Federal Judge Releases More Capitol Riot Assault Video | MSNBC 1

Federal Judge Releases More Capitol Riot Assault Video | MSNBC


A federal judge has released two more videos from the January 6 Capitol assault at the request of news outlets. The Morning Joe panel discusses, and Joe Scarborough says the insurrection should be called out regardless of an individual's political party.

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Federal Judge Releases More Capitol Riot Assault Video | MSNBC


    1. @William H Music 2020 every democrat just defunded the police with 350 billion. oops sorry i guess that was funding

    2. Nope. It’s not sweaty. 93% of BLM protests were peaceful.

      January 6th was an act of treason and domestic terror.

    1. @Suckass Dems Your cult and your orange oaf have turned your once great country into a global laughingstock 🖕😂
      Didn’t you know that ?

  1. Trump saying these ppl were “peaceful, loving & patriotic”
    Trump should be held accountable!

    1. @J. Noble America never left just a bunch of people whining cause its not as white as they prefer. America isnt black or white its red white and blue always has been always will be. Just because you dont like that doesnt mean anything at all has changed. America will be here long after your gone and it will be as great as we make it. All we have to due is get rid of these criminal republicans!

    2. Here is the next wave…. “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Bible Study Tools

    1. @forkless yea the video of them beating the police with the American flag and breaking windows is very inviting, Dont believe your eyes, Believe me The orange Shæt stain

    1. @Krystal Summers Yeah? Was it? I am glad we have the law in the house, and not someone brainwashed by MSM… Oh, wait….

    2. @Krystal Summers Don’t feed the trolls. He only “wins” when he makes someone upset or angry. Think of him like the younger sibling who’ll do anything to get attention. Ignore him long enough and he’ll get bored and go somewhere else.

    3. @michael gregory Another ostrich? Head in the sand much? What about the innocent black girl that was killed at the hands of a white security detail on the 6th? Racism was not dealt with that day.

    4. Especially Margarine Traitor Gangrene! Although I usually call her Margarine Traitor Grifter, since she is unnatural, seditious and only in it for the money.

  2. We need bring republicans in the congress to be accountable to riots in this country. Republicans are as bad as Trump and his supporters.

    1. @Maddis Stone Nancy Pelosi helped the insurrection happen, along with Bowser, the FBI, Antifa and BLM. Who is John Sulljvan, a.k.a. Jayden-X?

    2. @Matt O When the Affirmative Action laws that give Blacks special privileges and quotas that discriminate against other races, Then we will be equal…

    1. @steel celt
      How is trump back exactly???
      You think that holding a stupid rally makes him be “back”???
      You guys stupidly guaranteed that he’d be back in office in January… March, April, May, June…

  3. I hope officer Fanone can sue. A heart attack at such a young age .This won’t affect his lifespan? What age are his 4 daughters?

    1. @Matt Most of his comments are virulent “Q” nonsense. (Ashli Babbit apologist who blames Pelosi for the attack. 1,000+ comments on this channel, alone.) He’s just trolling to contribute to division between the center & the left.

    2. @Maddis Stone Trump appointed judges ruled against his election conspiracy claims. They tend to be pro- cop, so… He & the other officers should sue their leadership & the Pentagon officials who hesitated to send help. He should also sue the maniac who tased him & the one who threatened to shoot him. God knows all 3 groups caused what’s likely to be years of pain & suffering for these wounded officers- including the ones without visible injuries.

  4. Charged with…. Assault, theft….. that’s all? Why not sedition? Quite literally, the book, the kitchen sink needs to thrown at these traitors, then picked up and thrown again.

    1. Cheshire Cat
      Source Material. Not clips aired by the MSM. The clips that were available initially and then removed. We have it archived but I’ll be blocked and censored for sharing it. I’m currently restricted on FB for posting truth. Last year in a FB Live video, I explained how HQL + Zinc was effective on a cellular level in shutting down the replication of SARS-CoV2. 30 days in FB Jail. Factual, truthful.. shut down by the Brown Shirts. Same thing happened when I posted evidence indicating the likely origin was the P4 Contagion Lab in Wuhan. Another 30 days in FB Jail. Now the MSM talks about it. Last year, every channel called it a debunked conspiracy theory. These are the folks that you are in league with. Sad.
      Go to Duck Duck Go and Research John Earl Sullivan. He is and was BLANTIFA , was inside the Capital urging folks on. He shot the video of Ashli being shot. He then sold the video to MSNBC and CNN. Was interviewed by CNN, the night of Jan 6 as if he was an I dependent Journalist. He already had an arrest record associated with BLANTIFA. Recently he was finally arrested and $90,000 was seized. CNN won’t tell you that or clarify their actions or even mention him.. either will MSNBC. Seek truth. God Wins.

    2. @Wakawaka Willy it’s interesting how you try to set the standard by using the word you inappropriately. I had nothing to do with BLM riots, I’m not republican (thank God) and I’m not democrat. The thing you’ll never get is how brainwashed you’ve become by Trump’s lies and rhetoric and requisite amplification by faux no matter how starkly untrue or laughable. To you Trump is always right and faux just confirms it. This all predisposes you to the authoritarianism and more fascism, and probably to more violence from the right. Got any travel plans this August?

    3. @Anthony oh now you’re a ‘moderate’. LOL. You’re one of the clowns in the clown tent, probably antifa affiliated, and are now telling the last sane people they’re the ones really brainwashed. Take your gaslight back to the preschool.

