Federal Judge Orders USPS Inspectors To Sweep Mail Facilities For Unsent Ballots | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Federal Judge Orders USPS Inspectors To Sweep Mail Facilities For Unsent Ballots | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


A federal judge has ordered USPS inspectors to sweep mail facilities for unsent ballots by 3 p.m. EST today. Aired on 11/03/2020.
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Federal Judge Orders USPS Inspectors To Sweep Mail Facilities For Unsent Ballots | MTP Daily | MSNBC

97 Comments on "Federal Judge Orders USPS Inspectors To Sweep Mail Facilities For Unsent Ballots | MTP Daily | MSNBC"

  1. wut iz u sayin'? | November 3, 2020 at 2:10 PM | Reply

    The way the elections are going in the US is terribly shocking to me, the waiting in lines, voter suppression, etc. It should be simpler than this.
    In canada, your employer legally has to give you a 4-hour break to go vote and all voting takes places in elementary schools. Last time I waited 5 minutes in-and-out.

    • justin yancosky | November 3, 2020 at 7:03 PM | Reply

      No one gives a s*** what you think

    • Trinitro Phenylnitramine | November 3, 2020 at 7:41 PM | Reply

      5 micron (mask pore size) 0.12 micron (covid particle size)

    • I put my ballot in a drop box. No waiting.

    • @Nancy Diehl That’s your experience. An anecdote. Mine was a fast line, too. But I live in an affluent area. And with a lot of early voting.

      But the data on how long people have to wait to vote, especially in districts that have more minority populations, is out there. Longstanding trend. Go read or something

    • @A Maaa I voted after work near my job/where I live, a large Level I Trauma Center in the Medical District.

      I’m well aware of the indigent as I provide medical care for this diverse population. If you are as “affluent” as you state then I guess maybe you are not aware that most medical districts are not often located on the best part of town.

      I had no problem voting nor did the others around me despite not being in an “affluent” neighborhood. Maybe you need to take a break from “reading” and actually explore things outside YOUR bubble.

      PS: I don’t like to assume that just because you are a minority you are poor. That’s a stereotype.

  2. GOP: ”That is against our voter fraud!”

  3. I’m surprised our Postmaster General is allowing this. He must have really been cowed after being called out for his crap.

  4. America’s immune system is fighting the orange tumor.

  5. JackLemmonwas aDemocrat | November 3, 2020 at 2:15 PM | Reply

    The fact that we can’t trust the US Postal Service is shocking beyond words. Lock him up! Dump & Dejoy!!!!!

    • Its not the post office we cant trust. Its the people trump purposely put in charge of the US post office SPECIFICIALLY to screw up ballots and the election. this has been a long time coming.

    • @The Tweatles that story is faker than trumps wig. Why are you so focused on politics when you should be concentrated on accepting your sexuality. For real, how many year has it been?

    • @Shawn Corbin You literally ( not figrutevly) just referred to trump as God.

    • It’s not the USPS that we can’t trust. It’s DeJoy, Trump’s lapdog.

    • I never stopped trusting the USPS! It’s just dejoy!

  6. If you mailed your ballot, or know someone who did, please check your ballot status online for your state to see if it arrived and was counted! It only takes a minute or two to check.

    If the ballot hasn’t arrived or has the “counted” status, please screenshot your status, contact your elections office, or go to the polls. Also, screenshot your registration status as proof.

    • Trinitro Phenylnitramine | November 3, 2020 at 7:41 PM | Reply

      5 micron (mask pore size) 0.12 micron (covid particle size)

    • Diane O'Donovan | November 3, 2020 at 8:10 PM | Reply

      @Trinitro Phenylnitramine That’s not the point. Millions of virus particles are in one splash of moisture from another person’s breath, sneeze, or cough. What the mask does is keep most of those droplets from travelling the distance to infect another person. And the amount which reaches you – the viral load – is a deciding factor in whether or not your own immune system can fight off the infection. At present, that’s all you have – your own immune system. There’s no medication and still no acceptable vaccine. So masks matter.Washing your hands destroys the virus’ fatty outer layer if the droplets are on your hands. Masking blocks the larger droplets from contacting the membrane of your nose and mouth – the only kind via which they can get into your cells and replicate. Distance prevents the droplets covering the distance. So the ‘viruses are too small’ argument is not relevant. Viruses don’t travel singly; they travel in their millions within larger, or smaller, moisture droplets. If those droplets can’t get to your mouth, nose or (to a lesser extent) your eyes, you’re that much safer.

