Federal spending estimates 'significantly higher' than pre-pandemic: PBO 1

Federal spending estimates ‘significantly higher’ than pre-pandemic: PBO


Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux breaks down new budget estimates which predict overall Budget 2021 expenses at $497.6B.

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  1. $ 497,000,000,000 … that’s what the number looks like ! $ 50,000 this is what the average Canadian earns in a year. This would pay 9,940,000 Canadians for one year. Most of it will get pissed away on bureaucracy.

  2. At least they can fall back on favorable op-eds they can quote in the House of Commons praising them on the great job they’re doing.

  3. Instead of giving 1 billion to each province to implement vax passports why not give 1 billion to each province to build hospitals. That would solve the hospitals are overwhelmed problem.

  4. Why are canadians not terrified..not to mention NO one wants to invest in Canada.. Folks…no income……frightening

  5. The BoC has stopped QE for new debt issuances, i.e. won’t be “printing money” to fund this. That means the market has to absorb it. Can it do so without pushing rates higher?

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