Federal Prosecutor Suggests Public Officials Being Looked At In Trump Riot Investigations | MSNBC 1

Federal Prosecutor Suggests Public Officials Being Looked At In Trump Riot Investigations | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow points out that in outlining his team of prosecutors pursuing sedition cases related to the attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters, Michael Sherwin, acting U.S. attorney for D.C., mentioned using public corruption prosecutors who typically go after public officials. Aired on 1/12/2021.
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Federal Prosecutor Suggests Public Officials Being Looked At In Trump Riot Investigations | MSNBC


    1. @Rockboy8 Pebbles Hillary – emails vs. Trump – incites violent sedition to try to overthrow the US government to install himself as autocratic ruler.

      You’re either on the side of democracy, freedom and rule of law or you’re on the side of Palpatine. Your choice.

    2. @Rockboy8 Pebbles bet some of the mom’s of “trump cult babies” are changing their stance on abortion right right about now.

    1. @Dave White
      She stinks for sure.

      Republican, QAnon conspirator, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert during the insurrection riot last Wednesday; was live-tweeting Pelosi’s changing locations as they sought safety.

      Now you know…
      Keep this in mind…

      That’s who we’re all dealing with…and aider and abetter of attempted murder in Congress together with at least three Republican conspirators from the House of Representatives which includes Louie Gohmert from Texas.

    2. @El Ram Yes, and some gave tours of the Capitol to the eventual Rioters in the days and weeks before the Siege.

    3. @El Ram If the FBI don’t sweat her in the basement interrogation room…. At 8:30 that morning she tweeted “1776”. Anyone wondering whether locating Pelosi’s office was an inside job need look no further than this miserable specimen. So glad you mentioned this. I was thinking of dropping the dime….

  1. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
    – George Carlin

    1. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR Tell us the bit about the people who display their religion as a badge, not going to heaven. That’s my favourite.

    1. @The Truth Hurts You! You seem to think people are afraid of you nuts. They are not. The majority in America don’t like what you stand for.

    2. When do we get to make an example of of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi’s acts of enticing Insurection and violence. I like this game, do we get to see them be put to death for Treason?! Will nation media air that public appearance as well?!

    1. @D SP And you win SHEEP of the day award. I love how for months in 2020 we heard nothing of the riots. Nothing about attacking federal buildings, burning police stations down, destroying businesses, police cars. Attacking the police, KILLING the police. Politicians including the so called VP elect, posting FREE the Protesters, encouraging people to donate so they could get bailed out and back on the streets. Politicians calling for violence towards Trump cabinet members, Politicians saying CONTINUE protesting and why there isn’t more uprising across the country. Then MAGA March took place last year, no violence on there part, no destruction, yet it was called a white supremist rally. Then we had one on the 6th. Somehow Trump incited it with his speech. yet he did that at the WH and the Capitol is a 45 minute walk minimum, then factor in the few hundred thousand there, it would take longer, yet those “rioters” were already there. Barricades moved by cops and waving people in, party buses driving people to the capitol in a police escort just moments before the incident started. Video of Trump supporters stopping shady people from breaking windows, protecting the police. And NO Trump supporters do not wear Black helmets and Black clothes to a rally/march. Why was the 2020 RIOTS reported as MOSTLY peaceful yet a few hundred of a few Hundred thousand acted out and the WHOLE BUNCH is called a MOB? You people are played like suckers and you fell into it.

    2. @E Toma he’s being disingenuous. He knows perfectly well they are NOT COMPARABLE. But Trump has poisoned their minds.

    3. @Wisconsin Man those crafty antifa acting for years like trump supporters creating social media account pretending to be MAGA red hats fooling there family and friends just so they can blame there Capital uprising on the true patriots. Crafty devil’s indeed.

  2. Let’s be honest, out of everyone Guliani is screwed. They’ll throw him to the wolves in hopes to satisfy the hunger for a bit of justice. He knows it. McConnell knew the bus is coming (and he won’t make any money out of it).

    1. @gennaterra I don’t think Stephen Miller did something that can be prosecuted. He have terrible and despicable but you can not conduct someone on such charges.

    1. @Rebecca Mouse cutting my arms for a dead brother makes a lot of sense compared with any federal government officials

    1. @Tessmage Tessera
      My comment was relative to OPs position to just fire them. It isn’t quite that simple. If convicted of insurrection, losing their positions will be the least of their concerns. My point remains that public recall is not allowed. I’ve read that the framers considered it but did not include it in the constitution. Even the 14th requires a conviction rather than an accusation.
      I want them gone as well, but it will necessitate a legal process. We are and must remain a nation of laws. It is this concept which trump’s assault on democracy challenged most.
      What I am most concerned with right now is trump slipping the cuffs with a midnight pardon from Pence. That plus dems falling for McConnell’s trap. Mitch voiced support for impeachment too easily. He’s trying to project responsibility to the public while he allows dems to go through motions. The repub senators up for 2022 can vote no and be covered for reelection. They’ll then use the impeachment in future campaigns to label dems as “divisive”. Mcconnell is nothing if not a craven politician. This also shows me that he’s likely to retire and pass the torch to the next nitwit elected by Kentuckians. He’ll be a partisan to his grave. I never underestimate the craven nature of the turtle.

