Federal parties pledge to tackle Canada's housing crisis 1

Federal parties pledge to tackle Canada’s housing crisis


Liberal candidate Sean Fraser, NDP candidate Bonita Zarrillo and Conservative candidate John Barlow discuss Canada's housing crisis.

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  1. Omg would someone just asked them the real problem. Who care if you build homes. When you let in 4 million immigrants. You are still short. This is not a knock on any nationality. It is sheer math.

    1. Very elegantly put and the truth ,and Trudeau allowed the most for keeping his corporate friends happy but forgot the common Canadian, and foreign ownership.

  2. Foreign buyers interest increase only translates to higher rental prices, as locals are outbid by foreign companies that turn around and rent out those homes.

  3. None of them are pledging to do enough. Building 500,000 homes wont do anything. Banning foreign buyers will help a bit but Canadian REITS will just have less competition and buy all the new homes being built. ugh

  4. Trudeau himself is going to build these homes? Is he qualified to do that? Oh wait, he also isn’t qualified to run a country… I guess it doesn’t matter.

  5. Any party that will stop foreigners buying homes will help. Stopping Trudeau from importing 2 million migrants over the last six year would help inflating the housing prices.

  6. Realistically it isnt even foreign investors, they make up a small percentage of the actual firms that own large swaths of property, they just stand out more as a hot button topic. The real issue is that there’s no solid cap on rental prices, and flipping houses has become such a big business, so much so that huge firms are just buying up gigantic plots of land and renting out each room in said house for as much as they can get.

    Capital tax on house flipping, limit companies ability to buy up gigantic amounts of property, cap off rent instead of limiting it to a percentage per year.

  7. LOL build 500,000 homes over ten years says the guy who wants to bring 300,000 immigrants in each year.

  8. We better elect Bernier then.
    The rest have the same policies and have resulted in having a housing crisis.

  9. Take Trudeau trust fund from his daddy pay for the low gear income. Sick of Liberals constantly not telling the truth.

  10. Stop foreign ownership, limit immigration, raise interest rates ,everything will fall back into place, Trudeau had 6 years failed, time for a party to start taking these actions so only ndp ,conservatives need to campaign on these promises and one will win and keep their words .

    1. I agree on the interest rates, but I have always lived within my means, unfortunately, our Country has the highest debt to earnings ratio on the planet. All those who took advantage of cheap money would be losing their cars and homes. But they have to have the latest $1500 phone though.

  11. The problem is supply. They simply stopped building “real” houses many years ago. These houses with actual back and front yards that are no longer being built . Renting is even worse since the AirBNB / short term rentals are much more profitable and less risky then having a long term rental.

    Changes in regulations rarely solve the problem. For example when they stop foreign investment, a local company will be created that will act as a shell to perform the transactions on behalf of the foreign buyers.

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