1. Support for this kind of government overreach is a slippery slope. Once this trust is broken we are forever fractured. Be careful….

    2. @TMJ It doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinion is, Canadians have a right to peaceful assembly. The fact that there was absolutely no violence and it was cleared using extreme measures is a clear violation of the charter.

      If you want to start a conversation about removing that right then we can but until it is officially removed, it is a right that we have.

    3. @KillerSniper55 It was not a peaceful protest. Just because there was little violence doesn’t mean it was peaceful. Holding a city under siege, interfering with the rights of local residents and business, causing significant economic harm, causing subtle but permanent hearing damage (and to young children) is way beyond what is considered acceptable civil disobedience during a protest. That is why there is a $300 million dollar class action lawsuit against the protest leaders.

    4. Completely agree. Finally the police have cleared the drek and services are returned to residents. Completely unacceptable and can never happen again!

  1. Aren’t they supposed to be debating the use of the emergency act today? Guess not. It’s spin time for the liberals.

    1. They are stalling until they get a chance to clear the protestors and abuse their political rivals. If parliament rejects it, the liberals will try and make it look like everyone was freaking out over nothing and their pink-haired denizens and blind bourgeois urbanites will pokemon-go to the polls, vote liberal again, and the erosion of democracy can continue unabated.

  2. Even if they successfully accomplish stopping the protests, there is still a lot of damage done!! This won’t be taken lightly, at all!

    1. @Unknown Name oh absolutely, we’re all damaged in a way and those trying to compose and keep themselves together by following orders because it feels safer are just digging holes 🕳 to more chaos. Life likes to work symbiotic at times! Too much order requires chaos, too much chaos requires order. Natural Laws we tend to forget!

    1. They are stalling. They never needed to debate it. By the time it is accepted or rejected, all the damage to our nation has been done. The world is watching, and the world is disgusted with this.

    2. What ever Trudeau says , does or implements , no matter how tyrannical it looks , Jagmeet Singh is
      100% behind him . The brief history has shown Canadians that much !

    3. @TheDarthJesus so violent that they hold signs and say things you disagree with. I’m hoping that society breaks down so I can go hunting

  3. Not much on why we need the Emergencies Act.
    Lots on the effects of business in Ottawa but that’s nothing that wasn’t taken care of by police in other cites who operated without the Emergencies Act.

    1. It’s so dumb, government told the businesses to close, to abide by “the Science” and “Health Guidelines”

  4. What are they going to do, evoke a police state in Ottawa forever to prevent peaceful protesters from returning?

  5. It’s all about the money 🧐
    No more “heart” to listen or “talk” to Canadians 😔 So, “twenty million” given from tax payers to fix broken Ottawa 🤔

    1. @TheDarthJesus For her children and grand children rights! WAKE UP IT’S A PEACEFULL and legal demonstration!

    2. @TMJ I watched it live on YouTube. Do a search for it on YouTube, there are still footage available.

    3. @Billy Rondeau They brought guns, and broke numerous laws. It was neither peaceful nor legal, they admitted it when the protesters themselves admitted it was civil disobedience.

    4. @TheDarthJesus how was it not peaceful? Keep going with this savage behavior and you’ll see what a non peaceful riot looks like. You’re making fools of yourselves and the whole world knows it.

    1. They get Paid’ to say these rehetorics’……………No soul’ ………………………….??? are any of them’ not “clones’ …………???????? …………….(unvaxx)

    1. We won’t forget who was on what side of history. He is going to have to flee Canada in shame when all of this is over.

  6. If they succeed by removing the protest. What have the accomplished? The trust for the government and banking system is broken. And many will never trust a family doctor ever again

    1. Exactly. We have taken steps back to the depression era when Doctors , Banks, and governments were not trusted.

  7. Pointing guns at unarmed protesters whom are excercising their legal right is not a step forward either. Whats wrong with Canada

  8. Did we all miss something? The trucks symbolize the “movement of goods” like groceries. The truckers delivered these goods the last 2 years through Covid and we mandate them to this?

    1. This was never about supposed supply chain issues. They claimed that 90 % of truck drivers were vaxxed anyways. I saw thousands of them on highway 401, shelves stocked to the hilt in grocery stores. Just ridiculous unnecessary price gouges. All perpetrated by the liberal govt. Remember BBB!! The truckers just wanted equal access to work to continue living their lives, and protect our freedoms, that everyone else seems to be so quick to squander.

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