1. if Canadians were not constantly getting “free” money from Daddy Trudeau, you would start to stand up and fight for your country! They are coming for your kids HOSERS!

    1. @ARK CON fully vaxxed, don’t need it. Stay home, nobody wants to see you out in society again—as if they ever did😄

    1. When Chrystia Freeland said that she was looking at ways to “unlock the capital in people’s savings accounts.”

      Who knew that she was going to accomplish this with rapidly unchecked inflation.

      Make to mistake.. this is Liberals stealing your money right out of your savings and burdening your grandchildren with immense debt.

    1. @Neural Mindset shhhhh , the official numbers don’t back up what you say ..the manufacture does not back up what you say FACT ..Vax does not stop transmission … all in hospital have up to 3 underlying conditions …see new Alberta numbers … you have an incomplete emotional opinion

    2. Maybe your IQ level is very low!! There is nothing mysterious in the government and lockdown procedures!!

  2. It would be nice if Trudeau would give some financial assistance to the pensioners who are now having trouble buying food due to inflation.

    1. I know many women who voted for him because he is handsome. You cannot expect more reasoning from canadians.

  3. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that giving more power to the federal government is the WORST thing you can do

    1. @John Osbourne same with Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries. They have their flaws but when it comes to covid, they showed just how inefficient and frankly unqualified our politicians are.

  4. Lockdown benefit is worse than crb lmao so if we go into lockdown again do not count in being able to skate by anymore. CRB was 2k a month lockdown benefit is 1200 a month.

    1. @Hugo Stiglitz that’s just what I mean, groverment gives,then we pay it back with interest 😩😂😂😂

    2. @Magda in this world we can look forward to paying taxes,and death.everything else is in the grey area.😂😂

  5. Has Freeland cried during any trade negotiations recently? I havn’t been paying too much attention lately…

  6. ‘Canadians supported the unprecedented spending because it was the compassionate and economically smart thing to do.’

    Unfortunately I don’t believe future generations would agree, however I was quite impressed that she was able to say this while maintaining a straight face.

    1. Unprecedented spending was the economically smart thing to do. Don’t ask questions, just keep repeating that until you believe it.

  7. More printed money they don’t have , but we’ll have to pay back with higher taxes , in a weak economy because of these incompetent idiots

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