Feds Aim To Save Covid-Flooded Hospitals With Antibody Therapy Facility 1

Feds Aim To Save Covid-Flooded Hospitals With Antibody Therapy Facility

Rachel Maddow reports on a new effort to ease the burden of treating Covid patients in overcrowded Mississippi hospitals by treating some patients with monoclonal antibody therapy to reduce the number of Covd positive people who need to be hospitalized.

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  1. I can’t think of any logical reason why people who don’t think Covid is serious, and who are dead set against taking a vaccine that has “only” emergency use authorization, would then take a monoclonal antibody treatment that has only emergency use authorization. Such treatment should be reserved exclusively for breakthrough cases or people with bonafide medical reasons for not getting vaccinated. People who are unvaccinated by choice have already made their decision. Stop wasting precious resources on them.

    1. @John Buck 99% survival rate? How many people that survive are left with long term or permanent disabilities and poor quality of life? You’re goofy.

    2. @Ellie Day, Same can be said about your experimental drug. What are the long term side effects? What about those impacted with an enlarged heart from the vax? What about their quality of life? Lmfao. You’re also goofy.

    3. @John Buck would rather find out that, like every other vaccine I’ve had, the worst case long term scenario is that I end up getting sick than to have life long lung damage from covid but go off boomer

  2. Monoclonal AB are actually very effective, but they are also very expensive to produce. Those who do not want to be vaccinated should not get this therapy

    1. @Daniel Arcadia If anyone is regurgitating dogma and repeating themselves, it appears to be you. You also seem to be singularly lacking in reading comprehension skills and short term memory.
      Did I say there had not been mass vaccination before (albeit not on the same scale as today) ? I was talking about the capacity of modern day technology to detect and analyse virus mutations being historic. If you have equivalent documentation on, say, smallpox, then please share.
      I don’t claim to know more than the WHO; that appears to be your forte, claiming their hypothesis to be true without any proof. I did, however, read the text of the interview given recently by Peter Ben Embarek, hence the terms ‘may have’ and ‘probable’. I doubt that you took the trouble to do so.
      You do not know me or my political views (which may surprise you), but allow yourself to assume based purely on the fact that I question the information in your posts. I was trying to bring bring balance to this ‘conversation’, but apparently you cannot cope with facts (complete and not cherry-picked) and basic common sense.
      Stay safe all the same

    2. Kinda like cigarettes smokers who get cancer or alcoholics that have cirrhosis. Let them fend for themselves??? got it

    3. @Heather Matthews Deep breath .you are agitated , I understand how the numbers and all current data , put great stress on your un-proven mas Vax experiment( Historic rate of mutation ) .. The WHO has all ready told you … Bio-lab leak …from worker asymptomatic … go home , have a wine and re read all of our discussion …start with clean piece of paper and creat a theory that matches Data …yours does not even come close

  3. Brilliant idea, a $1250 treatment that may require $100s in copay charges because the patient is too dumb to get vaccinated at a 1/10th of the cost.

    1. @Ryan Christopher Pity, it would have been the perfect opportunity to test there efficacy and show the world just how effective they are…of course he’d have died, butt you can’t make a omelette

    2. @Helen Smith I thought that was just the dead cat he wears on his head’s eyes reflecting the light back…

  4. Rachel’s ability to report issues to the common person is a service to ALL Americans… Thanks Rachel,

    1. Which is why she is hated by the GOP. They prefer to sit there and watch Laura Ingraham’s cold, evil eyes staring while she lies through her teeth.

    2. And farther…
      This program is watched to by people seeking good reliable information. Always interesting to know what is happening in one country and to compare it with one’s erea.

  5. They should put me on the admissions desk for these hospitals where I will check if they are a child or immune compromised. If not I will say ” Take a number of the doctor will see you in about 90 hours time” and remind them to not put money in the waiting room vending machine because it doesn’t work…….” Have a nice day”…….. I’d work on the admissions desk free if they really needed someone.

  6. If they cant take a vaccine how can they accept this experimental treatment? What happenend to rights and freedom. They better refuse the antibody treatment.

    1. I expect most people will change their mind If they start becoming low on oxygen and feel they are suffocating..

    2. It’s not an experimental treatment, it was developed as a vaccination – in sense the cure if you like, like Polio etc, but because anti morons have stuffed about; the virus has mutated. Covid is obviously extremely aggressive which leaves epidemiologists playing a catch up game. Current vaccination will definitely knock the socks off Covid, but as it stands and in main thanks to the anti people it is no longer the cure, that will come but only if people work together; in doing so, it will safe guard those who for TRUE medical reasons can not be vaccinated.

