1. The surprise that government fails at their own policies. WHAT A SHOCK
    I think is amplified by our drama teacher leader

  2. This did not start in April. I had to wait more than 1 hour in plane in the beginning of march. It just got much much worse now

    1. And yet if they relax security at airports they will jump all over them for not doing enough if another plane goes down due to some disgruntled nut case. Disgruntled, that’s a funny word. So if someone is happy they are gruntled ? That just does not sound happy.

  3. Anyone in southern Ontario – goto Detroit to fly anywhere. The land border is painless and Wayne county airport is so much better than Pearson in every which way. I drove there from London Ontario and flew to Vancouver. Yup. Crossed the border and crossed back. Still better than going to Pearson.

    1. @Tom thanks . Very clear explanation. Are you vaxed or not? Because I still can’t travel without the stupid vac pass

    2. @Nick Bardan my friend flew from Pearson to Vancouver last week. They didn’t check for that. Maybe because it was domestic.

    3. @Nick Bardan you can goto usa unvaccinated no problem. There is no scrutiny. Coming back into Canada as a born and raised citizen? Hell. 5700$ fine by rcmp if arrive can app isn’t filled.

  4. Lol, the govt hired summer students to keep our borders and planes safe. I think I will pass on flying for a while.

  5. Late to the Party ? They trashed the place, stole my beer, did a donut on the lawn and kicked my dog.
    They were a bit more than just “late to the party”

    1. And yet firing the transport minister will not change anything at the airports. What, is the firing going to make long waits shorter ? I don’t think so. Lay the blame squarely where the blame is due and that is the greedy airlines over booking flights causing massive delays. Do you buy your plane ticket from the transportation minister or from the airline ? Greed bag airlines need to shoulder the blame after all, they are the direct cause of the problem.

  6. If you think this is incompetence, and not by design, you don’t understand the game.

  7. Junior is too busy disarming 2.5M law abiding citizens to even bother tackling ACTUAL problems on the air, sea or ground.

    1. @Rick Astley’s Revenge sorry I was in Ottawa the whole time just tired of this crap and you ppl seem to be very patient but patience will never fix this buddy !

    2. @Rick Astley’s Revenge me a fed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmfao you cannuck better wake up because all I see is cowards !

  8. Maybe government needs a dismantling? It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big. And incompetent

  9. This problem only effects those who complied with the very restrictions holding them up at the airport.

  10. Maybe the feds shouldn’t have forced all those workers to be laid off and put in measures to stamp out travel, which are STILL being implemented. SMFH

  11. CATSA had 8500 employees pre pandemic. They had 4800 at the start of this year. They fired their staff or they took early retirement because of the mandates. These where highly trained individuals. CATSA will take years to rebuild from the damage.

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