwashed fools!! It’s very entertaining at times but it’s also very sad that people are dying from stupidity and tactical mistakes

    2. Don’t get your hopes up. These guys are out of Texas and Georgia. I just don’t see them getting disbarred. I live in Texas. Down here, things don’t always work the way they should. The times my state has embarrassed me by some of the things that are allowed to happen are just too many to count. We have a governor who holds closed door events without masks and get some self sick with Covid after trying to prohibit anywhere from mandating masks. We have a senator who decides to go on vacation when people in his home state are freezing to death. And, we have a bunch of ungrateful people who, when a congresswoman from New York comes to Houston and helps out in that more than our own senator does, they still say terrible and demeaning things about her with absolutely no shame. And, don’t get me started on our attorney general. Again, I just don’t see them getting disbarred

    1. So allowing these journalists tray doors to spoonfeed you with lies day in and out while this Administration rips America apart and sets us up to become the next Shy naaa after leaving over 40 thousand Americans to be slaughtered in Afgan is a right pick for you over lawyers f8ghting for the rights of the voters with over 20 thousand affidavits that witnessed voterfrd! Okay got it, may I say you don’t deserve mercy.

    2. @Facts Matter …. it was T who did all you claim here. Like everything the Qult you’re a member of does, you project, deflect, close your eyes and ears to anything that doesn’t fit your upside down, topsy turvy, black is white, lies are truth fantasyland world silo. I hope you make it out someday before it’s too late.

    1. @Daniel Trejo So does that make biden any better? Why do you think all the powerful politicians wanted trump out? Think about it.

    2. the clubhouse… Biden released his tax returns and all of his and Jill Biden is accounted for, what money are you talking about, you have proof buddy?

  4. This whole shame was instigated for the sole purpose of creating “reasonable doubt” among the electorate and as we’ve all witnessed it doesn’t take take much to create that among Trump supporters. This case is so egregious and so obvious to any rational and reasonable person that these lawyers should all be permanently disbarred.

    1. Powell herself told the court, maybe not this one, that “no reasonable person should believe her claims of fraud against Dominion voting machines”…

    1. The judge is as corrupt as your president who is now the worst president in history and is hated all around the world.

      No one cares what you think

    1. Yeah sure wouldn’t work out well for Biden if he is held accountable for Afghanistan. Right?

    2. @searching for redemption : Wake up girlie. Biden is a seven month President ( Trump lost ! ) that has inherited a twenty year mess.

  5. These fools ignored this age old wisdom:

    “When ya’ hang out with dogs …
    ya’ gonna pick up some fleas.”

    1. Everything is just for a time!! A want a judge to fling the book at them these people respect trump more than the law they r supose to up hold God us not sleeping!!!!

    1. @Anthony . . Peru, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czechia, North Macedonia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Columbia, Argentina, Moldova, Slovakia, Perugia, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Mexico, Poland, UK, Tunisia, and Chile…that enough liberal?

    2. @Florence Huesken no who said January 14 was already here covid wasn’t human to human he did wat he was legally supposed to do close borders and ban flight s was called xenophobic and racist by cnn all corrupt dem news . A politician that get rich while in office is corrupt Harry s Truman

    3. @Anthony . . there are more people in USA more than 6 countries um also burn loot and murder out in the street dem cities building fort living in a capital in an imaginary country

    4. @Lora Larose it’s amazing what truths you’ll find when you don’t suckle from CNN’s bosom 24/7. Anthony should try doing his own research rather than listening to Rachel Maddcow and Humpty Dumpty Stelter as if they’re gospel lol.

  6. Meanwhile Donald is playing golf and saying:” I don’t know them…I met hundreds of lawyers, how can I remember all of them?”

    1. @Allen Bennett that’s what your vote equates to…dead servicemen due to Biden’s incompetent leadership. But I guess that’s better than mean tweets huh?

    2. @Kenneth Norris looks like his “basement” is out in public with him giving press conferences. Come up with something new would you?

  7. They’re all going down, slowly but surely. Anyone who helped him perpetrate his big lie should be held accountable.

    1. @Something Different wow its ironic an obama apointed judge said theres no “evidence” which is a lie. You believe the guy who tells you that “the taliban will never take over” now all the mainstream has to turn on him because they can’t hide the truth in such a quickly manner.

    2. @Valarie Broadway it’s absolutely terrifying. These people are the reason we are being taken advantage of.

  8. It’s way passed due, and absolutely these attorneys must be held accountable and so should the criminal who put them up to this total circus

  9. The next headline will be about these Trump Cult attorneys proclaiming their innocence and blaming the Boogie Man for their downfall.

  10. It’s about time that the courts are taking action against these frivolous, unsupported lawsuits. Take them to the cleaners.

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