    3. Ron Desantis was shown praising the monoclonals as an alternative treatment for the unvaccinated. The nitwits who cheer for monoclonals are those who are too ignorant to realize that both the vaccine and the antibody treatment are FDA EU only and synthetically made.

      But to be given monoclonals, you must already be symptomatic

  7. Yesterday, 1089 Americans died from covid. Of those, 35% were located in FLORIDA AND TEXAS!!!
    Raiden would say about Abbott and DeSantis “we have to stop this deadly alliance…”

    1. @Kazadi Kashama I’m sorry but your sophistication won’t allow you to realize there is a difference.

    2. @Gabbey Smith yeah like “that guy didn’t died FROM alcohol. He actually died in a car crash WITH the state of drunkenness…” BIG difference

    3. @Gabbey Smith yeah like “that guy didn’t died FROM alcohol. He actually died in a car crash WITH the state of drunkenness…” BIG difference

    4. @Kazadi Kashama again, I can see how your sophistication will prevent you from seeing the obvious. So… Let’s create fear by showing obese kids with diabetes on the tv who have Covid. I believe the one girl spent the night in the hospital… It was so bad. Ever thought having an underlying condition would play a factor or are you just gullible that you believe the flipflop doc???

    5. @Gabbey Smith honestly?! I’d rather believe what the flip-flop docs are telling me than believing the crap coming from cheap antivaxx internet doctors like you who ingested bleach, took chloroquine, and are now rushing to horse supply stores, poisoning themselves with ivermectine to treat covid as ivermectine is a antiparasitic and has no effect on viruses. And if that’s gullible well I’m fine with that

  8. I have to remind myself that the ultimate point is to save lives and to prevent ICUs from being overwhelmed, but the sheer frustration at the colossal expense (in every sense of the word) to save people – from themselves – is exhausting. Just get vaccinated and wear a mask ffs.

    1. @Linda McDaniel If.you.get serious​ illness, You.should.waste medical​ resource.​ You.want.to.harm.them.others.and be.the.burden.

    2. So many test dummies walking around with that experimental cocktail in their bodies. Will they be OK? Nobody knows.

    1. The “treatment” means regen cov monoclonal antibody cocktail which costs much more than vaccines and is paid for by tax payers including the vaccinated folks. Not only is it a treatment after a person has already been infected, but also a prevention to decrease the chance of infection in unvaccinated people who got exposed to covid. Also paid for by all tax payers, vaccinated or not.

  9. I don’t think Rand Paul and his wife are the only GOPs with a share package in the company that sells remdesivir

  10. THE GOVERNMENT WILL PAY FOR THIS!!!! so much for people to say that they don’t want a socialist country. LOL

    1. We’ve ALWAYS been socialist. Blue states pay for red states, we all pay for roads, police, firefighters, libraries, old people…

    2. Antonio, the government is already paying for this. Get a vaccination on the government, it’s free and you don’t even need an ID.

    3. antonio ramalho – Yeah, this is about the loom8ng threat of socialism, not public health. So, your plan would be to keep the government out of it and ignore everything we know to fight the virus? Just let it run rampant? You are a fool.

    1. Well, why not when they are currently showing up at ER’s wanting that medical help that they ‘don’t’ believe in and I’ve read that some even have had the nerve to ask if they could get the vaccine even though they’re at that moment occupying an ICU bed…go figure, they suddenly believe in science when they can’t breath on their own.

  11. Kinda like closing the barn door after the horse bolts out. Get the vaccine and you most likely won’t need the antibodies.

  12. It’s sad, but I doubt they’d use that either. A lot of the people don’t even believe they’re sick enough to need hospital treatment.

  13. I don’t think the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers want this treatment either.. If they do it would go against everything they stand for it might break their bent minds .

    1. The vaccines take up to six weeks to be fully effective. They are effective in preventing infection and hospitalization, but are not a cure.

      The monoclonal antibody treatments can reduce the severity of a Covid infection, if administered to an infected person in time.

      Neither the vaccines nor the monoclonal antibodies have been approved for children under the age of 12.

  14. What do you do when there’s a pandemic
    1. Listen to the scientists.
    2. Listen to the doctors.
    3. Do not listen to the idiots.

    1. @Harold Moore what??? I will never believe the flip flop doc. Are you crazy or a sophisticated person?

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