Federal Reserve Cuts Rates For Second Time In Three Months | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Federal Reserve Cuts Rates For Second Time In Three Months | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1


  1. Didn’t Trump say that Jerome Powell is a bigger enemy than China? And why would he cut interest rates when the economy is doing so well? Hm 🤔

  2. They need to raise interest rates, raise taxes, and shrink the national debt. That is what you do when the economy is good. You do the opposite when the economy is bad. Trump and his government are acting like we are in the middle of a terrible recession.

    1. A strong economy doesn’t need 50 year government bonds or have to manipulate unemployment rates to make it look good

    2. @Ash Roskell – In 2016, *Hillary warned America* that #45 *would* treat our nation *just* like his ‘Foundation’…or one of his *many* marriages.👎
      And she was 💯 correct… 😏

    3. CynAnne1 : Quote from the court docs on the Trump Foundation: “Routinely stealing from defenceless, needy children and US Veterans.” The Judge. Public Record. So, pretty much, she was right about that 👍✌️

  3. #45 pressures Powell to lower the rate…and the market ‘responded’ *by tanking even further downward* by the ‘closing bell’. 💸
    “So much winning”… 🙄

    1. Great insight and I think.prices on appliances and electronics will not get hit to hard it’s the rest I m concerned.Gasoline will continue to rise in price.✌

    2. Penny Sutch : If you can buy a new iPhone, that is NOT 50% more expensive than it was last year, you’re getting it from abroad, NOT the American Market. Unless you count the fact that you used Google to look up Amazon and placed your order through them, as the, “American Market.” It’s already started. The Rust Belt is IN Recession. And, they’re even going on strikes, now. Buckle up

  4. Trump is poison. He’s trying to arrange to take credit for stopping a problem his trade war set into motion. it’s gross

    1. Denise Holmes you summed up his economic policy. He must have met with his banker after the election and asked him what do i need to do to pay off my debt ? Trade war with the rest of the world/ crash/ recession —> no debt anymore

  5. Thief of state has little regard for established norms. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate olc OPINION with regards to indicting a sitting president.

  6. So what is left to cut when the recession hits? The bond market is not going to be happy about this. What a trainwreck of an administration.

  7. Wtf does trump know about interest rates or anything. No bank worth its salt would lend you money, so go back to Russia and screw their economy up

  8. Trump is merely engaging in preemptive whining and sniveling, so that if the economy tanks, his preferred scapegoat is already in place.

  9. It’s almost like Trump is on a mission to destroy the economy via inflation…
    Crazy. I wonder what countries would love to see that.

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