    • I hope they aren’t looking for the ballot they mailed to me that I didn’t ask for. Law: voter must request mail-in ballot. Cuz I threw it out and voted in person.

    • Diane O'Donovan | November 3, 2020 at 8:50 PM | Reply

      @Sara Drake You received a copy of the form, that’s all. It’s everyone’s right to vote and the choice of whether to vote by mail or in person is – naturally – up to you. But you’re not a person who knows that copies of the voting registrations, with your name, address and registered party preference are in the hands of people whose aim is to stop you from voting. Putting copies of the registration lists – mostly sorted by address and listed party-preference – in the hands of people who not only know where you live but whose aim is to intimidate you, and who may be standing with assault rifles at the polling stations means that providing everyone with the means to do a mail-in vote is a way to ensure everyone’s rights are respected. Or maybe you are in that situation of being harrassed by Trumpians – and just a very brave person.

    • Diane O'Donovan | November 4, 2020 at 5:01 AM | Reply

      @Sara Drake I saw you say that on another site, and replied to you there. And you’re mistaken about what the ‘law’ is – a ballot form can be posted to everyone in some states and obviously your state is one of them. No-one’s forcing you to fill it in and if you did vote by mail you couldn’t vote in person as well, but the choice is yours. Nothing wrong with being offered that choice. Nothing illegal about it.

  7. I guess that means ballots in the mail will be counted after today. Like in every other election…

  8. The judge has to order UPS to do it job!

  9. The Postal Service Grand Master DeJoy need to be locked up!!

  10. Just less than 4 hours for most of the states. Vote please!

  11. Its really appalling that it requires a court order to make sure legitimate ballots are counted.

  12. All RIGHT !!!! That judge, I’m willing to bet, is Judge Sullivan. He is pure justice.

  13. Mobilizing everyone against Trump and the GOP in Congress. We need to take everything from them! Come vote and don’t ignore your life.

    • Saint Scanderbeg | November 3, 2020 at 4:48 PM | Reply

      @Jim Myers you assumed i threatened or attacked people, both assumptions are baseless. Free speech is free speech as long as your speech doesn’t present a ” clear and present danger”.
      If you can’t see that cancel culture is a real thing, or youtube banning certain ideologies, then maybe you need to open your eyes.

    • @Saint Scanderbeg Just saying that you would NOT have those accounts shut down without something along those lines. What you did, I don’t really care, but you need to look at your own behavior if you keep getting accounts shut down.

    • @Micho Rizo funny coming from someone that didn’t want any to begin with.

    • Trinitro Phenylnitramine | November 3, 2020 at 7:41 PM | Reply

      5 micron (mask pore size) 0.12 micron (covid particle size)

  14. Blondine Anthony | November 3, 2020 at 2:34 PM | Reply

    It looks like Federal Judges isn’t playing with the Conman. Thank You Real Judges.

  15. Mignon Simpson | November 3, 2020 at 2:36 PM | Reply

    I love that judge he is a national treasure.

  16. And don’t get it twisted…..BLACK LIVES MATTER….ALL OVER THE WORLD…..NOT JUST IN THE U.S.

  17. It is sad that we need a Judge to make sure our votes are protected.

  18. Order in the court, none of those voter suppression and purging tactics this time. Let the votes be found, mailed and counted🎊💙🌊

  19. DeJoy needs to be prosecuted after election.

    • DeJoke needs to go to JAIL!!!

    • Ritemoe- -LawBks83 | November 3, 2020 at 5:33 PM | Reply

      @Mark Allen That snake 🐍 only has the power Trump delagated to him.

    • Right after Obama, Hillary, ByeDone, Pelosi, Schutdown Schummer and every single rioter. Every. Single. Rioter.

    • He’ll use the ‘Nuremberg’ defense – “I was just following orders.”

    • He dismantled and destroyed millions of dollars worth of federal equipment for the express purpose of suppressing the vote by crippling the USPS so the mail-in votes could not be processed in a timely manner. Federal charges should definitely be in his future!

  20. Thk u federal judge!!💓&Trump would rather control ballots,but couldn’t control the covid pandemic!pathetic

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