    4. @Wakawaka Willy yeah, and registered republicans changing to independents and independents are vowing never to vote republican again after the chaos and clown show of the Trump administration. So stick with your unamerican monarch and God king. Good luck with that.

  5. Keep showing these videos every day until the GOP liars stop categorizing Jan. 6th as “normal.”

    1. 93% of BLM protests were peaceful.

      FBI has stated the largest domestic terror threat are far right wing reactionaries, like yourself. FACTS don’t care about your FEELINGS.

    2. The intent of the Jan. 6 protest was far more nefarious [than the BLM protests of Summer 2020]. Last summer’s unrest was a revisitation of a years-long focus on the relationship between Black Americans and the police. The protests were meant to draw attention to what protesters describe as systemic injustices within law enforcement, injustices which make it more likely that Black people detained by police will be shot or injured.
      The goal [January 6, 2021] was to object to the democratic transition of power in the United States.

      Those two aims are not comparable. Nor were the effects of the violence. Rioters in Minneapolis burned down a police precinct; others in other cities looted and burned buildings. All of those acts were criminal and damaging. None of them broadly threatened the existence of law enforcement or commerce.

      The events in Washington, by contrast, constituted a “violent insurrection that attempted to overthrow the United States Government,” according to federal prosecutors. On the scale of changes that could result, the dismantling of a city’s police department is objectively less significant than the overthrow of the U.S. government. More importantly, the violence itself wasn’t simply meant to send a message to legislators, the violence was meant to effect the desired change. The violence was the means to that end.

    3. Until FOX news begins to show these videos, they should be boycotted. With any luck, Murdoch will eventually cut his losses and shut them down.

    4. “Mostly peaceful” according to the rules and standards established by the MSM during the riots of 2020.

    1. Although seeing this happen at Mar a Lardo would seem great… Love to see Don having to hide and barricade door and wait for help that took three hours to come. But we don’t want that shameful mob violence ever again.


    3. Because Nancy maybe doesn’t want to upset anyone.She knows them all upstairs.The 2020 Federal election would have been even better had all the GOP been voted out with Trump. But that fixes things

  6. According to Trump and the GOP these were peaceful tourists. I wonder if that’s what Adolf told the Jews.

    1. @Orlando Acosta
      Anarchist made problems at BLM protests but they are never mentioned by trumpturds.
      Anarchist aren’t supported by any political party. They just want to make trouble.

    2. @jesushatesyoutoo
      How about trump’s dad who purchased land then had the government pay for his crappy apartments?
      Then he refused to rent to blacks.
      I’d call that socialism for the wealthy.

    3. @Baphomet
      That’s irrelevant. That’s how a grade schooler reacts when they get in trouble. They point at someone else and say, “what about Timmy? He pulled Sally’s hair!” The judge won’t accept that as a defense; they don’t care what someone else did at some other time and place. They only care what you did. So, …whatever. The protests last year have no bearing on when Trump’s supporters attacked Congress in an attempt to stop the certification of the election and essentially overthrow the government. These Trump supporters weren’t just protesting; they’re traitors who deserve prison time.

  7. Do you think Donny would be OK for such a “peaceful” group to pay a similar visit to Mar-a-Lago?

    1. Yea, tourist, go visit Mar a loco next. Bring your flags, and bats, zip ties and axes, and stun guns. Remember in Florida guns are legal, so bring them too.

    2. @Mary Wegrzyn
      Wait till his brainwashed followers wake up and realize they have been played.
      Mara a loco won’t be a safe place for the conman.

    1. @Fake President
      Why would republican run states cheat to have Biden win?
      Not one democratic run state has been questioned as cheating. Just red states.

    2. @Fake President he wasn’t president at the time. They were attempting to count the vote at that time. You can’t cause nothing, if you are nothing. He was nothing at that moment

  8. The insiders who incited this seditious attack need to be held fully accountable — starting with Agent Orange.

    1. Marge and co were in on this. Thats why the GOPS called it an everyday tour. They gave the building plan to these Insurrectionists.

  9. How he isn’t punished immediately for treason like in every other country in all of history is what is really disturbing


    2. @Heavy Duty Reviews What treason? That would be Biden and the rest of the Democratic party that cheated a presidential election.

  10. After all of this Donald Trump has not yet been charged for his role in this insurrection! What are they waiting for?

    1. @MrShanester117
      Flag poles and pitch forks against weapons of war.
      Fine, bring it on trumpturds.

    2. @vonsuthoff



      Yeah, I’m not doing too bad ; still waiting for a first Vaccine Jab, but that’s the same for most of Oz.

      Life goes on.

      Have a good one…

      Stay safe.


      Ciao !

    3. @MrShanester117



      35 years ago the Hippies on the local Commune bestowed it on me as a Nickname, so 10 years ago when my daughter created the Channel & boomarked it onto my prepaid Mobile Phone, the Nickname was the obvious Label for the Channel.

      Then it turned out that my local Aboriginal Name is,

      “…’Ave A Chat !”.

      So, two Nicknames from two groups of Fringe-Dwellers, and the Nicknames dovetail perfectly.

      How many Hermits can say that ?

      Such is life,

      Have a good one…

      Stay safe.


      Ciao !

  11. This is what Trump calls “Peaceful and Loving”, I personally like to give Trump a taste of his “Peace and Love” myself!!!

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