    2. @Lee Christmas No, the ONLY reason McConnell is now onboard with impeachment is because of his big money donors. They’ve all threatened to stop contributing to the RNC, because they feel that the Republicans are now being perceived as the party of sedition and insurrection. For example, imagine that you’re the Walton family, owners of Walmart. Do you want your brand associated with Donald Trump and what happened at the Capitol..? No, of course not. McConnell has been backed into a corner and as always, he’s gonna go for the money. He could care less about what’s best for the country… only what’s best for himself and his party.

  3. “All cults are personality cults. All cults are really extensions of whoever the cult leader is. So, whatever the prejudices, the worldview and the ideas of the cult leader are they will be chanted back at him by the crowd. Until massive social and economic inequality as well as the betrayal of the country by the elite are confronted and remedied, this yearning for a cult leader will not go away. Desperate people are looking for somebody to save them.”
    ― Chris Hedges

    1. I think the chaos of the pandemic & the uncertainty has been the perfect soil for this anger coming from fear, that’s why he never did anything about covid, Qanon has to be confronted, evangelicals who in my country are chanting for war and his hero, and in your country preparing the road for Jesus!!!! , where are are the origins, was it Putin? Who? When their boat starts sinking, the rats will be ranting. Hopefully!!!

    2. Severe measures have to be taken like in Germany where nazis are banned, and there is a special law, as they are terrorists, Facebook, Twitter, utube have to be regulated so this never happens again.!

    3. Who are these “desperate people” exactly? Most of the people (so called Trumpists) we’ve seen interviewed over the past year look like, stereotypical middle class suburbanites, of both genders, mostly “white.” Those brutes banging their war drums last Wednesday sure looked well fed, if not overweight, to me. Coulda been the body armor, though. How much does that gear cost? And the vehicles of the “protesters” as they left, seemed not so rusty. Desperate my…In need of a savior, ha.

    4. Oh plz they are outraged because a black gut got elected everything else is BS whipped up by republicans and the alt right media bubble sinclair broadcasting forces down that part of the countries throat.

  4. After all this chaos the meeting continued and there were STILL republicans trying to stop the voting being confirmed. They should also be arrested for sedition.

    1. @Hard Rocker WTF. Don’t forget Hugo Chaves and those evil dominion machines LOL. Where do these people come from

    2. Donald Trump won Alabama by 30 points in 2016. When it came time to certify, Democrats objected. In fact they objected to more states than Republicans did this year. Give me a break on the self righteous sanctimony

    3. @Cedar Hill Workshop republcans were objecting to other states electors ya feckless goon .. thought you clowns were all about states rights ?

    1. @B smith ur the problem u know trump show be on a death penalty and all u can say is oh no proof media is lyeing u and ur trumpie buddys

  5. There better be expulsions in the Congress. Imagine working alongside people who organized an insurrection as well as deliberately not wearing mask during a pandemic.

    The Republicans were not able to cheat in the elections and so they are resorting to literally killing their Dem colleagues.

    1. Did you see the article, showing a photo of him and asking for tips and info, to be sent to Law Enforcement X, Y & Z? I’m sure they’ll ferret him out.

  6. Elected officials should be held to a higher standard than your average neighbor who lies about the size of the fish he caught.

    1. People are forgetting about two weeks ago the head of the proud boys was given a tour of the State Capital.

    2. So do we charge everyone arrested over the summer of love riots with the murder of everyone who was killed?

  7. There were Republican Congressmen and Senators involved in this act of sedition, and they will be revealed.

    1. Absolutely. Its the same reason Trump was not indicted for the events leading to the first impeachment. (Ukraine/Collusion)
      That is still on the table, and with this now having happened, it will be even more likely to move forward as well I think.

    2. Exactly
      Alexander and lawyers for Baron Coleman appeared with McInnes outside the center’s headquarters in Montgomery on Feb. 4, 2019, when he announced that suit. Alexander told Hatewatch over text that Baron Coleman advised him in responding to Hatewatch’s request for comment.

      “[Baron Coleman] advised me to tell you not to contact me while I’m representing a client suing y’all. Conflict of interest. Thanks!” Alexander wrote

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